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est. 1481 in ellensburg, wa

making indie beer since, like, forever and stuff.

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irish death

a zero award winning, indie made beer that happens to be our best seller.

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What Happened Last Year

by Greg Parker on January 18, 2017

Food. We added it to [ the pub ]. Thankfully we have a much larger enterprise to float massive losses because that’s what we did at the pub. I knew it was going to be humbling and by god it was. I have always appreciated the hard work that restauranteurs have to put in, but… Read more »

Why You Should Never Do Homework at the Library

by Taylor Castillo on January 17, 2017

This might just be me, but I hope I can relate to some when I say I get absolutely nothing done when I am in the library. Yet I walk in with the mind set that I will be nothing but productive. You would think that with limited distractions I would get a lot done,… Read more »

Van Life

by Greg Parker on January 11, 2017

As you may have figured, chronicling our misadventures is one of my favorite past times.  Did the string cheese bandit strike again? As you may or may not have heard, our less-than-pristine 2006 GMC Savana van went missing. It was stolen right off the lot of the brewery while we brewed away. It took us… Read more »

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locally sourced FOOD.
independently produced BEER.
slightly above average EVENTS.

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