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Irish Death by Iron Horse Brewery

irish death

a zero award winning, indie made beer that happens to be our best seller.

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Indie Beer Blog by Iron Horse Brewery

Calories In Beer

by Nicole Klauss on July 17, 2018

And other health-ish stuff How many calories are in Irish Death? It’s a question people ask but don’t really want to know the answer to. I’ll admit I didn’t know the answer myself until I had to return a voicemail from a fan who posed the question. You know who is wise about stuff like… Read more »

Craft Beer Podcast by Iron Horse Brewery

Life Behind Beer – Episode 17

posted on June 19, 2018

Zero Award-Winning Round-Up Hosts: Alex, Sabrina, & Wes Synopsis: We’re talking whether beer awards matter from a marketing and brewing standpoint and we also follow up on some topics such as states brewing density and women in beer The Beers: CaliCraft Barrel Project Peach Sour Ale (Walnut Creek, CA) Lamplighter Brewing So Much For Subtlety… Read more »

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