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est. 1481 in ellensburg, wa

making indie beer since, like, forever and stuff.

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irish death

a zero award winning, indie made beer that happens to be our best seller.

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It not only seams important, it is important

by Morgan Moran on March 25, 2017

*Warning to all breweries big and small, keep your seams tight* Here at Iron horse Brewery we have been canning on our own system since Fall of 2015, starting with the Cask ACS canning system then we eventually upgraded to the Cask ACSX2, fancy right? We and our consumers were not only excited by the… Read more »

Infographic and Five Vague Takeaways from the St. Paddy Day .5 K

by Jared Vallejo on March 22, 2017

Three years ago, we decided we weren’t occupied enough with other St. Paddy Day activities, so we added the .5K Race in Ellensburg. In its first year, about 230 participants showed up and we collectively raised $2800 for FISH food bank. Honestly, I would have been satisfied with 100 people and the $1000 goal. However,… Read more »

Pickled Ginger

by Dane Williams on March 17, 2017

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, let’s just go ahead and get this out of our system. Ginge, Ginger, Stepchild, Whitewalker, Freckle-face, Soul-less freak, Mailman’s kid…just a few examples of how one would reference the 1%. Go for it, I’ve heard em all…yay, we wear 75 SPF, we have a bad temper, certainly quirky,… Read more »

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