Month: November 2011

Regan Rinker

Regan’s famous spaghetti paired with 509 or BDG

Spaghetti Blog My mom helped me develop this recipe years ago, and since then I have added multiple ingredients, taken away others, and adapted the flavors into a rich and robust pasta sauce that can be tweaked to your individual likings. This recipe is delicious and complex and sure to warm up your mouth and… Read more »

Natalia Parker

Irish Death Stew paired with, well, Irish Death

The freezing Ellensburg wind came out to greet us last night after a beautiful, sunny fall. And it reminded us, that while we’ve been running around in flip-flops, pretending it’s still practically summer, we won’t be able to deny the onset of winter for much longer. While winter provides some significant drawbacks for people who… Read more »