Trivia Makeover 2017

Hey there. I’m Alex. Most of you reading this probably don’t know me. Hopefully some of you do. I’ve been hosting Iron Horse Trivia in Ellensburg for about half a year now. I’ve done, at least, a fair enough job to not get fired. Seeing the ebb and flow of the different sessions, one thing’s become clear. It’s time to shake things up for 2017. So, here,  on “The Horse’s Mouth,” are the changes to Iron Horse Trivia nights (in Ellensburg), which will start this Wednesday February 8th!

The 1st round is being reduced to 15 questions. 20 questions feels little long for a spoken word round. It’ll also have a new improved static format. Round 1 will always be in the following (until the next trivia host comes along):

Questions 1-3: Geography and Science

Questions 4-6: Sports

Questions 7-9: Entertainment

Questions 10-12: History and Literature

Questions 13-15: Iron Horse Brewery
They could be current events. They could be general knowledge. They could be neither. I won’t know until they hit the page but that’ll be Round 1’s breakdown going forward.

The 2nd round is getting shaken up. The biggest change is no more movie quotes. They’re difficult, they’re usual too quiet for the space, and take way too much time to source.  Everyone seems to have way more fun with just music clips. So, if Round 2 is a sound round, it’ll probably just be 10 music clips, hopefully with a theme. Now, you noticed the “if” before Round 2 in that last run-on sentence. Yes, Round 2 will not always be a sound round. We’re opening up Round 2 to have more ideas to bounce around. Maybe it’ll be charades. Maybe we’ll have people (or myself) live read a section of movie dialogue to guess. The lab is open and we hope to bring these experiments out. Also, if you have an idea for Round 2, feel free to drop me a line at You have been warned.

The 3rd round is now only losing categories and a picture round. The picture round is being expanded to 10 pictures and the losing categories are being expanded to 5 questions each. This is, again, so it’s less a spoken word slog and more of an even split. I think it’ll be more enjoyable for everyone. Also, the impact of this round is being lessened, as this round will no longer be worth 3x. I did, based on feedback, retain its larger status by remaining with 2x the points.

This is the biggest upcoming change to Trivia Night. I’m adding a 4th round to Trivia Night called THE GENIUS ROUND; 5 questions worth a total of 25 points. There will be 3 questions worth 5 points, one question worth 4 points, and one question worth 6 points. This creates a possible 25 point swing, making a lot of teams still in the hunt going into it. Now, with the higher point values, comes more difficulty. These questions will not be easy my friends, and you’ll be pleased when you get just 1 or 2 correct but overall, I think it’ll make it a much more suspenseful evening.

Fifth, we’re changing the raffle a little bit. The Genius Round will not be counted in the raffle. The raffle will still occur after the 3rd round. This way, we have a break between the raffle prizes and the game prizes. We will also be experimenting with how raffle tickets are rewarded. Details will be announced at the event as we finish hammering them out.

Lastly, hints are changing. No longer will I just be sitting at the bar with a sheet you can photograph and instantly start researching.  Introducing the Weekly Freebie. I will be posting one question to Iron Horse social media. So be sure to like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s 1 free point (or maybe 2!).

But to entice you to come to [the pub] and have a drink, I’ll be writing one of the losing categories on a coaster. Head to the bar, order a drink and tell the staff, you’re here for trivia hints. They’ll give you your beer with a coaster containing that information. YOU MUST ORDER A DRINK. It’s a surefire way to give yourself an edge!

That’s all I’ve got and I hope to see you at [the pub] on Wednesday for the new session of Iron Horse trivia. Good luck!

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