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Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, WA
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Cozy Community Fund

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo November 25th 2014

It’s amazing how quickly 10 months can go by. I don’t believe this whole “time is a constant” thing.

Anyhow, the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Festivus, Hannukah, Kwanza, and Buying-Stuff-For-People-Just-Because-Time is here. For the last 5 years, Iron Horse Brewery, along with several Ellensburg, WA area businesses and community members have put together a fund to help one or two families from Kittitas county who need a little extra help for the holidays. Thus the Cozy Community Fund.

Our goal has always been to try to affect a real change in one or two lives every year. There are several great organizations that put together baskets, collect food, and serve the community at large. They excel at this and are very much needed and appreciated in our community. With the cozy community fund, we are hoping that paying off past due utility bills, providing oil changes, food, fixing a broken porch, 4 months worth of gas cards and more can help propel the recipients forward in a way that is meaningful beyond the holiday season.

While some cash is given, most of what they receive are in the form of services, goods, and credits (bills paid off).

Every year Iron Horse Brewery contributes $1,500 to the fund. Last year, just over $2,500 was given to two families in Kittitas County. Previous years it has been as high as $5000.

This year, we want to do more. But we need your help.

If you are a business, person with a skill, or just overly kind and want to contribute to the fund, please email me, Again, it doesn’t have to be cash.

More importantly, we don’t know who this fund needs to go to, so please nominate a family or person in need over here. You can remain anonymous if you so choose.

Let’s do this. (that sounds oddly like the Home Depot tagline, but I swear, I’m not copying it. )

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Pre Pre Cyber Monday Sale that We Just Thought Of Right Now

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo November 17th 2014

What better way to celebrate the two Mondays before cyber Monday than with a random flash sale and discounted brewery merch? We can’t think of a better way.

For the next three hours, you can get a $2.00 High Five Hefe trucker hat.

It’s like a long, exposed flash sale.

Why are we doing this? Because we needed something to let you know that for the next 27.4 hours we have a pre-cyber monday sale on our online store.

Here’s how sales work.

1. Go to this page:
2. Select any or all of these items to purchase. Add them to your cart.
2b. If you are my wife, then you will just abandon this cart after 10 minutes. That’s cool. Statistics have to come from somewhere, right?
3. When you think you are about to get hoodwinked (step 2 of the check out process) enter the promo code “Take That Amazon” without the quotes, and you’ll get 34.59% off every item that is in your cart that was on the Pre-Cyber Monday page.
4. Brag. Just brag to someone.

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Humans are good at fundraising. Here’s the proof.

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo November 10th 2014

As you may or may not recall, Iron Horse Brewery had two fundraising initiatives going on during the summer. High Five a Charity and Beer vs Fire.

Well, these are both done now and I’m finally get around to talking about it, because my snapchat feed is empty. Thank goodness.

High Five a Charity: This was a tricky one to gain momentum as an effective fundraising tool. Unfortunately, our rollout of High Five Hefe cans was slower than we anticipated. (we’re in good shape now) I can pick up most of the responsibility as the execution and awareness portion was not optimal. However, for the 5 week period we, and be we I mean, you, our beer drinking bff’s, managed to raise about $1000. This will be divided equally among the top 5 nominated charities. That was a lot of commas for you grammar hounds out there. Anyhow, sifting through the 20 nominated charities made me realize, there are a lot of great organizations out there doing important work. However, we had to take only the top 5.

The recipients are:
Thrive through Cancer – Seattle
Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity – Ellensburg
Disability Rights of Washington Seattle
Gallery One Ellensburg
Seattle Cancer Care Center – Seattle

It was a good effort and one we’ll probably try something new at some other vague point in time. Feel free to donate to any of these, without the beer incentive, as I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Beer vs Fire:

There is a press a release below, but in short $10,200 was raised. F*&$ Ya!.

As Greg points out, you beer drinkers made this happen. Give yourself a high five. Or Irish Death. or Crosscut Pilsner. Or 509. Or… I could keep going and going. In an effort to reduce waste, I’ll let the press release finish the details below.

I’d just like to add, so I will, you humans are amazing. This is vital, because I am generally a horrible person, which I find necessary to offset all this goodness. So keep on doing your thing.


For Immediate Release

Beer vs. Fire Fundraising Effort Concludes Because It’s Almost Winter Now.

Iron Horse Brewery and Icicle Brewing Company raise over $10,200.00

ELLENSBURG, WA (November 6, 2014)
Iron Horse Brewery of Ellensburg and Icicle Brewing Company of Leavenworth announced the conclusion of their 3 month long joint fundraising initiative called Beer vs Fire designed to help victims affected by Carlton Complex, Snag Canyon, Chiwaukum Complex and South Cle Elum Ridge fires. The goal was to raise $12,000 through beer sales of Iron Horse’s 509 Style and Icicle’s Crosscut Pilsner. The total amount raised to date is $10,200.00.

“Our wholesale and retail partners really made all of this possible” said Greg Parker, Owner of Iron Horse Brewery. “And, of course, without the beer drinkers, we would be bringing back a bunch of beer. Thanks are in order to you, beer drinker, you really helped the fire victims”, Parker added.

DONATIONS and BEER on the Shelf
The $10,200 will be split with direct donations going to Red Cross of Kittitas County and Red Cross Apple Valley, ideally in a the form of giant check.

The dollar amount raised reflects all of the beer shipped for the fundraiser. “There may be a few remaining bottles of 509 Style or Crosscut Pilsner on the shelf marked with Beer vs Fire “ commented Pamela Brulotte, Owner of Icicle Brewing Company “We anticipated that might happen so our donation reflects those bottles. We’re asking our customers to help those retailers out and get the last few bottles off the shelves if you see them” Brulotte said.


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Iron Horse Brewery Updates via a Letter to Aunt Gertrude

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo September 30th 2014

Sometimes, I find it difficult to write updates on things, so instead I pretend I have an Aunt Gertrude and write her letters.


Dear Aunt Gertrude,

It’s been 6 months since our last real correspondence, so I thought I’d take the time to write you a fictitious letter and update you on some things that have happened over the summer with Iron Horse Brewery, as well as let you know what I plan to do, so you can maybe come out and visit. I miss your caramel pies.

Remember how I was telling you about our High Five Hefe in 12 oz cans becoming available to the market and for the first 5 weeks upon it’s release we would collect nominations for charities and give a portion of proceeds to the top nominated charities. I lied. It took longer than 5 weeks. In fact, it’s taken until, well, now. I’m not blaming anyone, but for some reason we thought we had the ability to go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. We don’t have that ability Aunt Gertrude. Why? Overly optimistic perhaps. In any case, we are planning on revealing winners on October 1st and send out notifications to those organizations.

I bet your wondering what will happen with afterwards? Probably nothing. We will keep it up indefinitely, like a bad prescription of cialis, because we believe that High Fives are important. It’s why I never hug you when I see you. Because a) high fives are better than hugging and b) you smell like musty rose pedals. I’m sorry that may sound mean, but I’m working on being more direct. Self improvement, right?

Last January, we had a brilliant idea to make 3 types of beer, not label them, and send them out to bars and restaurants. We called it Iron Horse Brewlette. The first round was pretty successful – by our standards – as you can see by the infographic here. Well, the second, and final round, is coming to a close, we will be drawing the winners on October 1st at around 4:43pm, then after that, no more guesses. I know how much you like to drink alcoholic beverages, then ignore your friends and get on your smart phone to guess what you are drinking. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that with Iron Horse Brewlette after the 1st of October. To make it up to you, I’ve purchased 12 different flavors of Boones Farm, and scratched out the labels, so that should keep you busy for a while.

Over the summer, we had three interns at Iron Horse Brewery. They were all pretty fantastic. They made pictures of some of your favorite movies. I’m pretty sure they became dumber as a result of interning. But, we ended up hiring all three of them, which is not a sustainable business practice, I’m guessing. Anyhow, you would definitely be into #mustachepete.

Also, over the summer we had another round of fires in the area. Because the brewery is horrible at fighting fires, we decided to partner up with our brewery friends, Icicle Brewing Company, and we released a Beer vs Fire branded 22oz bottle to help raise money for wildfire victims. See, all of that standing on the street corners selling lemonade for “charity” worked. Only this time, we are really giving the money to the charity, not to your checking account. So far we have raised about $7,000 which is just over half of the goal.

The brewery celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. That was fun. We put Gary’s face on the label. That was also fun.

What else? I tried contacting General Mills about getting Bugles for the pub. In short, they don’t have a bulk option. I hate them for that, but they were very helpful in trying to find a solution, so there is that.

Lastly, Mocha Death is about to be released again this year. I know how much you like coffee, cocoa and irish death. So now you won’t have to dump hershey’s syrup and instant coffee in your pint of irish death.

Well, that’s it for now. Also, please send money and caramel pie.

Your Niece,



Oh, yeah I also like to pretend I’m female and my name is Margaret. TMI?

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Infographic: Iron Horse Brewery 10 Years of Not Blowing It Royally

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo August 21st 2014

If you were able to attend our 10 year anniversary party at the pub, then you most likely saw this.
If you were not able to attend our 10 year anniversary party at the pub, then you most likely did not see this.
So, to alleviate the latter, here is the infographic that was present at the former.

Click to view full resolution.

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Interns Recreate 80’s Movies Scenes – Contest 7: End of Days Edition

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo August 20th 2014

The time has come. The interns last recreated 80’s movie scene.
We decided to make this ridiculously hard. Because, why not?

So, here’s the deal.
This photo represents 5, yes FIVE movies from the 80’s.
A word from each of the movies overlaps the next.
There is a big chance that 1.5 of you will call bullshit on one of these.

We will enter your name for every correct movie guess. You can only guess 5 movies though.
In addition, we’re adding a one 16oz stainless steel beer cup to the prize.

BONUS: If you correctly guess the movie title phrase that is in our mind. i.e. in the right order and as one long title, then you will be entered to win a separate prize consisting of a 64oz Stainless Steel Growler, plus the prize stuff below.

If asked, we will provide up to 3 hints, (through fb or twitter only)

Lastly, this might not be hard at all. There, I hedged.

Last, lastly. These interns have been great. Reward them high fives when you see them. Also, ask to get a photo with Pete’s mustache.

And…Here’s the photo.

5 Movies One Scene

To Enter the Contest
1. Know the right answer
2. Post said answer on our Facebook page –
or post to our Twitter account – http:/
or leave a comment on this post.
3. Share this post somewhere (optional)

The Prize
A High Five Hefe T-Shirt
A High Five Hefe Foam Hand
A High Five Hefe Koozie
Global recognition that you know your 80’s movies.

We will randomly select – from – the winner from correct entries on Monday August 24th.

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As a local craft brewery, iron horse brewery believes that good tasting beer, such as, Quilters Irish Death, Mocha Death, 509 Style, Light Rale Ale, Cozy Sweater, High Five Hefe and IPA should be served throughout the pacific northwest. It can supplement meals too.