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Greg Parker

An Apology For Humans

I want to apologize. Not for something I have ever done, but for something that I have seen the evidence of and quite literally can’t imagine what kind of depraved, selfish, thoughtless scumbag would ever do. Throwing garbage into pit toilets and Port-a-potties. Here are the only people who could maybe be let off the… Read more »

Jameson Grover

From Ellensburg to Montana

Growing up in the Kittitas Valley was such a great time in my life. Having now lived in Montana for over 25 years, every time my wife Pam and I come home from Montana for Rodeo Weekend or any family event, I can’t help but get goosebumps thinking about all the great times I have… Read more »

Duncan Pratt

Boise: The Biggest Secret Of The Northwest

As people have seen, craft beer is shaping a huge part of this generation’s culture. Beer is more than just cracking a cold Bud. It’s an experience where there is something for everyone, from young to old, or cowboy hat, Wrangler wearing, George Strait loving country boy to the one-speed, $100 haircut, indie rock band… Read more »


This Is A Press Release About Big Cans Of Beer

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces Use Of Crowlers At [The Pub] This handy invention that we didn’t come up with will make it easier for you to transport your favorite beer. ELLENSBURG, WA (October 4, 2017) Iron Horse Brewery is bringing the 32-ounce crowler to [the pub] to help transport more craft… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Iron Horse Banter Machine Is Live

Opinions. Like elbows and assholes, everyone’s got them. In a landscape where they are thrown in your face every waking moment, why bring more? Well, we make beer people seem to enjoy; at least enough for us to bring it to 5 states and keep our cousins afloat. So, Packaging Tech Jay Skeen had an… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

7 Places Where Drinking A Beer Feels Really Good

Do you ever have that perfect beer experience? You crack it open, take a sip, take in your surroundings and for a moment everything is perfect and drinking that beer feels really darn good? I think a lot of times that feeling has to do with where you are and the atmosphere. This is one… Read more »


Smash A Pumpkin, Enter to Win

We don’t make a pumpkin beer and we don’t respect pumpkins. That’s why we’re holding the Great Pumpkin Smash contest to collect photos of your smashed pumpkins paired with your favorite Iron Horse Brewery beer. Here’s how to play: Get a pumpkin or use your old carved up one that is going to quickly start… Read more »


Where Are They Now? Regan Rinker Edition

Here at Iron Horse Brewery we’ve had some fine cousins (what we call our employees) over the years. And while we think that giving them free beer will make them stay with us forever, some of them end up leaving to follow their dreams or something. We have a hard time letting go so we’ve… Read more »

Aimee Bach

New Role, Who Dis?

Change is not something I’m used to. Although I’m not against change, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to experience it. I’ve only made one big move, had two jobs, and two serious relationships in my lifetime. I guess you can say I heavily consider my decisions before I commit. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve… Read more »

BriAnne Pauley

Top 5 Summer Activities That Go With Beer

With the nights becoming shorter and the temperature dropping, I thought it would be appropriate to write about my top five favorite summer activities (spoiler alert: all of which include beer). Summer seems to feel like the shortest season to me and I am the type to cherish every long hot day like I cherish… Read more »

Paul von Hagen

The Dank Knight

“Daaaank bro!” You may or may not have heard the term “dank” before, it probably depends on what kind of circles you run in. Personally, when I had first heard the term used it was in reference to marijuana, but the word now carries multiple meanings. In the way I’d heard it used, “dank” was… Read more »

Paul von Hagen

Hopping Hands: Supporting Veterans and Your Mouth

As summer comes to an end, so does an IHB project very near and dear to me, our Hopping Hands program. For those who aren’t familiar, check out my original blog on the program here. TL;DR: the Hopping Hands Project was a program we ran from May-August where we released a new single-hop IPA each… Read more »


What Is The Deal With Those Mugs?

“What is the deal with those mugs on the wall?” “Can I buy one?” “Pretty please?” Questions about the mugs hanging on the wall at [the pub] are common. Almost as common as IPAs or kids with fidget spinners. But to answer your questions, no, we do not serve coffee out of them, and they… Read more »

Morgan Moran

The Hardships of a Brewery Worker

This picture speaks a thousand words about what a day in the life of a brewery worker is like. Chaos. Chaos is what we deal with day to day in a brewery. Cans flying overhead, emotions running high. To explain the picture above to the layman is a hard task in itself. The contraption you… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Iron Horse Enjoyment For The Other Holes In Your Head

Beer and music have gone together since Sumerians sang praises to Ninkasi. Since monks chanted while brewing trappist ales. Since Wesley Wilson sang about getting a pigfoot and a bottle of beer. Even late 60s favorite Schaefer beer tapped into experimental music by making a commercial reinventing their jingle on a Moog synthesizer.   Today, nearly… Read more »

Dane Williams

Beer’s Influence On Social Relevance

Recently, I was going through some old pictures from college and picked up on a funny little trend. Every time we would host a “socially” more popular group of co-eds, you would see more mainstream beer being consumed, hell I even saw few green bottles (Heineken) floating around those pictures…in the mid-90’s mind you. Now… Read more »

Austin Baucom

Country Music Is Gonna Crash

A lot of weird trends have happened in my life. But the worst one is the rise of popularity in country music and the blasphemous shit it became. I’ve never been a huge fan of country music, but it didn’t use to make me sick like it does now. If you go through Johnny Cash,… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

On Allowing Minors at [The Pub]

tl:dr Minors will be allowed in [the pub] starting just in time for Labor Day. When we introduced food to [the pub] last year, we had to make some necessary changes to our policy,  namely, unwelcoming dogs and keeping outside food, well, outside.  While some of you shared concerns, most of you indicated that you… Read more »

Molly Glockner

Bite me, Bite of Seattle

This title is definitely a joke, we at IHB love being a part of the Bite of Seattle and enjoy the event immensely. Unfortunately, it didn’t start out very enjoyable for me. You see, I am THE WORST at setting up jockey boxes, and really just anything that requires tools. I’m told I tend to glaze over… Read more »