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Jake Fleming

College Dropout

Long ago I moved to Ellensburg to continue my education by acquiring a degree from a university.  Like many starving college students I needed a job and was just stupid-ass lucky enough to get one washing kegs for Iron Horse Brewery. I was pretty excited as any 20-year-old kid would be.  But, as I continued… Read more »

Connie Morgan

Drunk Presidents

We take a whole day out of the year to remember our former (and current) presidents. While it’s my belief that no one actually takes time to honor our prezzies, and instead uses the day as time to catch up on sleep, the holiday has got me askin’ some questions. Being president is a tough… Read more »

Ashley Stevens

Sh%& it’s Valentine’s Day

It’s February 11th. Then February 12th. Then February 13th. Then February 14th. It dawns on you that you haven’t bought your significant other anything for Valentine’s Day. You panic, you log on to Pinterest, you realize you cannot pull off the ultimate surprise or killer gift with so little time. So there you stand, in… Read more »

Brooke Kvinsland

Super Bowl Blowout

Yeah, yeah, yeah Seahawks didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, next year. Do you love hanging out with friends and having a good excuse to drink beer and eat food? If you’re one of these people, keep reading. If you’re not, I feel bad for you and you might want to keep reading and… Read more »

Ross Chalstrom

Rooting for Awkwardness

As a Seahawks fan, I was obviously bummed they decided to take a collective dump during the first half of the Carolina contest and, as a result, didn’t make the big game.  Oh well, they used to suck, and now they’re relevant, so there’s a silver lining.  Now, unlike the last two years, I have… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Big Game Beer Dip

Hey All! Here is the written version of my super secret, super difficult, super foodie dip recipes. You’re welcome.   Beer/Cheese/Chili dip Ingredients: 1 brick of “Cheese Product” (the closer related to plastic, the better!) 1 can of chili 2 cans of Double Rainbow India Red Ale Red IPA Hoppy Red Beer (24oz of 509… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Billings: The Final Frontier.

No, not a set of actions where we send paper invoices to collect money for “unmentionable services”. The town, in Montana; That’s what we’re talking about. We’re opening up that market. Iron Horse Brewery Does Fun Things in New Market Iron Horse Beer is available in Billings, That’s a New Market we have. You’re welcome…. Read more »

Greg Parker

Failing the Iron Horse Way

“I’m a winner because I f*#%ing win” – Kenny Powers Following that logic; “We’re losers because we lost.” – Greg Parker. We lost. We failed. We swam out past the buoys, got over our tips, bit off more than we could chew. At what, you might ask? The coffee stand. We’ve sold it. We lost… Read more »

Suzanne Vargas

We’re Hiring Humans

Iron Horse Brewery will be hiring for a variety of positions at our pub location within the kitchen and front of the house. We are looking for reliable and motivated  candidates, 21.1 years and older, that have a strong interest and desire to work within the craft beer field. As a group we are committed… Read more »


The Art of Pickin’ up Chicks at Beer Festivals

Beer festivals are a great way to mingle with friends, meet people, and try new beers. With the craft beer world being slightly overrun with the male specimen, beer festivals tend to be a buncha dudes seeing how many 5 oz. pours they can slug down before losing their glass and starting an intimate wrestling… Read more »

Connie Morgan

I Have a Dream for Craft Beer

Someone I work with recently brought to my attention that there is a major lack of color in the brewing industry. I was already aware of this but having the cold hard facts laid in front of you can be pretty disheartening. Not only are my fellow brothers and sisters missing out, so is the… Read more »

Dane Williams

AB-InBEV’s Positive Impact on the Craft Industry

You may be one of the many who believe there’s no way ABI could have any positive impact on the Craft Beer Industry. If you’re one of these folks you might be mistaken. ABI continues to develop its Global Management Trainee Program and put less value on seasoned employees. Veteran employees with countless years of… Read more »

Connie Morgan

11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker

Man’s best friend shows us what it means to be a craft beer lover. Rhonda R, Facebook 1)When you promised yourself you’d just have one but then someone asks you if you want to try theirs. @seattlecraftbeerdog 2)When one of your friends insists on instagramming everything but you just want to drink. @barleythebrewpup 3)When you… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Because Food.

Sometimes all you want is a sandwich. And other times you want specifically made food for that delicious craft beer you are drinking. We’re going for the latter. read on or don’t. Iron Horse Brewery Announces Food at The Pub, Making [ the pub ] an Actual Pub. Because the beer is looking for a… Read more »

Greg Parker

seven best/worst sellouts of 2015

best/worst craft beer sellouts of 2015 according to Greg Parker Best *And by best I mean the least worst or most inevitable and thereby the brewery was kind of scummy from day one. Full Sail, they may have turned their backs on the consumer, but at least everyone at the company got a vote. Golden Road,… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Bacon Beer Pairings

Salutations, fellow fussy drinkers who like to dissect flavors in their beers! Welcome to the Bacon-Festivus-Beer Extravaganza, with your local Certified Cicerone®. Today’s subject is a personal favorite near and dear to my heart. The true reason I could never be a vegetarian and the reason why Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book as a child…. Read more »

Jared Vallejo

New Press Release About a Beer You May have Heard of in Cans

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces Irish Death in 12 oz Cans. Yep. ELLENSBURG, WA  (December 09, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery produces a beer you may have heard of that will be available in six pack 12oz cans spring of 2016. Quilter’s Irish Death is already available in 22oz bottles and draught but… Read more »