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Jared Vallejo

New Beer Release, Press Release is Released.

For Immediate Release   Iron Horse Brewery Announces the Release of Two New Beers, Coincidentally, Just In Time for the 3rd Quarter. The seasonal offerings are new formulations of water, malt and hops.   ELLENSBURG, WA  (June 24, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery is introducing two new handcrafted, locally made craft brews to the marketplace,  Koytus,… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

New Hire: Dane Williams

In January, we had revelation: We want to get better at things and stuff. One of those things was having a better understanding of the off premise world (note: off premise = places where you buy beer to go = grocery stores). In order to realize that goal, we had two options self-improvement or find… Read more »

Greg Parker

Top 4 Reasons to Support the Small Brew Act.

Every so often, a bit of esoteric legislation comes along that would be a major benefit to a particular industry and people in that industry try to present the information in a way that will motivate their consumers to care. This is what I’m attempting to do right now. If you haven’t already given up… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Eastern Washington Brewfest 2015

May. A wonderful time of year. Beer. A wonderful kind of cheer. Fest. Better than the rest. That’s it. That’s all I got for rhyming. Read the press release then proceed. Or skip it and head on over to… For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces 3rd Annual, Second Consecutive Eastern Washington Brewfest in… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Beer Release: Gary IPA

Who doesn’t love a Family Reunion?  Perhaps you have a family like mine,  awkwardly stacked into Great Aunt Petunia’s parlor,  smells of roasted ham, wind song perfume, and moist earth from the muddy boots stacked by the door.  The kitchen bustling with activity as Magpie the ancient black lab salivates with excitement as your cousin… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

More Bottles of Beer on the Wall

2015 is proving to be a ridiculous year for Iron Horse Brewery. Not only are we releasing a second six-pack can called Finger Gun, we are also introducing a second seasonal bottle only track offering to the marketplace. We are calling this the Fresh-To-Death series, because 1) it is a hip phrase used by millennials… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

The Half K Recap That is Longer Than The Race

On March 14th, 2015 over 230 of you blood circulating humans descended on ellensburg, wa and walked/jogged/ran/sprinted in the first annual Iron Horse Brewery St. Paddy Day .5 K. Ummm. What were you thinking? Whatever it was, I like it. You are bad ass people. When the idea came up in January we were mostly joking… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Finger Gun IPA – A new beer to keep your hands busy.

I’ll preface this once; we are going to be releasing a lot of new beer this year. So you’ll probably get tired of the “hey, here’s a press release about a new iron horse brewery beer” statements. It sounds like I’m apologizing in advance. I’m not. I’m extremely excited about the crap ton of beer… Read more »

Greg Parker

On Selling Out

When I think about the craft beer world, I think of community. When Elysian sold to Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Elysian’s community exploded. People have been spewing hate in any way they can find. I see the rebuttals from the defenders of Elysian’s actions and many of them attempt to bring the attackers rationale into question by… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Cozy Community Fund Update and The Giving Virus

Generosity is a curious thing. It inspires or in my case, makes me feel substandard for not living up to the expectations I created in my mind space. What’s incredible though is how giving, without expectation of return, can be infectious, like a virus, but the good kind of virus. As Greg likes to put… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Cozy Community Fund

It’s amazing how quickly 10 months can go by. I don’t believe this whole “time is a constant” thing. Anyhow, the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Festivus, Hannukah, Kwanza, and Buying-Stuff-For-People-Just-Because-Time is here. For the last 5 years, Iron Horse Brewery, along with several Ellensburg, WA area businesses and community members have put together a… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Pre Pre Cyber Monday Sale that We Just Thought Of Right Now

What better way to celebrate the two Mondays before cyber Monday than with a random flash sale and discounted brewery merch? We can’t think of a better way. For the next three hours, you can get a $2.00 High Five Hefe trucker hat. It’s like a long, exposed flash sale. Why are we doing… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Humans are good at fundraising. Here’s the proof.

As you may or may not recall, Iron Horse Brewery had two fundraising initiatives going on during the summer. High Five a Charity and Beer vs Fire. Well, these are both done now and I’m finally get around to talking about it, because my snapchat feed is empty. Thank goodness. High Five a Charity: This… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Iron Horse Brewery Updates via a Letter to Aunt Gertrude

Sometimes, I find it difficult to write updates on things, so instead I pretend I have an Aunt Gertrude and write her letters. ———- Dear Aunt Gertrude, It’s been 6 months since our last real correspondence, so I thought I’d take the time to write you a fictitious letter and update you on some things… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest # 6

Well, this is the second to last 80’s movie scene. Next week, it will be a three movie mash up, so prepare yourself. But until the shoe drops, we’ll focus on the present. Today’s photo features a very special guest and muppet fan Rikki. Why? 1. because she is awesome and 2. because she was… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Beer vs Fire, A Joint Fundraising Effort for Wildfire Victims

Fire sucks. Especially when it’s so damn destructive and affects our communities. So, we came up with an idea to help those directly affected by the wildfires. Fortunately for us, Icicle Brewing Company feels the same way, so we decided to make this a joint effort. Read the official press release below. You can also… Read more »