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The Art of Pickin’ up Chicks at Beer Festivals

Beer festivals are a great way to mingle with friends, meet people, and try new beers. With the craft beer world being slightly overrun with the male specimen, beer festivals tend to be a buncha dudes seeing how many 5 oz. pours they can slug down before losing their glass and starting an intimate wrestling… Read more »

Connie Morgan

I Have a Dream for Craft Beer

Someone I work with recently brought to my attention that there is a major lack of color in the brewing industry. I was already aware of this but having the cold hard facts laid in front of you can be pretty disheartening. Not only are my fellow brothers and sisters missing out, so is the… Read more »

Dane Williams

AB-InBEV’s Positive Impact on the Craft Industry

You may be one of the many who believe there’s no way ABI could have any positive impact on the Craft Beer Industry. If you’re one of these folks you might be mistaken. ABI continues to develop its Global Management Trainee Program and put less value on seasoned employees. Veteran employees with countless years of… Read more »

Connie Morgan

11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker

Man’s best friend shows us what it means to be a craft beer lover. Rhonda R, Facebook 1)When you promised yourself you’d just have one but then someone asks you if you want to try theirs. @seattlecraftbeerdog 2)When one of your friends insists on instagramming everything but you just want to drink. @barleythebrewpup 3)When you… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Because Food.

Sometimes all you want is a sandwich. And other times you want specifically made food for that delicious craft beer you are drinking. We’re going for the latter. read on or don’t. Iron Horse Brewery Announces Food at The Pub, Making [ the pub ] an Actual Pub. Because the beer is looking for a… Read more »

Greg Parker

seven best/worst sellouts of 2015

best/worst craft beer sellouts of 2015 according to Greg Parker Best *And by best I mean the least worst or most inevitable and thereby the brewery was kind of scummy from day one. Full Sail, they may have turned their backs on the consumer, but at least everyone at the company got a vote. Golden Road,… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Bacon Beer Pairings

Salutations, fellow fussy drinkers who like to dissect flavors in their beers! Welcome to the Bacon-Festivus-Beer Extravaganza, with your local Certified Cicerone®. Today’s subject is a personal favorite near and dear to my heart. The true reason I could never be a vegetarian and the reason why Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book as a child…. Read more »

Jared Vallejo

New Press Release About a Beer You May have Heard of in Cans

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces Irish Death in 12 oz Cans. Yep. ELLENSBURG, WA  (December 09, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery produces a beer you may have heard of that will be available in six pack 12oz cans spring of 2016. Quilter’s Irish Death is already available in 22oz bottles and draught but… Read more »

Asher Brophis

To the Girl I Met at The Pub and Never Called Back

A response to this. My thoughts were elsewhere that night. You thought I was emotional because of our connection but it was so much more. That morning my dog was hit by a passing milk truck and due to her horrific injuries I was forced to put her down myself. You thought that my enigma… Read more »

Ashley Stevens

Women are Good for Your Beer

It’s a common belief that the world of beer is dominated by men, beards, and man buns. Sure, females are few and far between in the craft beer industry, but we are far less uncommon when compared to previous years. Working as a saleswoman has enlightened me as to why this industry could use more… Read more »

Adam Ransavage

it’s not a dependancy, it’s the holidays.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The days get shorter, the beers get darker, and you can basically eat whatever you want for the next 2 months and call it “bulking.”It’s also a time when people get together and fight seasonal depression by reflecting on what they’re thankful for. Joyous friends, family,… Read more »

Jake Fleming

The Perks of Being Tall

There are very few downsides to being tall. Indeed, cars are horrible contraptions made by the jealous vertically challenged, planes are a tall person’s worst nightmare, and hobbit holes are just out of the question, but the perks of extreme height far outweigh the downsides.   Fact: when you are tall you are 62% more… Read more »

Sarah Clark

Trivia Lowlights

Because there are too many “Top 5” lists on the internet right now. The low five things about fall trivia. Too much game not enough player. This one time I tried to date 5 guys at once and they all met me for dinner, and I wondered why I was the only one having fun… … Read more »

hannah hanson

Revenge Brew

Because we recently acquired a new German Brewhouse, Head Brewer Tyson and Brewhouse Supervisor Jake traveled to Deutschland earlier this month to “learn about it”…leaving the rest of the production staff behind. Iron Horse Brewer Hannah Hanson documented the creation of a revenge brew on Twitter. Made with some of Tyson’s favorite beer ingredients (pumpkin,… Read more »

Greg Parker

In the name of Craft Beer, sabotage the sell-outs

  Why consolidation is bad for Craft Beer and why you should actively sabotage brands that have sold out. It undermines the craft movement Craft beer, in the mind of the consumer, is made by small, independent brewers in small batches. And no, this is not my opinion, this is the opinion of 1,000 craft… Read more »

Connie Morgan

To the Guy Who Bought Me A Beer and Never Called Back

It’s not the thought that counts. You thought your gesture was harmless, but when you offered me a beer and I accepted, I offered you a piece of my heart. You thought that being enigmatic was an excuse to not take time to notice what made our encounter special. You let your past, your pride,… Read more »