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You know us for our Irish Death, we know you for having a nice face…and a willingness to try new things.

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan March 10th 2015

We often get referred to as the brewery that sells Irish Death.  While we are proud of this, we also do other things.  These things include Greg’s secret obsession with cribbage, and employee tournaments we’re required to play in.  More importantly, it includes making a kickass beer (other than Irish Death).

We will be dropping a “Fresh to Death” second seasonal track this year, which will include Gary Imperial IPA, A Fresh Hop Red Ale, and Cozy Sweater, in bottles.   “Finger Gun” our new session IPA, will be available in 6-pack cans. Speaking of cans; Cozy Sweater will be in cans. Speaking of sweaters, here is a picture of one:

elephantsweaterAlso, we will soon be releasing a brand new, year-round IPA in 22oz bottles and draft.

Oh, yeah, and our next seasonal release is almost ready. It’s called Farmlandia. A farmhouse ale that’s bubbly, belgian inspired and delicious. Here’s a picture that we are repurposing because of laziness.


Although we may not do much, one of the things we do do (we do) is make lots of beer that your mouth appreciates.  You say you like to try new things, we say we like to make beer.  We’re a perfect match.  you’re welcome.

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Finger Gun IPA – A new beer to keep your hands busy.

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo February 19th 2015

I’ll preface this once; we are going to be releasing a lot of new beer this year. So you’ll probably get tired of the “hey, here’s a press release about a new iron horse brewery beer” statements. It sounds like I’m apologizing in advance. I’m not. I’m extremely excited about the crap ton of beer we are releasing.

I’ll put a call out now: If we have any fans that are interested in helping us spread the word about Finger Gun, please email me – We have an idea that you might like. Or not. I don’t know you that well.

Anyhow, here’s a press release about one of three beers coming out very soon.

For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Announces the Release of Finger Gun IPA, Exclusively Available in Six-Pack 12 oz Cans.
A brand new session IPA hopped and loaded at 4.8% abv.

ELLENSBURG, WA (February 19th, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery is introducing a new year-round beer called Finger Gun IPA available in six-pack 12oz cans. “We asked ourselves, ‘what style of beer is underrepresented right now?’ Then we ignored that line of thinking entirely. Finger Gun, which is a session IPA, delivers massive flavor, but with nanny-state abv” said Greg Parker, Owner and GM of Iron Horse Brewery. “ We wanted to make a beer that tastes really friggin’ good and hoppy but doesn’t leave you in a ditch, hungover, missing your wallet, disowned by your parents and ashamed of all that you’ve done. Finger Gun IPA can do some of that, some of it is actually up to you. Plus, it reminds you that Finger Gunning is one of life’s best, and most effective, gestures. ‘Peew, Peew!’”, commented Parker.

Release and Availability
As a continuation of the “handy” series of cans, Iron Horse Brewery will release Finger Gun IPA exclusively in 12 oz aluminum six-pack cans around the first week of April and it will be available initially in Eastern Washington with plans to expand market wide, including Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Alaska shortly thereafter.

Here’s a picture of the prototype:

Hopped and Loaded
Finger Gun IPA is dry hopped with a newly acquired Hop Rocket made by German Manufacturer BrauKon. “Rather than traditional dry hopping, where hops are put in the fermenter from the top, the Hop Rocket is self contained and is loaded with hops from top to bottom, allowing all of the beer to touch the hops for 24-48 hours, which produces amazing hop aroma and flavor that you don’t get the other way,” said Tyson Read, Head Brewer of Iron Horse Brewery. “This is true, my nose and taste buds confirmed it,” quipped Ross Chalstrom, Interloper of Press Release Quotes.

Beer Nerd Details
Name: Finger Gun IPA
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 52
Hops: Azacca, Calypso
Package: Six-Pack 12oz Cans
Other: dry hopped with a hop rocket, clarified with a centrifuge, and hugged by a giant platypus.

The release has been in the works for several months with placement secured at several of the major chain grocery retailers as well as independent grocers and beer retailers. Consumers hoping to get their hands on the six-packs, can use Iron Horse Brewery’s Beer finder for exact locations. The Beer Finder can be found here:

About Iron Horse Brewery
Iron Horse Brewery, centrally located in Ellensburg, WA, has been producing hand crafted ales since 2007. Iron Horse is owned by father-son team Greg and Gary Parker. With 33 employees and a recent expansion, enabling IHB to double its brewing capacity, they plan to produced over 18,000 bbls in 2015. To learn more about the brewery or to simply take a break from Facebook, go to; you’ll probably be sorry you did.


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Cozy Community Fund Update and The Giving Virus

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo December 29th 2014

Generosity is a curious thing. It inspires or in my case, makes me feel substandard for not living up to the expectations I created in my mind space. What’s incredible though is how giving, without expectation of return, can be infectious, like a virus, but the good kind of virus. As Greg likes to put things, we are simply the facilitators of this virus. This program could not exist without you, human that is reading this post.

We were going through the dozen or so nominations for this year’s fund, and while all had compelling stories, we had the difficult task of narrowing it down to two recipients. Every year it gets harder to do this. So we added a third recipient. Oh, that darned giving virus.

Because of your nominations and contributions – bidding on the hats and blanket that Rikki made, attending the cozy sweater release party, buying our beer throughout the year and any other contributions you made at [ the pub ] you were able to do a lot this year.

The fund covered the following:

one month rent payment
one month car payment
$100 in gas cards
one winter jacket
three hooded sweatshirts
four seahawks beanies
three family themed game for three kids
a group game
gobs of socks for one whole family
wrapping items so the families could wrap up the items
$100 in Pizza Colin bucks (thanks

This all adds up to about $2000, which is great if that’s where it stopped. But there is more.

Our bff neighbors, Phoenix Truss, in hearing about this offered up their services.
We told them about another family’s need to get a front porch fixed.
So, they went out to take a look at it. They made a decision. They are going to completely rebuild this families front porch and back deck. Free. Gratis. Nada. Because as a Ken Beedle, owner of Phoenix Truss so gracefully put it. “I’m all about this kind of stuff. It’s the unknown national stuff that causes me to pause, but this local stuff. I’m all about it” Well said Ken. Also, I may have misquoted him a little bit.

We’re going to have to start earlier next year so we can get more people/services/businesses involved, but you all should feel pretty good about how your contributions helped. This means you’ve probably done your good deed for the next few weeks. So, go high five someone and have a beer or two.

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Humans are good at fundraising. Here’s the proof.

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo November 10th 2014

As you may or may not recall, Iron Horse Brewery had two fundraising initiatives going on during the summer. High Five a Charity and Beer vs Fire.

Well, these are both done now and I’m finally get around to talking about it, because my snapchat feed is empty. Thank goodness.

High Five a Charity: This was a tricky one to gain momentum as an effective fundraising tool. Unfortunately, our rollout of High Five Hefe cans was slower than we anticipated. (we’re in good shape now) I can pick up most of the responsibility as the execution and awareness portion was not optimal. However, for the 5 week period we, and be we I mean, you, our beer drinking bff’s, managed to raise about $1000. This will be divided equally among the top 5 nominated charities. That was a lot of commas for you grammar hounds out there. Anyhow, sifting through the 20 nominated charities made me realize, there are a lot of great organizations out there doing important work. However, we had to take only the top 5.

The recipients are:
Thrive through Cancer – Seattle
Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity – Ellensburg
Disability Rights of Washington Seattle
Gallery One Ellensburg
Seattle Cancer Care Center – Seattle

It was a good effort and one we’ll probably try something new at some other vague point in time. Feel free to donate to any of these, without the beer incentive, as I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Beer vs Fire:

There is a press a release below, but in short $10,200 was raised. F*&$ Ya!.

As Greg points out, you beer drinkers made this happen. Give yourself a high five. Or Irish Death. or Crosscut Pilsner. Or 509. Or… I could keep going and going. In an effort to reduce waste, I’ll let the press release finish the details below.

I’d just like to add, so I will, you humans are amazing. This is vital, because I am generally a horrible person, which I find necessary to offset all this goodness. So keep on doing your thing.


For Immediate Release

Beer vs. Fire Fundraising Effort Concludes Because It’s Almost Winter Now.

Iron Horse Brewery and Icicle Brewing Company raise over $10,200.00

ELLENSBURG, WA (November 6, 2014)
Iron Horse Brewery of Ellensburg and Icicle Brewing Company of Leavenworth announced the conclusion of their 3 month long joint fundraising initiative called Beer vs Fire designed to help victims affected by Carlton Complex, Snag Canyon, Chiwaukum Complex and South Cle Elum Ridge fires. The goal was to raise $12,000 through beer sales of Iron Horse’s 509 Style and Icicle’s Crosscut Pilsner. The total amount raised to date is $10,200.00.

“Our wholesale and retail partners really made all of this possible” said Greg Parker, Owner of Iron Horse Brewery. “And, of course, without the beer drinkers, we would be bringing back a bunch of beer. Thanks are in order to you, beer drinker, you really helped the fire victims”, Parker added.

DONATIONS and BEER on the Shelf
The $10,200 will be split with direct donations going to Red Cross of Kittitas County and Red Cross Apple Valley, ideally in a the form of giant check.

The dollar amount raised reflects all of the beer shipped for the fundraiser. “There may be a few remaining bottles of 509 Style or Crosscut Pilsner on the shelf marked with Beer vs Fire “ commented Pamela Brulotte, Owner of Icicle Brewing Company “We anticipated that might happen so our donation reflects those bottles. We’re asking our customers to help those retailers out and get the last few bottles off the shelves if you see them” Brulotte said.


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80s Movie Intern Update

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre July 28th 2014

We don’t have any good behind the scenes pictures from last weeks photo shoot. Well, either that or we are just trying give #mustachepete a break. Whichever one it is, week three proved to be the most difficult yet. So here it is, the big reveal.

Our poster:


And the Original:

johnny Be good

RDJ, AMH, and Uma. It’s a good time. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t watched it but its the thought that counts.

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High Five a Charity part dos

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre July 22nd 2014

Hello people of the internet. This quick blog is to let you know we are creeping up on part two of our High Five a Charity initiative. What is that you say, young marsupial? You don’t know about this ‘High Five a Charity’ thingy? Well that’s crazy that you don’t but I will tell you about it anyways.

We love high fiving and we want to be sure that we can extend a high five to everyone who is near us and  virtually, as well, to deserving organizations of your choosing. For the past month-ish we’ve asked that you nominate a charity of your choice for Iron Horse Brewery to send a money-filled-High Five. So you should go to and do that now. and then come back and read some more.

Be sure to get all your nominations in by August 5th at 5:55pm because as of 5:56 pm open nominations will close. From there we take the top ten most nominated organizations, link to their website and social media and ask that the public get to know these non profits, and then vote for where they think this money high five should go. Anyone who happens upon will be able to choose which organization get’s their vote.

So really this post is to tell you to get nominating in hopes that your organization makes its way to the top ten list.

More details to follow on Part two. We promise. Ish.

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Chrons of the Summer Stache Pt. Something

Peter Heinen
Peter Heinen July 17th 2014

Hello again, Mustache Pete here and proudly reporting on the progress of the summer stache. Okay, proudly might be poorly worded but the stache is coming along. Once again I will state if I was a brunette then the stache would be way more impressive…. but if you get PRETTY close you can see what is a nice base for my “upper LIPholstery” and from a distance you can see a shadow on my lip… I’ll take it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, “beer” filled Fourth of July; I spent the day hiking in Leavenworth. If anyone is looking for a ridiculously gorgeous day hike in the Central Washington area I highly recommend hiking to 8-mile lake in the Wenatchee National Forrest. ATTENTION ALERT: Lazy bums there is some early vertical during the hike and it is labeled “difficult” on the trail guides online, but ….I have the upmost confidence in “beer lovers” that most conditioned humans could do this hike with no problem. Surprise surprise the “8-mile lake” hike finishes with a nice sloping terrain leading to…a lake. It is an alpine lake so lets just say the water is…not warm and I experienced this the hard way. I may or may not have thrown my GoPro very, very poorly and watched it clank off the rock face I was attempting to climb, splash into the water, and slowly trickle down towards the bottom of the lake. There was only one thing to do, tighten up my big boy pants, channel my inner Michael Phelps, and spread my wings because I wasn’t going home empty handed.

Long story short on about the fifth dive (45 minutes later) I snagged my GoPro off the sandy bottom of the lake and pushed up towards the surface screaming in excitement. My only regret is not pressing the record button before I made the ill advised throw. My GoPro is alive and well and with a couple quick jumping jacks and “high-fives” (Promotion plug: just a reminder to all beer lovers to post pictures to our #H5project Facebook page and of course don’t forget the #hashtag #H5project. Get outside be crazy… and post pictures!) my purple and pink hands returned to their pasty white color. All was well and this was easily the prettiest hike I have ever been on.


2014-07-17 16.34.19 Mustache Pete  <— (Brooklyn accent)

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Embracing the 80’s has finally paid off

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre July 14th 2014

I just got back from a 10 day vacation. That is not just a fact and a brag. Or a Frag. Bract. I needed to tell you this so that I could then say this: The highlight of my vacation, besides drinking 21 bottles of wine (responsibly. sorry, beer.), was opening up my Facebook to see the awesome picture our interns posted of their 80’s recreation. You are all correct. It was Flashdance but what you all don’t know is how attractive #MustachePete looked in his pink leotard, in color, how good with a broom #UnicornConnie and #NoNicknameRobyn are, and how great High Five Hefe cans are at photobombing. So we thought that we’d give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

Our winner for last week has been notified via Facebook. So all you have left to do is dream of this pink leotard and hold your breath until Wednesday when a new photo will be posted.




outtakes outtakes-2 outtakes-3 outtakes-4

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Cool Things in Beer History

Paul Baker
Paul Baker July 14th 2014

Hey Everyone

I’m back from my self imposed exile from blog writing. Beer is a fickle and demanding mistress and she has been demanding a lot more time recently.

In any case. I’m back with some history that I thought you might enjoy.

So we know that beer was probably first “invented” as a drink in Ancient Sumeria and was probably the reason why we have agriculture, or towns, or civilization in the first place. Beer is mentioned in the first story ever written The Epic of Gilgamesh and so on. Beer is awesome, has always been awesome and will continue to be awesome. Fact.

Beer is also mentioned three times in the first set of laws ever written: The Code of Hammurabi in 1772 BCE. Lets think about that for a bit.

The FIRST time that someone (Hammurabi, a brutal autocrat) wrote down all the laws for a society where everyone could see them and said, “these are THE RULES and here is what happens when you don’t follow them.” Of course most of the punishments are harsh but its the first time anyone said, “look man, you broke rule #109. You knew the punishment when you decided to break the rules. So here is the punishment. ”

So in this first set of laws beer is mentioned three separate times. I think thats incredible.

Two of them which I think are amazing are rules 108 and 109.

Rule 108 deals with tavern keepers selling people “short pints.” If you sell a person a drink and give them less than they pay for? That’s a drowning.

How many times do you think people got shorted after the first few times?

Rule 109 concerns people getting together in taverns to conspire against the government. Not only do the conspirators get death, but so does the tavern keeper. People getting together to drink beer and bitch about the government is as old as civilization itself.

Pretty crazy stuff.

Tune in next time.

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Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan July 1st 2014

Hugging has got to be one of the worst communication devices ever invented. The intention is good and all, letting someone know you care enough about them to touch their torso to yours; but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

What heartwarming form of human contact doesn’t suck you ask? The high five. Up high, down low, air five, double high five (high ten) and secret handshakes. These can’t be translated into hugging. Okay, they could; but we’re pretty sure a hug down low equals sexual harassment charges and air hugs just look ridiculous.

A high five is always welcome; a high five is never taking it too far.

Hugs on the other hand, when is it even okay to hug someone else? Is here an amount of time one must know another in order to hug them? What do you do if someone goes in for the hug and you’re too sweaty or smelly or out of shape to have them touching you like that. A simple wipe on the trousers fixes the problem for a handshake, they haven’t yet invented something that can quickly wipe a whole body clean, pre-hug.

Hugging has become immensely popular as a form of hello and goodbye; and quite honestly, it’s disgusting.

When did it become acceptable to hug someone you literally just met? Do hugs even mean anything anymore? Wikipedia sites a hug as “a near universal form of physical intimacy,” soooo, essentially we have all been intimate with thousands of people. That explains the rash.

The High Five Project is our mission to end the abomination that is hugging, and we need your help.

#H5Project is our quest to obtain 5,555 high fives by August 5th at 5:55pm. Send us pictures of yourself high fiving your grandma, your boss, or a bear. Post pictures to Twitter or Facebook with #H5project or simply post to our High Five Project event page on Facebook. Visit to buy canned High Five Hefe, nominate a charity to high five or read the complete High Five manifesto.

Warning, your high fives will be featured on our social media daily and will be a part of the high five compilation video that will be sent to Tom Brady himself, because let’s face it; he needs those high fives more than

So please, stop hugging and go high five yourself, because you deserve it.

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High Five A Charity Update for your Faces

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre June 26th 2014

Yes. Yes. We here at Iron Horse Brewery tend to conduct ourselves with a melange of sass, irreverence, and sarcasm and that’s how we like to present ourselves to the world. And triple Yes, we have indeed launched a campaign to end the hug. Replacing full body contact with the ultra-cool, super fun, way better than hugging high five, which you can learn all about at But all of these together doesn’t equal that we don’t care about things. Because actually. we do. things are awesome.

With the launch of our Less Hugging, More High Fiving campaign we have asked you to High Five A Charity. We want to highlight the awesome work of your favorite charity and post it here on the internet to bring more awareness to these organizations and introduce these organizations to a new audience.

Not all of us can say we devote time, energy, or our whole lives to causes close to our hearts or to serve others but we sure as hell want to make sure those that do are recognized and given as many real, in person, air or virtual high fives as possible. We mean that. So do that. High Five the eff out of them.

The top five charities with the most high five nominations will receive a monetary high five from IHB when all is said and done. Which is neat. But here is our chance to highlight and to let you know more about those that have already been nominated. Check out their websites, learn about what they do, go to and high five them yourself, or go to and nominate a new charity. We will highlight charities each week!

So without further ado here are our nominated Charities of the week:


Young adults—categorized as ages 18 through 40—face cancer in an entirely different way than children and older adults. Because young adult cancer diagnoses are less common than pediatric or geriatric, the experience can be particularly isolating.
Thrive Through Cancer aims to bring young adults together, provide them with age-appropriate resources and give them a place to share their story.
Diagnoses may disrupt life, but we are here to help young adults Thrive Through Cancer.


HopeSource moves people to self-sufficiency by providing access to education, employment, economic development and vital services. To live and serve with these values:
CASTLE—Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truth, Love and Effectiveness


Gallery One Visual Arts Center is dedicated to the creation, exhibition and appreciation of visual arts in Central Washington. To that end, the facilities, board of directors, and staff of Gallery One provide: High-quality, innovative, and diverse visual arts exhibits, educational programs for the appreciation and skills of the arts, studios for a diverse group of resident artists, networking opportunities with business organizations and educational institutions in support of the arts, and meeting place to foster community cohesion and arts appreciation.


Evergreen creates and protects sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington. Evergreen is Washington State’s largest mountain bike advocacy and trail building group. Created in 1989 as a grassroots solution to local trail networks closing to riders, Evergreen (formerly BBTC) became a viable force in the trail building and advocacy community. Due to the progression and growth of the sport, the past decade has lent itself to the expansion of the organization.


Disability Rights Washington (DRW) is a private non-profit organization that protects the rights of people with disabilities statewide. Our mission is to advance the dignity, equality, and self-determination of people with disabilities. We work to pursue justice on matters related to human and legal rights. We provide free services to people with disabilities.

Let the internet world know about High Five A Charity. Use hashtags #morehighfive #forcharity #highfiveacharity

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Chronicles of the Summer Stache Pt. 1

Peter Heinen
Peter Heinen June 23rd 2014

Hello Iron Horse lovers and beer connoisseurs, I am one of the three new interns at Iron Horse Brewery. I would love to tell you all about myself but honestly, who really cares about the interns anyway? Right? My names Peter, I’m the tall blonde with the Farrah Fawcett haircut.

When Tess told me I “get to” write a blog for my internship I initially was a little worried about what my material would be. But then a light bulb went off in my head and ‘The Chronicles of the Summer Stache’ was born. Why don’t I shave my nonexistent mustache and let it grow…for the next 12 weeks while I’m at Iron Horse? That would be fun. I’ll blog about the slow…. but hopefully steady progress. Post some pictures and maybe,just maybe will have a nice little product by the end of the summer.

Now I would like to start out with an apology to every Iron Horse employee if I embarrass the brewery because I’ve never grown what people call a “successful mustache” or any facial hair for that matter. So what I’m trying to say is: don’t expect to see Tom Selleck or Ron Burgundy trotting around the brewery. Realistically with my long blonde hair I’ll probably resemble more of 80’s adult star…either way it should be fun.

Finally I’ll fill everyone in on the awesome adventures my bountiful mustache and I get into this summer. I like to believe I live a pretty entertaining life. I love the outdoors so my weekends are full of hiking, cycling, kayaking, camping, and drinking all over the Central Washington area…of course not all at the same time… or maybe all at the same time.
So here it is. Week one. In all it’s glory
Intern 1,2, or 3
Peter Heinen

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This is what I sound Like and We’ve Got Interns

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre June 20th 2014

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Show Us Our Cans

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre June 16th 2014

We’ve spent about 1,000 hours over the past six months obsessing over the release of our Iron Horse six-pack cans of High Five Hefe. Finally after 47 temper tantrums, 21 presentations, and a lot of fanagaling [is this even a word?], last week we canned that -ish up. Woot. Kapow. Kapooya. Neat.

It was a glorious day. The whole brewery smelled like ginger honey nirvana, cans were consumed at the rate of 5 seconds per can, and I tried to spend the night in the canner. I was not allowed to spend the night in the canner.

Two days later those beautiful six packs were packaged up and shipped out. and now we have no idea where our little aluminum children could be. This is like empty nest syndrome. Or something. But unlike your parents, we have all the people of the internet to help us keep an eye on them.

So here is what we need you to do.  See a six pack at the grocery, bottle shop, or liquor store? Take a picture. Post it to our Facebook wall, or Twitter it to us at @ironhorsebeer and let us know where you found it. In return for your services, we will send you a  free High Five Hefe Foam Hand. And you know you really want one, bad. 

also to do more virtual high fiving visit to high five a charity, your friend, or to look at with your eye holes.

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Hey Tess, Why are you Crying?

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre June 3rd 2014

I’m feeling so many emotions. Like a lot. Like real ones.

Usually this “feeling the emotions” would get me shunned and/or kicked out of Iron Horse World Wide Headquarters but today, they’ve made an exception. High Five Hefe Cans exist. exclamation point.

Yes, they are empty, but we’re off to a good start and I want to throw up from happiness. I understand that this is not a normal reaction to happiness, the barfing, but it is what it is people.

Also I’m feeling that I use too many commas. Maybe even over use. I, frankly, use commas so that you dear reader, can understand my inflection and that sometimes I just need you to slow down and think about High Five Hefe in a can and read about it in my voice. This is really irrelevant and probably a control thing but it’s my blog and no one said focused blogs are better than ones that are all over the place. Maybe someone did say that.

These cans are pretty beautiful and we will be swimming in them, Scrooge McDuck-style once they hit the brewery. I can not wait for that. Next week beer will be in them, so at that time I may really lose it.Then some time soonish after that you get to enjoy them on your boat, after your hike, in your underwear, or wherever you choose to give yourself a high five. I have goosebumps. This is magical. Maybe I need a hobby.


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High Five Hefe in 6 – 12 oz Cans

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo May 15th 2014


I want to High Five you. But first I want to tell you about High Five Hefe.
Below is the press release.
Please read it, or don’t. Or do.
Either way, now, I high five you.

Extra bonus: Here’s a picture of the pilot cans, which are not the real cans, but the pretend cans with sharp edges that make your mouth bleed when you drink out of it. ET can’t fix that ouch.

High Five Hefe - Pilot Cans


For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Announces Six Pack Cans of High Five Hefe
Go High Five Yourself, You Deserve it. Do it on June 12th.

ELLENSBURG, WA (May 15, 2014) Iron Horse Brewery is announcing that “yes, another brewery is going to put craft beer in a can, but do it, you know, differently.” June will mark the release of High Five Hefe as a six pack of 12oz cans, also known as a “sixer.” Brewed with ginger and locally sourced honey, High Five Hefe is a unique take on an American Wheat ale and will be one of the few craft wheat beers currently available in six-packs. “We know that the wheat segment is strong and continues to grow at a pretty steady pace, despite what IPA has to say about it. Even with the strength of the category, when it comes to being able to choose a quality craft wheat beer in a can from a small producer out of central Washington, in Kittitas county, on Vantage Hwy, the choices are really limited,” commented Iron Horse General Manager, Greg Parker. “People want wheat beer and we happen to have a wheat beer that’s unique & will satisfy their mouth parts,” added Parker.

Release and Availability
Iron horse will release the High Five Hefe six-packs the second week of June and will be available throughout Washington, Montana, some of Oregon, a lil’ bit of Idaho and Alaska. With the slogan “Go High Five Yourself, You Deserve it,” 12 oz cans of High Five Hefe is meant for the active, outdoor adventurist, the enthusiastic praiser or the personal space observer; all of which are deserving of a high five, and a beer.

Five Weeks of High Fiving for Goodness-es Sake
In conjunction with the launch of the High Five Hefe 6 packs, consumers will have the opportunity to support their favorite charity through the newly created website In each 6 pack, there will be a sticker, token-thing that will direct consumers online where they can nominate (kinda like a virtual high five) their charity. At the end of 5 weeks, Iron Horse Brewery will give 5% of net proceeds to the top 5 nominated charities. “The high five is a way to engage with other people that immediately puts you in a good place,” said Director of Marketing Jared Vallejo. “We want to extend that feeling to High Five Hefe, the beer, and make it a way in which people can pass on the high five,” commented Vallejo. “Also less hugging, more high fiving,” Vallejo declared, very randomly.

The release has been in the works for several months with placement secured at several of the major chain grocery retailers as well as independent grocers and beer retailers. Consumers hoping to get their hands on the six-packs, can use Iron Horse Brewery’s Beer finder for exact locations. The Beer Finder can be found here:


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Not Shitting My Pants

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre May 12th 2014

<—- This is not Jade. But this round two of Jade’s guest blogs for IHB. Visit her in the beer garden at Bares and Broncs in Eburg 5/17.  Alright, Jade. Go for it.


I’ve been a vegetarian for 19 years. 19 YEARS. I was 10 when I sat down to dinner and put together the fact that the lamb-chop my grandma had cooked actually came from a lamb. A LAMB! Oh God did I lose it. I can remember sobbing, my poor mother watching in shock as I declared I would never eat meat again. She tried to get me to eat fish for about a week, enticing me with my favorite, tuna noodle casserole. But I left all the tuna in the bowl and only ate the noodles and condensed mushroom soup. I was a full-fledged vegetarian.

It was only in my early 20’s that I started to feel the affect of low iron and anemia. I couldn’t stay awake in school, I got sick easily and I had a general feeling of ugh. My doctor suggested I eat fish and it helped immediately. I’ve eaten it on and off for the last 8 years, sometimes more than others, but have definitely developed an affinity for sushi.

So now I find myself headed to Mongolia in 3 months where the cuisine is mutton with goat, or goat with mutton stew. As in, actually, I’ve been told that there are almost no fresh vegetables on the steppe. Not this vegetarian’s dream…  actually, my worst nightmare. So other than the fact that the animals I’ll be eating have lived on the open plain, free to roam without cages, and being fed grass only, there is very little comfort in this dietary dilemma.

The Mongol Derby is not a place for people who are afraid to be tough, and it’s not a place for people whose stomachs can’t handle what’s thrown at them. So that paired with the fact that we’re only allowed an extra 5kgs of weight, I’m not ready to give up necessary items like extra batteries or a pair of socks for vegan friendly protein powder.


I realized immediately after I was told I’d be competing that I could have to retrain my body to process and digest meat. I’ve heard horror stories of long time vegetarians eating meat and becoming violently ill, but I’ve also heard that sometimes it’s fine if you introduce it slowly.

Either way, I’m not leaving it up to chance and I’m not waiting till I’m out on the steppe to realize I have a violent reaction to the only food out there.

In other words; I refuse to fail to finish this race because I can’t stop shitting my pants. I’ve been putting this experiment off since October when I found out I had received a spot, but today I realized the race was a mere 3 months away and that now was as good a time as ever.

So today my loving semi-carnivore boyfriend and I wandered into Whole Foods. A place I generally dislike, but know that if anyone is going to have meat I’m going to feel ok about eating, it’s them. After a little bit of panic at the raw meat counter, and lots of guilt about what I’m going to do, I decided on some turkey bacon. A nice stepping-stone, I think.

I wandered up to the counter with 2 packages and asked, “Which turkeys lived a better life, and did they have toys?”


Thank God we live in Portland because the guy didn’t blink an eye, pointed to the package in my left hand, and stated that both of the companies raise pasture centered turkeys with toys and vegetarian feed, but he personally knew the farm in my left hand had very happy turkeys.

Sorted. Well, sort of. As if this decision wasn’t hard enough, I had to take into consideration whether the meat was kosher or not. I am Jewish and I was raised keeping kosher but was able to largely dismiss the laws as I never ate anything other than cheese that would be in question, given my vegetarian ways. This turkey bacon as it turns out, was not kosher. And according to the turkey happiness expert, the kosher organic farms simply are not big enough to meet the demand of the Whole Foods giant.

Great. So now I have to choose between religion and animal happiness.

For the love of God I choose my SOAP based on animal happiness, how could I not make that my main concern with what I eat? I chose turkeys with toys. Mom, please forgive me. This is not a life decision.

While there, Chris, who generally eats vegetarian with me, started eying the grass fed, pasture raised, buffalo steaks and lamb stew meat. No! No lamb stew for me, not on the first try. Not ever, in fact. But buffalo, I’ve heard good things about buffalo. Back to the meat expert, “Excuse me, where does buffalo fall on your animal welfare scale?”

I was assured that the farm the buffalo were raised on had room for them to wander, that they were given great care, and that they were not forced to travel more than 25 miles to be slaughtered (to reduce stress put on the animals). Chris had stars in his eyes about a nice piece of buffalo, and I turned away as the guy cut it in half and packaged it for us.

Fast-forward 6 hours later, a couple of Sunday beer tasting flights, and a leisurely bike ride, and we’re ready to cook up a buffalo steak. I’m sorry, not we, Chris. Chris did the cooking and I started taking pictures of raw meat and writing my feelings down.

He made stir fried veggies on corn tortillas and cooked the meat well done. But not before we both try it relatively rare (with lots of garlic for me). And I realize that I prefer to just eat it plain, and that hiding it in other food freaks me out. I guess I like being conscious of the fact that I’m eating something else. It made me appreciate it more. Or maybe it’s just the beast in me coming out. All in all I ate about 2oz of buffalo. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but more than what I’ve eaten in 19 years.

UPDATE I ate turkey bacon for breakfast and I still haven’t shit my pants. Maybe I’ll do all right in Mongolia after all.


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Meet Jade

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre April 30th 2014

Hello people of the digital world. Meet Jade.

Jade, meet all these people. Oh good, you now you know each other.

Jade will be guest blogger here over the course of the next little while. or something. We’ll let her introduce herself and let you know the crazy bad assery (that’s a word, right?) that she participates in. If you are in Ellensburg the weekend of May16th-18th, be sure to go to the Eastern Washington Brewfest because it will be awesome. And then hit up Bares and Broncs find out a little about Jade and visit her while she slings beer for a good cause in the beer garden. The beers she serves you will make you feel like the ruler of an empire. really.

Go for it, Jade



What do you get when you cross a beer geek with an obsessive horse lover? You get a woman who is determined to race 600 (self-supported) miles across the Mongolian Steppe, on semi-wild horses, in order to crack open an Iron Horse beer at the end. Ok, well, maybe you don’t always get this combination but in my case, I was lucky enough to.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “What the hell is she talking about?”

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jade Sevelow Lee, I’m 29 years old, and this year with the help of Iron Horse Brewery I will be competing in the world’s longest horse race. This is no ordinary horse race: this is the longest, toughest, horse race in the world; a recreation on Genghis Khan’s empire busting postal system.

Yea you know, that Genghis Khan, whose empire stretched across Asia in the 1200’s. His empire. I will be riding against 40 top-level international riders. My competitors range from an 8-time Grand National rider to professional jockeys, and we will all be on level playing field of Mongolian steppe. To stand a chance of finishing each rider must balance survival skills and horsemanship and to stand a chance of winning an extra level of determination and no small amount of luck is required. Enduring the elements, semi-wild horses as well as unfamiliar food and terrain, completing the derby is an achievement few can boast.

And while we’re at it, we get to save the world.

As a rider on the Mongol Derby the Adventurists ask you to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, at least £500 of which goes to the official charity: Cool Earth. Along with the teams on the other adventures, we’ll be saving the world one rainforest at a time. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them.

Below is a delightful youtube link that always makes me cry at 1:07 and again at 1:53. Watch it and see for yourself. On that note, it’s time for me to head to bed as I have a long week ahead of me of riding, cross training and working (working?!).



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Want to work at IHB? Of course you do.

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre April 28th 2014

 Iron Horse Brewery and Coffee Co will be hiring for 7 positions in the near future. Positions are within the fields of retail, marketing, and production.  We are looking for motivated 21+ candidates that have a strong interest and desire to work within the craft field.

There will be representatives from each department at the pub on Thursday May 1st  between 1 and 3pm and Tuesday May 6th between 4 and 5:30. If you are interested in a job at Iron Horse, please come visit us. You just need to pick which department interests you (retail, marketing, or production) and come prepared with a resume, cover letter, and a detailed schedule of availability through December 2014. 

Also, kablam. Kapow. Kapooya.

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Adventures in Brewfesting

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre April 24th 2014

Today I’m going to tell you about me. 1. because its one of my favorite subject and 2. because we foster narcissism here at IHB.  Maybe that’s not true and maybe those are both the same reason and maybe, maybe, it’s my parent’s fault. I don’t know.  I’m confused.

Brewfests. Right. I want to tell you about my adventures in brewfesting because whether I’m attending or working them, they are my 4th favorite thing. It goes: me, buffet, mashed potatoes, and then brewfests. Buffet is sometimes first but I imagine that’s a struggle everyone goes through. I love you Buffet. You are my favorite food [don’t tell nachos].

Brewfests are my 4th favorite thing because they are awesome. Here now is a list of  6 and 3/4 things which make brewfests the best. according to me. which matters most.

1. someone is always dancing by themselves. and its amazing. and there is a 74% chance they are wearing socks and sandals.

2.Once I met someone names Stryker at a brewfest. enough said.

3. hugs are attempted more times than they are successfully executed. I get it. Sometimes tasting an amazing beer makes you want to hold onto someone real tight, but strangers dont always want your grimy paws around them. Just stick to the high five.

4. Someone gets cheered on by the entire crowd and that is neat. It is most likely because they broke their glass and it shattered and that sucks but I like to feel like i’m part of a group so I cheer too. and I like it. I’m a sheep, so what.

5. someone is still dancing alone. but now its me and my moves can best be described as a cross between fairy twinkle toes and Kung Fu.

5 3/4.  Beer

6. more beer.

The Eastern Washington Brewfest in at [the pub] in Ellensburg is on May 16th. you should come so that I don’t have to dance alone. but i will  challenge you to a dance off because, again, narcissist.

Tickets are here:


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Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz April 23rd 2014

Happy Reinheitsgebot Day!

Hi Everybody!

Rikki here again! Yay! This blog was also contributed to by Tyson, and Jeff. But they are doing real stuff right now…

Today, while “working”, Jeff, our new and knowledgeable master of kegging (and master of beards) wished me a happy Reinheitsgebot day. What a guy! What is Reinheitsgebot you may ask? Why sit down kids, for a tale of mystery, magic, and a bit of taxation & regulation.

Way back when, in early beer times, folks were putting all sorts of crap into their brews. They would collect various herbs, fungi, and whatever to put into their beers, in hopes of raising the alcohol content, avoiding the taxes on some ingredients, and making a more potent brew to profit from. Avoiding taxation alone is a primary driver for many “innovative ideas,” just ask your local accountant.

While innovation can be wonderful for the sake of progress, it can also provide minor set backs. Like killing innocent beer drinkers for example. Thats right, some of the bounty of the forest placed ever so lovingly into the beer, could kill a dude. Thanks alot, cheapskates.

To save the people, many beer purity laws had been proposed and even passed before the Reinheitsgebot, however, this one stuck. In the year 1516, on the 23rd of April, Duke Wilhelm the IV of Bavaria declared “…the only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be Barley, Hops and Water. Whosoever knowingly disregards or transgresses upon this ordinance, shall be punished by the Court authorities’ confiscating such barrels of beer, without fail.” That declaration was on top of pricing regulation for beer and beer ingredients, to avoid price gouging, and to ensure the taxes are going to be paid by the brewers.

Death, Taxes, and Beer, the only three things constant in history.

This law was originally referred to as the Surrogatverbot (surrogate or adjunct prohibition, in rough translation). The name Reinheitsgebot came up in the 1900’s and stuck ever since. And its fun to say. Reinheitsgebot!

Note that the word yeast wasn’t used. That is because until Louis Pasteur discovered the alcoholic fermentation process by yeast in 1857, everyone thought the fermentation itself was based on other factors, like divine intervention, the fermentation vessel itself, or the time of year. Though these all can be key components of a healthy fermentation, yeast is the essential factor in beer fermentation. So the Reinheitsgebot was updated to include that. Since yeast, it has also been updated to include certain sugars to aid in fermentation, and malted rye and malted wheat. Isn’t beer interesting?


Now we have a contest to make your Wednesday more enjoyable or horrible because you have to make it four more hours and all you want is a beer. now. neat. Respond to the appropriate Facebook Post with your answer.

Two winners of and IHB Shirt-Hat-Pint Glass combo will be randomly drawn from the pool of entrants with the correct answer. Winners announced this afternoon at 5pm. ka. effing. pow.


How many of our beers actually follows the Reinheitsgebot today?

If you want a hint you don’t get one. or maybe you do. or maybe this is a trick.

we don’t know anymore.

…The answer shares the same amount of beers, as awards we have so far taken away from the Great American Beer Festival, held in Denver, Co. …


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Iron Horse Brewlette is Ready-Ish.

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo February 19th 2014

So here’s the official press release, which is infinitely easier than making a separate blog post. And go.


For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Announces Iron Horse Brewlette Round 1 is About to Hit the Market

This limited release contains three different beers and you have to guess what they are. Boom.

ELLENSBURG, WA (February, 19, 2013) As previously mentioned in December, Iron Horse Brewery is bringing to market their very limited release beer series, called Iron Horse Brewlette, where beer retailers, consumers and even its own employees will have no idea what beer they are drinking until they tap it, pour it, and drink it.

“The first release (three different beers, one label) is on the trucks and should be arriving at all 130 participating retailers within the next two weeks,” said Owner and General Manager, Greg Parker. “And when we say ‘should’ we mean we really hope that’s how it works out. I’m not going to lie, the logistics have been a real beast. Credit is due to our wholesalers and participating retailers for being willing to try something that, at first blush, seems really stupid and impractical. Oh and I have to publicly thank the production crew, for making this happen. Thanks, and please don’t quit.” commented Parker.

The Interactive Brewlette WebApp – v1 is Ready
The Iron Horse Brewlette WebApp developed specifically for this beer series is now live. “The IHB WebAPP will allow series participants to locate participating retailers by using their phone’s gps or- to avoid the NSA – by nearby address. Participants can check in, guess what’s in the beer, judge the beer, share their findings and enter to win Iron Horse Brewery swag and prizes, including the quarterly grand prize worth over $352,” cited Director of Marketing, Jared Vallejo. “The application should work with most modern smartphones, but if doesn’t, it’s probably time to upgrade your phone,” added Vallejo.

To ridicule the WebApp, point your phone’s browser to All entries and submissions will be reset on February 24th, which marks the official start date.

The complete list of participating retailers can be found on their website at (or here)

For more information about Iron Horse Brewlette go to


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Washington Beer Lovers Open House and IHB Make a Baby Named Rikki

Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz February 18th 2014

Greetings Fellow Beer Lovers!

We are proud to join the Washington Beer Open House, happening this very soon to be weekend! We don’t procrastinate on advertising or anything….

Iron Horse Brewery is proud to open it’s doors and welcome you to tour the brewery this Saturday Feb 22nd. Our handsomest bravest brewers have gotten together to help plan a beer-tacular almost hour-ish of time just for you and those other people who want to come too. Bring Grandma!
We will be hosting 3 guided tours, at 12ish, 1ish, and 2ish. These will happen at our production facility, located at 1621 Vantage Hwy**
**this is very important. you can tell because there are two asterisks and not just one. your livelihood depends on this. If you are using the google or your GPS to find us you need to enter 1619 Vantage Hwy. This should take you to our facility that is behind the Iron Horse Coffee Company stand, and also behind the Phoenix Truss company. If you put in our true address it will take you to an abandoned shed in the middle of a field. If you hear faint banjos in the distance, run. your in a zone affiliated with danger. 1619 Vantage Hwy will get you to us. so just do that.**
Our 12ish tour will be geared to home brewers, the 1ish to everyone who loves beer, and 2ish will be for those who want to become more beer savy.
Each tour will include chances to win prizes, learn more about the brewery, the beginners guide to beer pairing, and free highfives for everyone. Maybe there will be beer, maybe not….cough cough… And this is all FREE!
This is open to all ages, but please bring a valid ID if you plan to have a beverage. The brewery will be in full operation, so wear closed toed shoes, and dress like its winter… since it is. Protective eye wear will be provided, and dangerous hijinx will be prohibited. Please, no pets. Space will be limited so please email me at how many people are in your group and when you would like to attend, by Friday afternoon, so that we may best serve you.
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Iron Horse Coffee Company: It’s a thing

Alison Duff
Alison Duff February 7th 2014


Last November Greg called me into his office for a meeting with Suzanne. I usually hang out upstairs at my broken and over crowded table, so to be in the bosses office was a little intimidating. He revealed to us that, feeling nostalgic for his pre- brewery days, he had acquired (by mostly legal means) the empty coffee shack that sits in front of the brewery on Vantage Hwy. Greg had heard that I had some barista experience under my belt (seven years to be exact) and asked if I would be interested in helping start-up Iron Horse Coffee Company. Would I ever!

Suzanne, who is lovely and generous, took the lead on this project and started brainstorming, organizing, interviewing, pricing etc. Jared hit the Mac. Really slammed into that F*$%er. Face first. Jared loves coffee. We still don’t know why that was his reaction, but we’re going with it.  And I created training material. Ka. Poo. Ya.

Fast forward to now and well, the time is…now!  Iron Horse Coffee Company opens for business at 6am on Monday Feb. 10th. Thats three-ish days from now people. IHCC will keep it simple. We intend to keep the amount of syrup restrained in each beverage to ensure enjoyment of the actual coffee. If you want more syrup, I guess that’s ok. or its not. Or its not, not ok. Probably that one.

The menu is simple: milk based drinks, drip coffee and americanos. The milk based drinks are up for you to create.  You can get a mocha, plain latte, vanilla steamer, or something we may never have heard of. It’s up to you. To further simplify your life, we will only be offering five flavors: vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel syrups, and white and dark chocolate sauces. Simple, accomplished.

Oh, here’s the best part: Monday -Thursday you can pay whatever the hell you want. But just this next week. Greedy humans. So we’ll see you Monday, bright and early, with your penny in hand because when you can’t drink beer, there’s coffee.

Iron Horse Coffee Company


M-F 6am-12pm

Sat-Sun 7am-12pm


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Drive Through Growler Fills-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Greg Parker
Greg Parker January 24th 2014

It has long been a dream of mine, and by long i mean about a year, to be able to provide legally aged consumers of craft beer with a half gallon of Iron Horse’s finest and freshest delivered through the window of a building, into the window of their car. I don’t even care if they open their window.

What stands in the way? W.A.C. 314-11-015 section f. I am not trying to kick dust in the face of the liquor control board or Washington state, so let’s get that clear right away. Iron Horse has had a great relationship with the LCB and the state, with the exception of the Department of Ecology. They can kiss my ass. The LCB has always been attentive and reasonable with us. I dare say, I like them, based on the people I’ve met from there. Unfortunately for them, they must dutifully enforce the rules that have been handed down.

As part of my less-than-thorough campaign to have this rule changed I have repeatedly hassled our fine brewers guild president, Heather Mcclung, of Schooner Exact Brewing. Well, she finally said ‘put your money where your mouth is’. Actually she said ‘if you are serious you should write a convincing paper as to why the restriction should be lifted’. Damn it, that is actual work.

Why am I telling you? I’m trying to crowd-source good arguments and science for allowing drive-thru growler fills.

Here are the sections of the paper as I imagine them:


-Why do we need this?

-Examples of success in other states.

-How many trillions of dollars will be contributed to the Washington economy when dads that cook can obtain the beer they need to complete their planned dinner recipe, without having to hassle with shopping carts, baby bjorns, strollers, and tabloid displays. [you’re welcome] Washingtonians.

-Provisions to ensure sealed container and the stupidity of assuming people would be more likely to swig off a growler while driving than cracking open a bottle. Seriously, have you ever tried to handle a full growler one-handed? Yeah, it is really difficult cuz it weighs about 4 pounds and has a dinky little handle, or in the case of stainless steel growlers; no handles and an opening so big only Mick Jagger could fully lip-lock it, hence, beer all over your frontal.

Did I miss anything? I didn’t think so.

Next steps: jump in there people of the internets, I need your help filling this thing out with fact-like information. I’m too busy writing pointless blogs.

Hugs and Kisses


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How I Have Come to Write a Beer Thesis

Alison Duff
Alison Duff January 22nd 2014

     Almost three years ago, I was introduced to the lovely culture of craft beer. At the beginning I had a limited range of flavor profiles, did not know what hops did for beer, understood nothing about fermentation, and had no idea what was in store for my future in the brewery community. That first year, I fell in love with beer. The chemistry of brewing and wide range of ingredients intrigued my interests so greatly that I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to taste every craft beer I could, and discover the complex flavors created by a brewer who is passionate for their trade. A year after my discovery of microbrews, dreams of a college degree brought me to Ellensburg to attend Central. On New Year’s Day 2012, I drove up Main Street in Ellensburg, with my car packed to the brim, and saw something exciting: a micropub! Guess who’s beer it houses…(hint: it’s Iron Horse). Over the next two years I enjoyed Iron Horse beer, first as a customer and then as an intern.

     As some of you know, I am old and graduating this March. But they won’t give me my degree if I don’t write a senior thesis. Gross. It has to be 25 pages, include a study, and a communication theory. Like I said: Gross. What to write about…hmmm…I want to enjoy writing about it for the next three months so…How ‘bout beer?!

     Thus, begins my journey into beer research and theoretic application. I feel so grown up. I met up with my intern-boss (Jared Vah-Lay-Ho), told him about it, and he thought it was neat. I started to research and discovered a treasure trove of resources. The Brewer’s Association website has up-to-date stories and statistics of goings-on in the brewery community. In addition, the Beer Institute collaborates data into spreadsheets and does not spare a single detail. My favorite resource I found is Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer ( This book details all of the early innovators who created the beer-climate we enjoy today, Philip Best, Adolphus Busch, Frederick Pabst and more.

Fun fact! Did you know that individuals were not “allowed” to brew beer at home until 1979? Good ol’ Jimmy Carter deregulated home brewing which allows each individual to brew 100 gallons of beer and wine per year. Yowza. Little did he know that that small change in a law would help the growth of a, now, ginormous industry. Today, there are 2,538 breweries including brewpubs, microbreweries and regional breweries across the United States (Brewer’s Association, 2013).

With that being said, I went on to study the diffusion of microbreweries across the U.S. Why are they so popular? Why are they a good start-up business for entrepreneurs? What attributes of the brewing industry make it so attractive to home brewers and consumers?

As of now, I have six pages written and a stack of research articles read. More to come.

Love, Al

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Cozy Community Fund Update

Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz January 20th 2014

Hi Everybody!

Rikki here, yet again, with all the exclamation points a person could need!!

The super holiday season that runs from Oct 31st to Jan 3rd is finally at an end. The tinsel fueled melee in our home (sorry husband, I’ll never volunteer us for hosting again. Well, at least for the next two months…) has reverted back to its usual, lovable, chaos. This crazy time of year for some can also be a hard time of year to get through, for others. How do we address that problem? With our Cozy Community Fund, of course!

This year, the brewery, along with our friends at Armtstrong’s Stove and Spa, Besel and Williams, Knudson Lumber , Yarn Folk , and with our wonderful customers, managed to bring attention to and help raise funds for two area families. These funds hopefully helped mitigate the crazy stress this time of year has to offer. Our Cozy Sweater Release party helped raised $549 of the nearly $2000 dispersed (more reasons to have more parties, right?!).  We paid utility bills, bought presents, filled gas tanks, helped to lessen the grocery bill, and hopefully, brought some light and fun into their homes. We are in a great community, and are lucky to have your support and friendship. Thank you also to the kind folks who nominated the families, without you, this wouldn’t have been able to happen. High Fives all around!

Now that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, don’t forget we have area organizations that work year-round to bring the same services to those deserving, and could also use our help. Here’s a few quick links to keep the spirit going. Love you all!

Kittitas County Habitat For HumanityHope SourceFISH Food Bank Red Cross Spirit TRC

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Because its 4 on a Friday and You are Over Work: Cool Things in Beer History

Paul Baker
Paul Baker January 10th 2014

Ok. Cool thing about beer and history time. Everyone think about a witch in your head.

Did it look something like this:

Something like my incredibly crude MS Paint version of a Halloween witch? [Sorry Wiccans and Pagans. I’ll get to the point soon.] Ok, so we have pointy hat, cauldron, broom looking job and a cat. Right? Still with me? Good.

So through some very basic research and some pretty basic putting 2 and 2 together I discovered something pretty cool, at least to me. The conception of a witch we have today, with the hat and all, seems to be derived from early European brewers who were, predominantly, women.

So lets go through the main cliche elements of the witch and compare that to brewing:

1) Big Pointy Hat: So overall, with few exceptions, during medieval times and through the Renaissance in Europe, towns were pretty few and far between; with infrequent opportunities to buy and sell goods from other areas. So market days in Europe were a huge deal, like giant festival kind of deals. Buy wheat and sell your turnips, see the juggler, throw something at the guy in the stocks, maybe you’d see a hanging. All kinds of entertainment for the whole family. And brewers, in this case known as ale-wives, would be out to sell ale to the masses. And since there were so many people at a market, the ale-wives would wear large, often colorful, hats that would stick up above the crowd so you could see where beer was being sold. Like that weird guy at a rock concert with a huge hat. You can always see that guy no matter where you are. So there we go. Pointy hat.

2) Cat: Beer is made from Grain. Rats eat grain. Cats eat rats. Medieval breweries ie. houses, didn’t have fancy things like traps or doors or glass in the windows. Therefore. Probably didn’t hurt to have a few cats around to cut down on the rat crap going into your beer. I’ve said it many a time and I’ll say it again, what a fantastic age we live in, with our sanitation and doors and lack of rats in beer.

3)Broom Looking Thing: Before the days of advertising and when most ale was sold from private homes, brewers used an “ale-stake” to announce to the public, and to the taxman, that ale was available for drinking. This was a bunch of barley stalks tied to a tall stick and put outside the door. Looked like a lot like a broom. Still with me guys and gals?

4) Cauldron: My favorite part. Hops in beer is a relatively recent addition to beer. In England for example hops were not imported until 1400CE and not used in beer there until 1519CE; being considered a “wicked and pernicious weed” enjoyed by foreigners who didn’t enjoy wholesome British Ale. Prior to the addition of hops, a mix of herbs was used to flavor ale. These herbs were known as “gruit” and included things like heather, mugwort, sweet gale, etc. Really whatever grew on the ground that wasn’t immediately poisonous. Most of these things sound like something that you’d hear a witch in a fairy tale putting into her brew.[ Authors Note: Some of those herbs can cause hallucinations, sweating and can “put the fight in ya.” Therefore I will not be making “authentic” ale anytime soon at Iron Horse Brewery. Sorry.]

So there you go. Laying a bit of history down on you. Hope you enjoyed.


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Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre December 18th 2013

The following is a summary of a word for word account of a day in the life of Iron Horse Brewery’s Marketing Department. Or we made it up. But we mean it.


Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:42am

T: Hey, Jared?

J: Yes, Tess?

T: You in the middle of something?

J: Of course not. When do I ever do work?

T: Well, I was just thinking about Kimmy Gibbler .

J: Fo realz!? I was just thinking about her the other day.

T: Of course you were. Does a week go by that anyone isn’t thinking about Kimmy Gibbler of Tv’s Full House?

J: Tyson told me he used to rock spandex like Kimmy’s.

T: Man, I learned so much about  life from The Gibbler.

J: Don’t I know it.

Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:44 am

J: Hey Tess?

T: Yes?

J: You busy?

T: Of course I am, you have me doing all your work.

J: But I have Paul Pfeiffer on the mind and I just need to dish about it.

T: Dish away.

J: I was just spending my  work day on Wikipedia, like usual, and discovered that Paul was the only Wonder Years character without his own wiki page.

T: That’s a crime!

J: Don’t worry. I’m working on one.

Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:45am

T: Jared, do you like this hat I’m wearing?

J: For sure. The sunflower in the middle of your forehead is really tasteful. And what is that? Denim?

T: Oh yes. I’ve decided that I deserve a really classy makeover, ya know? I’m going for the Blossom  look. Six Lemeure really had  excellent taste.

J: You know when I was not a waiter in LA, I used to impersonate Joey Lawrence.

T: Really?

J: woah!

T: Spot. On.

J: Is it five o’clock yet?


And that concludes our fictitious, but rooted-in-truth, dialogue.

Why did we bore you with this?  Because we want to say thank you. Not to you, but to all of those actors who played our favorite sidekicks…..and there’s only one way we  know how to say it.  beer. Oh. and twitter.

We have a list of 18.35 of the best tv sidekicks of the 80’s and 90’s who we want to personally, via the internet, thank the Iron Horse way because A) they deserve it. Sidekicks are better than main characters. Duh. And 2) because the thought of Kimmy Gibbler tweeting a picture consuming an Irish Death gives us goosebumps. That might be weird. We hope that’s not weird. Or maybe we hope it is weird.

So that’s where we decided to start the thanking: Kimmy, Paul, and Six.

With a little twitter persistence, the hashtag #ThankASidekick, and your help we think that maybe these most famous of sidekicks will hear our ‘thank yous.’

We need you to retweet our pleas to be heard and to tag our sidekicks in your own posts using #ThankASidekick.  If we reminisce about our favorite episodes, show how much we really do love these characters, and pester them enough they may, so graciously, allow us to give them beer. This seems like a no-brainer. Be showered with twitter admiration. Say yes to the gift of beer.

All we want this holiday season is to be able to thank a sidekick.

Follow us @ironhorsebeer

Follow Kimmy Gibbler/Andrea Barber @andreabarber

Follow Paul/Josh Saviano @joshsaviano

Follow Six/Jenna Von Oy @jennavonoy

And for your viewing pleasure.. our sidekicks:

kimmypaulblossom and six

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Adios River. Hello New Person.

Tess McIntyre
Tess McIntyre December 11th 2013

It’s the end of an era. Our man Daniel ‘River’ Rios has decided to hang up his trivia microphone and pass the torch to someone a little less handsome and a little more excited by the idea of finding interesting and relevant pieces of trivia. We will mourn this loss. Except we will still see Daniel everyday. So really, we won’t mourn. But you all will. Hopefully you catch one more glance at those bambi-like eyelashes before it’s too late.

So here we are sounding the call for the new, sort of improved, local trivia host. If you or someone you know is marginally cool, loud, clever, blunt, smart, interesting, hard working, has a sense of irreverence, really likes this list, enjoys large crowds, doesn’t mind that this list hasn’t ended yet, and knows how to make an entrance, well, neat. If you are all of these things AND have an interest in hosting the most above average weekly trivia night in all of Washington, come show us that you are better than us on January 14th, 6pm, at [the pub] in Ellensburg. Yes, we are making you audition so be prepared. Auditions will be 10 minutes in length and each host must lead trivia for that period of time. easy.

Here is what you do:

1. Let us know you are interested  and want to sign up for the audition by emailing to reserve one of the 10 minute time slots.

2.Prepare 5-7.5 questions to test the audience’s knowledge. These questions can be in regular question and answer format (Q: How much time does Greg spend on his hair each morning? A: 37.38 minutes),  true or false, or multiple choice. Topics should include general trivia, popular culture, beer, and current events.

3. Be ready to answers some questions from our judges

4. and prepare to demonstrate your most amazing talent.

That’s right, there is a talent portion. This is serious

There will be a secret panel of judges to assess your abilities and skills in order to become the next Daniel Seacrest Out’ Rios.

The New Host’s responsibilities and requirements  will include:

Committing to around 10 hours of work per week as the the IHB Trivia Host. This includes preparation, promotion, and hosting. Trivia is every Wednesday and the Trivia Host prepares all trivia material each week. On trivia days, you must deliver to [the pub] one hint for each round of trivia to be given to all trivia players who show up early and purchases a pint of Iron Horse beer between 6:08 and 7:00 pm. You will be there as well to guard the hints and, probably, drink a beer. Lucky. Following the fifty-two minutes of blissful beer drinking and hint sequestering, you shall relocate to the trivia-venue-of-the-week (location varies throughout Ellensburg). Here, you will be required to set-up, collect team names and money, do an interpretive dance, and proceed with trivia-ness. Also, we will train you on protocol, categories, and stuff. All trivia hosts must have the ability  to mix audio to be used weekly during Trivia.

Email if you have questions or want to audition.

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