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Beer People, Dear Reader

Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz June 9th 2016

Easter 2016 in the Welz household was a momentous occasion. My brother Dave and I had been able to convince our mom, Kelly, that her fried chicken should be the main dish, instead of the traditional ham (though she can make a mean ham gravy). We both had been dreaming about her chicken for a very long time, Dave not having it since he first went to basic training, and myself for at least 10 years. I know everyone says their mom can cook the best this or that, but I have yet to see someone beat her meatloaf, potato salad, or, most importantly, her fried chicken. The restaurant Ma’ono in west Seattle is a close second for the chicken though, I will admit. This Easter was also the first time my husband was able to have the legendary chicken (though we had been together for almost 10 years), and the first time my niece was around to enjoy those deep fried delights.

Because I take such things seriously, and because she was doing the real heavy lifting, mom asked if I could bring the drinks. To satisfy all palates, I chose Mint Juleps (fried chicken and this drink go together like humidity and the georgia peach), champagne (delicate flavors and a cleansing carbonation to keep you going back for more), and the Sierra Nevada Otra Ves (same reasoning as with champagne, however the tartness of the beer with the prickly pear cactus then contrasts and enhances the sweetness of the chicken and the melanoidins from the skin).

While we were all well versed in sparkling wines, we took a mid-morning break to sample the juleps and the beer, getting our collective selves ready for the races. Two sips into the Otra Ves, and my dad began to chuckle. “This beer is just what I imagine Ernest Hemingway to have been drinking during writing his book, Island in the Stream.” He went on to describe the flavors that struck him just like it must have to Hemingway, the feel of the sun beating down as your jetting along in your boat, the cool breeze coming off the ocean. It’s amazing how just like that, a flavor can make you think of shared experiences, characters that stick with you like family, and provide an insight to just how someone may have been thinking.

This made me think, where else can I find strong links in characters and their authors with beers/drinks?  Well, here’s a few to get you started. Please comment on characters and authors and beers that you think are a good match, I love having insight!     

Hermione Granger– Being a kickass woman, who logical, smart, and willing to punch a Malfoy in the face, I would say Hermione Granger would really enjoy the Biere de Garde style of beer, particularly the amber family of Biere de Gardes. No, not butterbeer, she has a refined palate open to muggle choices, she even knew what bouillabaisse was, remember? This beer is a traditional ale from the Northern France farming area, where the name roughly translates to “beer which has been kept or lagered.” Biere de Garde is known for its crisp dry finish, and a malt complexity that doesn’t overpower the senses, yet doesn’t have to rely on excessive hopping to impress the drinker. It is reliability in a glass, with the spark of panache we all desire without becoming flamboyant about its skill.

William S Burroughs– If he drank beer, my guess it would be in the form of a Boilermaker; a shot of alcohol (probably grain) with a beer back (most likely a domestic), enough to numb what ails you quickly.  

Wylis, the stableboy. AKA. Hodor– I’ll avoid any more direct spoilers for those of you who aren’t caught up on Game of Thrones (Shame on you for being behind though). But. let’s just say he keeps things out. Or in. By holding things… sorry, I had to. This big lug of a man kept the cold and/or bad guys out, requiring a beer like a Belgian Quadruple (also referred to as Belgian Dark Strong Ale) to keep him strong and warm. These beers are dark, malty rich, high in alcohol (BJCP allows for 8-12% ABV), and gentle enough in its alcohol and esters to not overpower you with one sniff or snip. Much like our beloved gentle giant, carrying Bran around like a true heir to a throne. All jokes aside however, I am team Arya for Life!

Holden Caulfield– Something served out of a Highball glass, I’d wager.

Puddleglum– This brave Marshwiggle reminds me of Old Ales and Barleywines. Honestly I am unsure why exactly, but something about his mannerisms and calm heroics makes me think of a beer that is an unlikely gold. The whole concept of an old beer or aging beers can send people running, but when paired with the right ingredients and the right hands, it can knock you out of the park, in a very unusual way.

Kurt Vonnegut– This would be a hard one to pin down, but for Breakfast, I’d say a martini.

And finally, Jon Ronson– This guy, he’s the man. I wouldn’t dismiss him with an ordinary pint of bitters (though that may be his drink of choice being as how he is British and I am stereotyping here), but I could guarantee he would learn everything he could about his beer and the story and people behind it to fill a book in his witty manner. Hopefully his next book will be about beer, or Ken Grossman, or Paul Gatza’s hair.


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Camping Tips From a Real Dirt Bag

Adam Ransavage
Adam Ransavage May 26th 2016

I love what I do, but I love not doing what I do even more.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (and I’m not saying that just cause my boss is going to skim over this).  Work can be crazy at times but it’s something I enjoy.  The people here are direct, authentic, and pretty darn fun.  Basically, I’m one of those lucky jerks that is excited to go to work on Monday.  But… my dream is to buy a full size van, strap a motorcycle to the back, and go camping forever.         









Although, spending every summer traveling and camping by van as much as possible will force you to get crafty.  Here’s some tips that you might find useful this summer.  

5 Ways to Keep Your Beer Cold

The real tip here is that if you freeze all the food you can before you set off, everything will stay colder longer and require less ice.
**Bonus pro tip**

You can use a 6 pack topper to keep the lid open and air out your cooler on the way home.  How many times have you opened up a cooler after a trip and been hit in the face with a wave of musty air?

Hole in the Ground.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Dig a hole about 8-10” deep and about a foot wide, dump some ice in there (if you have it) and cover it up with a towel.  It works best if you can keep your beer clean in a plastic bag.  For the love of god, replace your divots before you leave.  


Ridiculous? Yes. But it’s better than drinking your own piss.urine jokes

Domestic Box + Ice.
Let’s say that you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and your only option for beer is a box of domestic beer from a hole-in-the-wall convenience store.  Not all is lost. The thin cardboard on those boxes is more resilient than you may think.  The trick is to take any interior cardboard out of the case and a couple beers out of each level of the box to make room for ice.  Then, just pour some ice into the box.  The box should stay intact long enough for your campfire to go out.  You could take all of the beers out, line the box with a fresh trash bag, and then repack the box with ice and beer. But…

time for that

What if that convenience store is waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t even have an ice machine?  Look for some kind of frozen vegetable in the store that you can chill beer with and then cook up with dinner later.  If all else fails, just pretend you’re Canadian and drink your Wildcat Strong at room temperature.

Mesh Bag in the River.
What’s the point of living in a van down by the river if you’re not utilizing the river?  You can use a mesh bag and some rocks to submerge your beers.  If you don’t have a mesh bag handy you can place rocks into the a small semi circle to make a dam for your beer.  


Just make sure you don’t pull a Damnation.  Put all the rocks back when you’re done.
**If you’re putting cans in a river make sure the rim of the can is 100% clean before you start drinking.  Giardia isn’t fun (even if it is called beaver fever).**

Case Stacker.
If you’re lucky enough to find a case or two of cans at the grocery store, you can take a second cardboard case and flip it over the create a small pocket of cold air.  Though temporary, this should keep the beers cold for up to 4 hours.  You can increase the longevity of this trick by duct taping the seam of the two boxes.     



case 2

The World is Your Bottle Opener

can opener

How many times have you had to get crafty to open a bottle of beer when no one has an opener handy?  I think most people will agree the classic move is to leverage a lighter underneath the cap. You can apply that same principle with just about anything with a square edge.


The easier route is to find something that has a hard edge that you can pop the beer cap off with.  Anything from a car hitch, to a camp spot sign will work.  Just make sure that you’re hooking the metal lip of the cap and not the glass beneath it.  Also, don’t be an idiot and ruin a sign or something with this.     

flat surface bottle opener


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11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan January 11th 2016

Man’s best friend shows us what it means to be a craft beer lover.

pub10Rhonda R, Facebook

1)When you promised yourself you’d just have one but then someone asks you if you want to try theirs.


2)When one of your friends insists on instagramming everything but you just want to drink.

barley the brewpup@barleythebrewpup

3)When you dress to match whatever beer you’re drinking.

paws and pints@pawsandpints

4)When you’re already turnt and then someone breaks out the craft beer.


5)When you order and then realize your friends picked something better.


6)When you have to wait for a human to open your Irish Death cause you’re a dog.


7)When you finally visit your favorite craft brewer’s production facility.

the beerdog@thebeerdog

8)When you really want to drink but you’re DD so you just watch your friends have fun.


9)When bae wants to snuggle but you had one too many at the pub.

asap the bulldog@asap_the_bulldog

10)When you order the sampler and start drooling at the site of all the flavors you’re about to try.

10298698_10201163560006656_3491004033203309314_nZac L, Facebook

11)When you want to drink but you’re still hungover from the night before.

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Seven Times in 2015 You Didn’t Give A Sh%# About What We had to Say

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan January 4th 2016

We like to write blogs but you don’t always want to read them. These are our least viewed blogs of 2015.

7) You Know Us for Irish Death, We Know You for having a Nice Face…
A silly announcement about a silly beer. Click here for our usual nonsense.


6) Iron Horse Resolutions

To be fair, this one hasn’t been published very long so it could make a surge in the polls. For now, people seem to be just as tired of New Year’s Resolutions as we are. Click here for inspiration.


5) The Half K Recap that is Longer than the Race

We hear ya. The point of the .5K was for it to be over quick. We drug this one out and we apologize. Click here to reflect.

half k

4)  New Press Release about the New Release of Cozy Sweater in Cans

We can only assume people saw the headline on Facebook and didn’t have time to click on the blog because they were already on their way to the store. Click here if in the excitement you missed this.

cs cans

3) This is a Press Release about IHB in Boise

Only Boise people would care about this. Makes sense. Click here if you are a Boiseian.(?)


2) Spending Halloween with Marty

Reading about Marty and Steve is almost as uncomfortable as being around them in person…Almost. Click here to feel discomfort.


1) Trivia Lowlights

Trivia stuff only matters to people who live in Ellensburg and attend our trivia nights. Most of you were probably annoyed this blog showed up on your feed. Click here if you’re bored.



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Iron Horse Resolutions

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan December 31st 2015

Working hard to better ourselves every day.

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Cozy Community Fund

Marissa November 9th 2015

The holiday season calls for helping people in the community. Every year we facilitate the Cozy Community Fund. This fund benefits deserving families/individuals within Kittitas County. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to make a lasting impact on three families this year.

Kittitas County has demonstrated time and again that as a community we work best as a single team. In order to reach our goals, we also need the help of local businesses to donate their services to the fund.

Our team efforts in the past have helped create significant impacts on families in the Kittitas area. The fund helped pay for car repairs for a family with some shakey wheels, provided furniture to a family who recently lost everything, paid utilities for a family who needed time to get back on their feet, as well as other goods and services that have helped ease burdens and provide luxuries that couldn’t otherwise be afforded.

If you know of a deserving family who can benefit from the Cozy Community Fund you may fill out an anonymous form at

If you would like to donate your services please email

00001 (5)

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Spending Halloween with Marty

Marissa October 27th 2015

Halloween is a great time for people to express their inner weirdo. As for myself, it’s definitely my favorite holiday.

I personally like to channel my inner Marty. Halloween weekend is when he is most accepted throughout the community.

Marty likes three things– beer, partyin’, and his best friend, Steve. Although Marty may seem tough, he is notorious for losing street fights, unsuccessfully tries to pick up chicks at the classic Halloween house party every year, and is always kicked off the countertops while trying to get his groove on. Word to the wise, do not ask a dude, “i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” That statement right there, will get ya in trouble.



Now, you may say to yourself, Marty sounds like a real jackass. Well, you’re right, he is. But he is also seriously misunderstood. All he wants is to go trick or treating without being told to go home. He wants to make new friends and have a nice relaxing evening every once in awhile. He likes to carve pumpkins, but everyone keeps sharp objects away from him. It’s a little hard to carve a pumpkin with a butter knife. But, he tries his best anyways.

When Marty tries to stay home and pass out candy to the children, they run in fear. All the parents throw out the candy he gives. He doesn’t understand why, all he does is package the candy in larger quantities using plastic baggies.

This Halloween, when you see Marty out and about give him a high five and maybe you’ll get something special in return.

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New Cousins

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan October 16th 2015

Catch up with the family.


Drew Grannemann, Seattle Area Sales Rep
Least favorite style of beer: Gluten Free Vegan Friendly Pumpkin Ale infused with Cinnamon.
Middle Name: Michael
What you wish your middle name is: Lazer
Favorite past-time: Swiping right on Tinder.
First Kiss: Eyes. Wide. Open.
Who do you look like: If Emma Watson had a beard and a beer belly.
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: Mocha!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.44.04 AM

Emily Palmer, Idaho & Montana Sales Rep
Least favorite style of beer: Sours
Middle Name: Watkins
What you wish your middle name is: Maybe something more common like Anne.
Favorite past-time: Skiing, preferably with a few good beer breaks.
First Kiss: Unexpected and meh…
Most underrated movie of all time: Almost Famous
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: Mocha Death, but I may be biased since I haven’t had the chance to try Cozy Sweater yet!


Lindsay Montgomery, Beerista
Least favorite style of beer: Anything with pumpkin in it.
Middle Name: Patricia.
What you wish your middle name is: Literally anything else.
Favorite past-time: Honestly, I like fishing and reading pediatric research articles.
First Kiss: Unexpectedly awful-ish
Who do you look like: People at the pub tell me all the time that I look like Chrissy Tiegen, John Legend’s wife.
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: My coffee addiction forces me to go with Mocha Death <3




Korie Barnes, Beerista
Least favorite style of beer: Pilsner
Middle Name: Ann
What you wish it is: Ginger Snap
Favorite past-time: Visiting the Oregon coast with my family every November
Who do you look like: Maci from the T.V. show Teen Mom
Most underrated movie of all time: That Awkward Moment
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: Cozy Sweater

BriAnne Pauley, Beerista
Least favorite style of beer: IPA
Middle name: Sharee
What you wish it is: Artemis (Greek for independent spirit)
First kiss: Sloppy & Uncomfortable
Who do you look like:  As a little girl, Matilda. Now, I have no idea.
Most underrated movie: The Pursuit of Happyness
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: MOCHA DEATH (coffee fanatic)



Adam Highfill, Packaging Technician
Least favorite beer style: Session IPA
Middle name: Joseph
What you wish it is: NoLow
Past-time: Fishing and hanging out with my family and then hunting.
First kiss: Overrated
Who you look like:  I’ve been told Ryan Gosling
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: Cozy Sweater



Derek Hartman, Packaging Technician
Least favorite style of beer: Hefe
Middle Name: Lee
What you wish your middle name is: Mitiku
First kiss: Wasn’t too bad
Who do you look like: Snoop Dogg
Most underrated movie of all time: Happy Gilmore
Mocha Death or Cozy Sweater: Cozy Sweater

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New Press Release about the New Release of Cozy Sweater in Cans Released

Jared Vallejo
Jared Vallejo October 13th 2015


For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Announces Cozy Sweater Cans

Drinking beer helps other people. It also helps your mouth parts.

ELLENSBURG, WA  (October 13, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery is announcing that Cozy Sweater is back. The stout is now available in 22oz bottles and, for the first time, six pack 12oz cans. Dark and chocolatey, Cozy Sweater is smooth, sweet and includes just a touch of vanilla. This beer compliments the winter season just like the sweaters you’ve been collecting from Aunt Milly all these years.

Drinking Cozy Sweater while running through leaf piles with cinnamon sticks hanging from your nostrils is the meaning of life. Or it’s just a good fall tradition.” said Owner and General Manager Greg Parker. “This also, happens to be my favorite vanilla milk stout we make in a can,” Parker stated.

Win Cozy Swag ‘n Stuff

Those who put Cozy Sweater in their mouths will have the opportunity to win a custom knit cozy sweater. Entrants will use advanced, state of the art mobile messaging technology that IHB did not invent but wish they did. This text messaging will run in Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington at participating grocery stores. Details available at participating outlets.

Release and Availability

Cozy Sweater is available wherever IHB beer is sold. This includes Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and parts of Oregon. The beer is available through the end of the calendar year at major grocery chains and independent stores. Whether canned or bottled, Cozy Sweater will take you back to a time when you wore your onesie and Nana fed you milk and cookies without judging your life choices.

Cozy Community Fund

In conjunction with the launch of the Cozy Sweater six packs, consumers will have the opportunity to support the Cozy Community Fund. For the last five years, IHB along with other Kittitas County businesses have collected money and services to help families in need. This year their goal is to raise $5,000 in goods and services. For every case of Cozy Sweater six packs sold in Kittitas County, a portion of the proceeds will go toward the fund. To learn more about the fund or to nominate Kittitas County families in need go to

“Cozy Sweater feels good on my tongue and it feels good in my heart,” said Ross Chalstrom, interloper of press release quotes. “I have a big heart so that’s important to me,” Chalstrom muttered again after this press release was written.

Beer Nerd Details

Name: Cozy Sweater
Style: Vanilla Milk Stout
ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 18
Hops: Not too important, but there is some fuggle and stuff
Malts: Deep roasted chocolate malts, cara vienna, a bit of oats, and lots of two row pale
Package: 22oz bottles and 12oz cans
Other: Vanilla! and lactose sugar

About Iron Horse Brewery

Centrally located in Ellensburg, WA, Iron Horse Brewery is owned by father-son team Gary and Greg Parker. The brewery has been producing hand crafted ales since 2007 and is growing at a pace they probably cannot handle. If for some reason you’re still still reading this and you’d like to learn more about the brewery, visit


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Beer Release: Gary IPA

Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz April 2nd 2015

Who doesn’t love a Family Reunion?  Perhaps you have a family like mine,  awkwardly stacked into Great Aunt Petunia’s parlor,  smells of roasted ham, wind song perfume, and moist earth from the muddy boots stacked by the door.  The kitchen bustling with activity as Magpie the ancient black lab salivates with excitement as your cousin lunges towards the counter filled with every imaginable flavor of Jello Salad.   Old Uncle Bart, beer in hand, coveting the recliner chair and blasting the T.V.  has forgot to turn his hearing aids on so everyone shouts at each other in the most loving way, and laughter shakes the whole house.  After the traditional meet and greet, activity simmers down and the T.V. turned to a dull hum while Uncle Bart enjoys a deep sleep.   Card games start, the young folk trot off to terrorize Petunia’s cats in the vegetable garden and dig for treasure while a few of us gather in the kitchen enjoying a beer and each others company.

Everyone has that one family member they gravitate to during these events.  Gary Parker is the best thing about a family reunion.  Everyone has a Gary in their life.  Gary is the guy who can spin a true story into something truly out-of-this-world.  He blows your mind with the way he can make you laugh, think, and learn from his strange and mind boggling adventures.  Gary can dispense the fatherly-est wisdom on the same breath as a joke that would make even a sailor blush.  He brings flowers to the ladies of the family and fireworks for the kids.  Gary makes everyone’s day just a little bit fuller.  Gary Parker, Iron Horse Brewery’s patriarch is like Bill Brasky, the man who sold a ladder to Paul Bunyan.  Gary Parker is like the Majestic Jakelope, everyone has a story with him in it, he will be there for just a moment too short, then with a flash he is off into the wind onto his next adventure, perhaps on a snowmobile.

Because Gary is so gosh darn awesome, we are bringing back the Imperial IPA that was named for him!  For a limited time, in only the 22oz bottle, you will find Gary near you, ready to help you start your next story, entertain your senses and advise you with great wisdom on your way to greatness.

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You know us for our Irish Death, we know you for having a nice face…and a willingness to try new things.

Connie Morgan
Connie Morgan March 10th 2015

We often get referred to as the brewery that sells Irish Death.  While we are proud of this, we also do other things.  These things include Greg’s secret obsession with cribbage, and employee tournaments we’re required to play in.  More importantly, it includes making a kickass beer (other than Irish Death).

We will be dropping a “Fresh to Death” second seasonal track this year, which will include Gary Imperial IPA, A Fresh Hop Red Ale, and Cozy Sweater, in bottles.   “Finger Gun” our new session IPA, will be available in 6-pack cans. Speaking of cans; Cozy Sweater will be in cans. Speaking of sweaters, here is a picture of one:

elephantsweaterAlso, we will soon be releasing a brand new, year-round IPA in 22oz bottles and draft.

Oh, yeah, and our next seasonal release is almost ready. It’s called Farmlandia. A farmhouse ale that’s bubbly, belgian inspired and delicious. Here’s a picture that we are repurposing because of laziness.


Although we may not do much, one of the things we do do (we do) is make lots of beer that your mouth appreciates.  You say you like to try new things, we say we like to make beer.  We’re a perfect match.  you’re welcome.

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Movie Screening-Where The Trail Ends April 15. @ [the pub]

Greg Parker
Greg Parker April 9th 2014

Let me summarize this for you.

1. Drink Beer

2. Watch a sweet ass mountain bike movie

3. Spend a little coin on raffle tickets, which could end up making you money if you end up winning some of the dopest swag available. (that may or may not have been an exaggeration)

4. Support Ellensburg Mountain Bike Alliance and thereby singletrack trails in Kittitas valley.

The only reason I can think of that you wouldn’t be there is that you are dead. See you tuesday.

P.S. This kicks off our monthly Tuesday night non-profit fundraiser series. Come check it out on behalf of your favorite non-profit so you know how it works.

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It’s Craft Beer Craft Time, with Gobs of Pictures

Rikki Welz
Rikki Welz June 26th 2013

Hey Everybody! It’s Craft Beer Craft Time!

So as you may have noticed from my last blog, I enjoy making things. It’s fun to be able to present someone with a handmade tangled pile of fabric and thread. Today, I want to share an easy and fun way to class up the joint by making your own coasters! Nothing says, “I drink my beer with my pinky-finger out” like the absence of rings on your coffee table. Also, enjoy the exclamation points, I LOVE THEM!!! Also also, please forgive me, for my lack of puns. It would be unseamly to have such jokes in my refined blog. *ba-dum ching*

Supplies needed (per coaster)

2 squares of fabric (5inches x 5inches)
1 square of batting/felt (4.25in X 4.25in)
Coordinating Thread & needle (or a sewing machine)
Sewing pins
Scissors (and/or Rotary Blade)
Cutting Mat (if using rotary blade)
*A glass of your favorite beverage

***PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND CUT THINGS OR USE ANY SHARP OBJECTS! FOR YOUR HEALTH! And parents, please do the dangerous things for the kids, no one wants a blood-stained tangle of fabric!***

1. Cut your fabric
2. Cut your batting
3. Place squares of fabric right sides together (printed sides towards each other)
4. Center batting on top of fabric squares, pin into place
5. Sew sandwich together, by placing the needle 1/8th of an inch inside the batting square, and sew as close to the edge as you feel comfortable, at all times sewing the batting to fabric. Leave about 2 inches of batting/fabric sandwich un-sewn (see where my finger points? Leave that blank.)
6. Trim corners off of fabric. Remove pins.
7. Flip the sewn piece right sides out. It will leave a small opening with the fabric already turned in. Use a capped pen or chopstick to poke corners out, so that all edges are smooth and fully turned.
8. Sew around perimeter of square, as close to the edge as possible, at all times sewing all fabric together. (This will also close the opening!)
9. Attach the top to the bottom more securely by quilting a design into your coaster. An “X” from corner to corner, a bunch of parallel lines, an ode to your favorite author, the world is yours! All you Vonnegut fans may recognize what I chose!
10. Place the glass of your favorite beverage on your coaster.
11. Enjoy the view as you utilize your new fancy piece of home décor, and #gohighfiveyourself , you accomplished something new!

Ps. We are now on Pinterest!!! @IronHorseBrew will have everything your inventive self desires, and so much more. And here’s a picture of a dish rag I am crocheting! Teaching myself to crochet has been fun!


Washington State Brewery, Iron Horse Brewery is the best local craft brewery located in Ellensburg, WA with Iron Horse Brewery beer being served in Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Tacoma, Redmond, Spokane, Yakima, Richland, Moses Lake, Ephrata, and more Washington State cities.

As a local craft brewery, iron horse brewery believes that good tasting beer, such as, Quilters Irish Death, Mocha Death, 509 Style, Light Rale Ale, Cozy Sweater, High Five Hefe and IPA should be served throughout the pacific northwest. It can supplement meals too.