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Jared Vallejo

Eastern Washington Brewfest 2015

May. A wonderful time of year. Beer. A wonderful kind of cheer. Fest. Better than the rest. That’s it. That’s all I got for rhyming. Read the press release then proceed. Or skip it and head on over to… www.easternwashingtonbrewfest.com For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces 3rd Annual, Second Consecutive Eastern Washington Brewfest in… Read more »

Greg Parker

We all get a medal, congratulations

Many wonder why IHB doesn’t enter beer in competitions, here’s why: It probably started with BeerAdvocate. I appreciate that their motto is respect beer. Which makes sense. Kind of like when I want to respect women, I gather a bunch of them up and have them stand there while me and a bunch of my… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

The Iron Horse IPA Horse.

One day, several weeks ago, Natalia and I were having one of our impromptu note taking sessions in the beer room. (we talk to each other about marketing related stuff, take notes, then dare each other to be in charge of that thing we just noted) One of our discussions led to Iron Horse IPA… Read more »


Customer is King

*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas /kiNG/ Noun A person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in its sphere or group. or from Urban Dictionary awesome, above the rest, the bomb. etc used when refering to something As our handbook states, “the customer is king. every employee of the brewery is expected to… Read more »

Greg Parker

Good Beer Citizen

Good Beer Citizen: Why do so many beer line ups look largely the same? Or, doing your part for craft beer. If you are like me… never mind, by this time in my life I have realized that, thankfully, there are not many people like me.  Thankfully for society I mean.  But, if we do… Read more »

Tyson Read

A Lesson on Foam

Answer Your Foam Nobody has asked me anything specific lately, so I decided to lecture everybody about beer foam. As a brewer, nothing gets me riled up like when people demand beer liquid right up to the brim of a glass, it’s only a half ounce more beer people and you are missing the best… Read more »