2 Live Brew

me so malty

The second, 10 year anniversary of iron horse brewery requires a throwback to the good ol’ days of offensive rap. This dark brown ale contains sweet caramel notes which give off a toasty aroma adding to the thick full body. Rich, savory and with a hop kick to balance the flavors this is a big dark beer you’re gonna wanna pop all night.

JULY – SEPTEMBER 2016: 22 oz bottles, draught

2 Live Brew pint

Beer Nerd Details

brown ale 6.5% 18
cara, flaked oats, chocolate apollo creed, delta, bravo gold chains and matzo

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  1. Matt on

    Glad you guys came out to the Far West Beer Fest at 7 Cedars Casino last weekend!! I would say this beer was a definite highlight for me. In an industry seemingly dominated by the IPA, I have been working to expand my beer-loving tastebuds. Although I’m not sure of the luck I’ll have on this side of the mountains, I’ll be keeping an eye out for 2 Live Brew during this limited release. Also on a side note, the guy pulling the handle at your booth gave a very informative lesson on the definition of a “beer clean” glass. Hope to see you guys out here next year, or maybe sooner on our way to The Gorge in September or next time I visit my cousin in Kittitas.


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