509 Style

Ale of The Eastside

We decided to throw out style guidelines in favor of an original interpretation of the flavorful and sessionable category. A medium-bodied, lightly-malty ale with medium hop presence that finishes exceedingly smooth. A blend of three domestic hop varieties, including Cascade, provides a light and subtle aroma and flavor. 509: area code of the eastside. 509 Style: ale of the eastside.

YEAR ROUND: draught

509 Style pint

Beer Nerd Details

classic ale 5.0% 15
awesome malt good ones

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  1. Cynthia Mitchell on

    I’m not a big beer drinker during the winter, but now that it’s Memorial Day, we’re heading out to fill up a few growlers, and I was sooooo sooooo super disappointed to see that Bier de Gard (sp?) is no longer listed as one of your brews. It was my fave (though arguably tied with Malt Bomb), and I found it went over well with guests who didn’t consider themselves big craft brew aficianados. I can’t wait to try Double Rainbow, but still hope you will consider bringing back the French Beret — especially since it doesn’t appear as if you’ve replaced it with a different red. (Loved the spigot that went with it, too!)
    Thanks for making great beer! I always joke that by having a six-growler pre-paid card in my wallet, life can never be THAT bad!

  2. Allen on

    where can i find it in the 509

  3. Benjamin Dugger on

    Please, for the love of everything Holy, start bottling 509 style and offer it in the Tri-Cities, WA and other areas in the 509 area code.

    This is my absolute favorite beer, and I’d love to have it easier to find. Especially in stores and not just one bar with a crap environment.



  4. Jacque Chilcott on

    I had a great time at October Fest at Little Creek Casino and Resort, October 19, 2013. Have never considered myself a beer drinker since leaving the hot summers of Kansas, years ago. WOW! discovered Irish Death and swilled it all night, and how great it was. Talked to Gary and Lorne to find out where I could experience it in Sequim, WA and was told Applebees has it on tap. Yesterday while buying groceries at Safeway in Sequim I found Irish Death in the large bottle in the cooler. Yipee I have been singing the brew to everyone who will listen to me since last weekend. Usually beer makes my nose numb (really) and fills me up, but not this brew. Do you suppose it’s because I’m Irish.HAHA

  5. Rob Brewer on

    509 Style is an incredibly easy to drink beer. I stopped in on the way through from Tacoma to Spokane and picked up a growler. As much as I love Irish Death, I’m glad I decided to fill up with 509. As I told the server who filled up the jug, this tastes like summer.

  6. Jim Bob on

    This beer needs to be canned and available @ the local grocery shops. Thanks! Great tasting beer that doesn’t fill you up and isn’t watered down. It’s what you expect BEER to taste like. Thanks Iron Horse!


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