Cozy-er Sweater

Imagine you have a sweater on, then you put on a mock turtleneck and a parka. that’s kinda what we did here.

Who doesn’t love to be all bundled up and warm? We know we do. We took some of our favorite cozy sweater recipes from years past and warmed it up a bunch. This is an imperial oatmeal stout aged on hard maple, coming in at 8.1% abv, giving you all the amazing stoutness you’d hope for plus that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with drinking it.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2016: 22 oz. bottles, limited draught

Cozy-er Sweater pint

Beer Nerd Details

imperial oatmeal stout 8.1 35
crystal, pale chocolate, flaked oats apollo, cbravo blackstrap molasses

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  1. Brian on

    Just had my first one at my local favorite watering hole the anchor Bristol and bar in twin falls. Absolutely delicious! Never disappointed with your brews! Keep up the wonderful chemistry!!!


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