Cozy Sweater

vanilla milk stout

Cozy Sweater - by Iron Horse Brewery

a vanilla milk stout

Here we’ve taken a dark and chocolatey beer foundation and added a few twists. The addition of lactose has the benefit of adding a smooth and round mouthfeel, plus a touch of sweetness. On top of what could already be considered a revelation in a bottle, we decided to throw in a hint of vanilla, because who doesn’t appreciate overdoing it? This beer rolls off the line just waiting to complete your winter day like nothing other than a sweater from your Aunt Milly could.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER: 12 oz. cans


Beer Nerd Details

STYLEvanilla milk stout ABV4.5%
IBU7 MALTother stuff
HOPSstuff OTHERlactose
instragram photos on our website? what...?
because you haven't had enough yet