Cozy Sweater

a vanilla milk stout

Here we’ve taken a dark and chocolatey beer foundation and added a few twists. The addition of lactose has the benefit of adding a smooth and round mouthfeel, plus a touch of sweetness. On top of what could already be considered a revelation in a bottle, we decided to throw in a hint of vanilla, because who doesn’t appreciate overdoing it? This beer rolls off the line just waiting to complete your winter day like nothing other than a sweater from your Aunt Milly could.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER: 12 oz. cans

Cozy Sweater pint

Beer Nerd Details

vanilla milk stout 4.5% 7
other stuff stuff lactose

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  1. Pstr_Tyler on

    I just tried this the other day……as usual you guys have made another perfect beer. It tastes like Christmas night. Flawless (well….other than not being available year round). Blessings and Merry Christmas Iron Horse Brewery!

  2. Sean Wallner on


    Next weekend November 3rd is teach someone to homebrew day. As a avid homebrewer I’am teaching a allgrain class and was hoping to brew cozy sweater, my favorite sweet stout. Any info on your process or ingredients would be awesome.
    Thanks, Sean-Stanwood, Wa

    P.S. See ya in snohomish tommorrow night. Maybe I will hit you up then

  3. David O on

    Filled a growler with some Cozy Sweater this weekend in nearby Monroe WA. Such a delicious brew! It’s going to be a great addition to game night.


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