Double Rainbow

like 2 pots o’ gold in u’re mouth

Not quite red, not quite ipa but quite big. This beer is built upon a solid malt foundation of medium crystal, biscuit, and vienna for a considerable dose of toffee, bread and nutty flavors and aromas. We then laced the beer with hops throughout the process. First hops go into the first wort runoff and hops continue to be added through the boil, after boil, and then dry-hopped in our conditioning tanks at 37 degrees. Rainbow 1 = MALT; Rainbow 2 = HOPS: A double rainbow of flavors. 7.0% ABV

JANUARY – MARCH: 22 oz bottles, draught
JANUARY – APRIL: 12 oz cans

Double Rainbow pint

Beer Nerd Details

india red ale, red ipa 7.0 70
crystal, cara, vienna simcoe, amarillo

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  1. Bill Warren on

    A nice, crisp summer beer, best served very cold. A hint of bitterness, but it’s fugitive. Robust? (eh, kinda, but subtle.) Satisfying. Very nice flavors.

  2. Rick Peterson on

    Love this beer! I think you should have this one available year-round…just sayin!

    • William R Warren Jr on

      AGREED! It’s too bad this is only available in the depths of winter, it’s crisp and sparkly and would be ideal in our 3-digit summer months. (I don’t disagree with the comment below that the label isn’t ideal, but hey!- more for those of us who know what’s behind it!

      And it should be soonish … nom num!

  3. Jacob Baron-Taltre on

    I’ve been a fan of Iron Horse’s Irish Death Imperial Stout for years. Double Rainbow is equally good. A side note… the graphic design on the label for Double Rainbow is (IMHO) not as good as Iron Horse’s other labels. I didn’t like the white background or the skulls in the rainbows. The label feels very “soda poppish.” Still, a very tasty beer. I’m going out tomorrow to find some more.

  4. Jarel Bakke on

    Wow! My wife and I love this beer. The day after trying this, I went back to the store to stock up.


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