High Five Hefe

Honey. Ginger. Wheat.

A hefe with flavor before the fruit. No lemon required. In fact, please spare our beer the embarrassment. This wheat beer has less grainy flavor and a notable zesty, citrus presence. The aroma is slightly floral, and has a touch of sweetness, it’s the hef that hef haters love too.

YEAR ROUND: 22 oz. bottles, draught
MAY – SEPTEMBER: 12 oz. cans

High Five Hefe pint

Beer Nerd Details

a hefe, with flavor before the fruit 6.0%
sweet ass malt barely any honey & ginger

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  1. Krista on

    This is incredible beer! LOVE IT! Wish it was available all year long. It’s next to impossible to find in Kitsap County. Just have to make another Road Trip to E-Burg.

  2. Rudy on

    Just tried this last night and it is great!

  3. Kevin Freitas on

    I’m a huge fan of this beer after trying it at the brewery last summer. And that’s seriously saying something ’cause I’m normally a porter/stout guy. Well done Iron Horse!

  4. rob on

    I have had quite a few hefe beers, and this one rocks! want to locate a local distributor.

  5. Nikoel on

    I bought this last week at my local PCC and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’ve never been huge on hefes but I couldn’t resist ginger & honey. So yum. Can’t wait to visit the brewery!

  6. Todd on

    This is the finest HEF I have ever tasted, It is fresh and alive. Absolutely incredible.

  7. Thirsty Warrior on

    Trying this beer for the first time now and it is awesome. More incredibly, my hop head better half who usually only likes IPAs was equally impressed. Well done, Iron Horse. Well done indeed.
    @ThirstyWarrior on Twitter

  8. Cody on

    Tastes like shit, I think the waitress that brought this to me must hate me. I expected more for you

  9. Shawna on

    I have not liked any hefe that I have ever tasted, but this one is amazing! I loved this beer and was sad when I was not offered anywhere close to me anymore. I wish they sold this within 25 miles of my home. I would totally drink it all the time.

  10. Sara Quinn on

    Best Hefe ever. Really.

  11. It's me! on

    Seems every brewer in the NW is obsessed with IPAs but I’m not a fan. If it’s a Hefe or other wit, I’m a happy camper. This is my favorite hefeweizen this side of, well, the Atlantic ocean.

  12. Themastermonkey on

    Trying Iron Horse tonight at the Blazing Onion in Tacoma. Really liking all three they are promoting tonight. Brewers night trivia is fun too. Thanks

  13. Bill Curtis on

    When do start brewing Farmlandia? Had some last summer,loved it.

  14. sharla plumlee on

    Love it! It is different but really good. I am a hef drinker and tried it on tap at Hop Jacks in Bonney Lake. Had to see what label to look for at store! Nice job.


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