Light Rail Ale

the lightsaber of beers

We took some liberties with our interpretation of this Cream Ale, replacing the typically-used Noble hop with Domestic hops noted for their citrus flavors. The esters in the yeast add to a fruity middle. This gives us a crisp, clean-finishing ale that can serve as a ‘gateway beer’ of sorts… let’s just say we hope to entice domestic drinkers into more, ah, INTERESTING waters. 5% ABV.

YEAR ROUND: draught

Light Rail Ale pint

Beer Nerd Details

a cream ale 5.0 4
two row a little fuggle rice flakes

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  1. Matt on

    Light Rail Ale needs to be in a bottle! I live in Spokane and would buy this all the time if you offered it in a bottle.

  2. Mark Wheeler on

    This beer rocks!! It definitely needs to be available in a bottle on a regular basis in Whatcom County. Would say more but I got to grab as many growlers as I can to go fill up with this deliciousness before its gone. Cheers!

  3. Ed Apperson on

    Just finished a growler of the Light Rail Ale. Incredible. Awesome finish. Wonderful malty fade. You guys have a real winner with this one. A brewing purist’s beer for sure. Thanks.

  4. Karen on

    I love Light Rail and wish I could find it in Spokane. I’ve had it a couple of times at Area 51 in The Onion.
    Please consider bottling it or possibly making it available in growlers from Spokane retail outlets!


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