Mocha Death

coffee beer

Mocha Death - by Iron Horse Brewery

irish death + cocoa + espresso

For this seasonal offering, we started with Irish Death, our dark smooth ale that presents a full malt flavor laced with caramel, chocolate, dark fruit, and a touch of sweetness. To this heavenly ale, we added fresh, locally roasted espresso beans (more on that in below) and pure cocoa. The result is a bit of confusion, “should this go in my coffee mug, or my pint glass?” Answer: both. This beer is up front with an enormous coffee aroma, with the cocoa playing the sideline, until the taste. Lacking bitterness, the flavor comes forward with a rounded balance of coffee blending gracefully with the creamy malt body and soft cocoa flavors. Dark beer, chocolate, and coffee.

d&m coffee roasters have been roasting their delicious beans for over 20 years. their pursuit of fresh, consistent, high-quality coffee shines through when drinking a freshly brewed cup of joe. When we decided it was time to make a coffee beer, we had to look no further than d&m coffee. “local working with local” is one of our favorite awkward phrases and one of our more important company philosophies. D&M is actively involved in our farmlandian town of Ellensburg through fundraisers, civic engagement, community events and providing enough wakey-wakey fuel to keep motoring on every day.



Beer Nerd Details

STYLEcoffee beer ABV7.0
IBU11 MALTcrystal, caramel pilsen, munich, chocolate
HOPSdoes it matter? OTHERespresso & cocoa
instragram photos on our website? what...?
because you haven't had enough yet