Buy Iron Horse Beer

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Size Price
12 ounce Can $3.00
Schooner (10 ounces) $3.00
Pint (16 ounces) $4.00
22 ounce bottle $4.50
Sampler (six 6 ounce pours) $9.00

To Go

Type Price
Six pack of cans $8.50
Growler (40 ounces) $6.00
Growler (64 ounces) $9.00
Case of cans (24 cans) $32.00
Case of bottles (12 bottles) $52.00

Prices include Washington State Sales Tax

Keg Reservation and Equipment Rental Information

We have two sizes of kegs available to purchase at the Brewery.

Size Gallons Est. # of Beers Price Price/Beer
1/6 bbl 5.2 55 (12 ounce pours) $74.50 $1.35/glass
1/2 bbl 15.5 165 (12 ounce pours) $161.00 $.98/glass

Prices include Washington State Sales Tax

We have five year round beers and some seasonals to choose from, so take a look at our beer list to help make your choice for your time frame. If your shindig or beer relief is not immediate, feel free to place your order here and we will have it filled and ready within 10 days. If you need beer within a few day span, coming by [ the pub ] during business hours or placing your reservation on our voice-mail system is the best route. Please leave your email so we can contact you.

Party pumps and jockey boxes are limited, we do our best to satisfy these equipment orders but are limited in this supply and will let you know if we can’t complete part of your order.

Keg deposit: Any keg shells size, $125
Party pump deposit: $50
Single or double jockey box deposit: $150 each

All of these deposits are to be paid with credit card upon pick-up, and amounts for equipment borrowed will be returned to you via credit card upon drop off.

Jockey box rental charge
With purchase of beer: $25
Without purchase of beer: $125

All kegs and equipment can be picked up at [ the pub ] on main street.