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Irish Death by Iron Horse Brewery

irish death

a zero award winning, indie made beer that happens to be our best seller.

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In which we write an in depth story about Gary & Greg Parker.

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What is Quilter’s Irish Death?

by ironhorsebrewery on July 11, 2019

What is Quilter’s Irish Death? Who is Jim Quilter?  Two commonly asked questions we will attempt to answer.  Quilter’s Irish Death isn’t a tribute to crafting or sewing although we do love the blanket our grandma made us for our birthday. Thanks, Gramms. Irish Death is our flagship beer, a dark ale with hints of… Read more »

Craft Beer Podcast by Iron Horse Brewery

Life Behind Beer — Episode 40

posted on December 28, 2018

Summary: Wes, Jared, Nicole and Aimee talk about their favorite beer in 2018, what’s in store for 2019 and other random ways to level up in the new year.  

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