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a zero award winning, indie made beer that happens to be our best seller.

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Doctor Who Drank My Beer

by Jared Vallejo on October 17, 2018

As almost none of you know, I realized sometime in the year 2006 that I liked watching sci-fi television.  I should have recognized this earlier in life because I had pimples and not a lot of friends. It was one show in particular that caused my former headgear to tighten up like [ insert clever… Read more »

Craft Beer Podcast by Iron Horse Brewery

Life Behind Beer – Episode 31

posted on October 3, 2018

Summary: Jared, Wes, Jake, “Nerd Paul” and Morgan discuss the GABF and all its glory. Should breweries submit their beer to juried competitions? They dig into the intricacies of brewing difficult beer, namely Cozy Sweater and answer the question what is a Wheatwine?

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