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11 Brews for Summer

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11 Brews for Summer


*Originally written by Karina Mohan who quit

Memorial day is a day for us to celebrate those who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. So while you are honoring those who have died, go outside, crack open a beer and appreciate what they fought to protect….But don’t crack a beer in public because that’s illegal and we don’t want you to get arrested.

With Summer upon us, the beer market is being flooded with one­-offs and seasonals. While your first instinct might be to turn to a Kolsch or a Hefe, try to step out of your comfort zone a
little this year. For those who have no imagination, I have compiled a list of good summer drinking, paired with wholesome activities. Drink responsibly.

**Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk!

1. Big Swell IPA, ­­Maui Brewing Co. (ABV 6.2%)
Wax up your surfboard and paddle out! If you don’t live near the ocean, queue up The Endless Summer and Chasing Mavericks and sit around in your underwear.

2. Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA, ­­Uinta Brewing (ABV 7.3%)
Head to the nearest farmers market and buy the most exotic piece of fruit you can find.

3. Hop Syndrome Pils Lager­­, Epic Brewing Company (ABV 4.5%)
Go spearfishing. Do it.

4. S’More Stout, ­­Base Camp Brewing Company (ABV 7.7%)
Start a fire. Roast a marshmallow. Drop it in your beer. Repeat.

5. Cucumber Crush, ­­10 Barrel Brewing (ABV 4.0%)
Let this cucumber sour inspire your culinary prowess. Make your own pickles. Give them to your mom. Mom’s love homemade sh*t.

6. Stone Pale Ale 2.0, ­­Stone Brewing Co. (ABV 6.0%)
Go disc golfing with a new acquaintance. You will either love them or hate them by the end of the day.

7. Burton Baton, ­­Dogfish Head Brewery (ABV 10%)
Let’s face it, when drinking an oak-­aged Imperial IPA you should probably just stay home. Build a fort in your living ­room and play zombie apocalypse with whoever is around (pets work perfectly.)

8. Cucumber Saison­­, Cigar City Brewing (ABV 5.00%)
Another cucumber beer? Heck yeah! Today is the day to build your own kegerator.

9. Farmlandia, ­­Iron Horse Brewery (ABV 5.5%)
Okay, maybe this is not a Summer release, but I thoroughly enjoy drinking this beer when it’s hot. Do some yoga. It will feel amazing.

10. Maiden the Shade, ­­Ninkasi Brewing Company (ABV 6.8%)
Start a jam band with your buddies.

11. Zard­-Alu Sour Apricot Ale­­, Odell Brewing Company (ABV 6.8%)
I haven’t actually tried this one but it is being released this weekend. They come in 750ml corked bottles. Invite over a couple people you don’t hate.

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