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Seven Times in 2015 You Didn’t Give A Sh%# About What We had to Say

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Seven Times in 2015 You Didn’t Give A Sh%# About What We had to Say


We like to write blogs but you don’t always want to read them. These are our least viewed blogs of 2015.

7) You Know Us for Irish Death, We Know You for having a Nice Face…
A silly announcement about a silly beer. Click here for our usual nonsense.


6) Iron Horse Resolutions

To be fair, this one hasn’t been published very long so it could make a surge in the polls. For now, people seem to be just as tired of New Year’s Resolutions as we are. Click here for inspiration.


5) The Half K Recap that is Longer than the Race

We hear ya. The point of the .5K was for it to be over quick. We drug this one out and we apologize. Click here to reflect.

half k

4)  New Press Release about the New Release of Cozy Sweater in Cans

We can only assume people saw the headline on Facebook and didn’t have time to click on the blog because they were already on their way to the store. Click here if in the excitement you missed this.

cs cans

3) This is a Press Release about IHB in Boise

Only Boise people would care about this. Makes sense. Click here if you are a Boiseian.(?)


2) Spending Halloween with Marty

Reading about Marty and Steve is almost as uncomfortable as being around them in person…Almost. Click here to feel discomfort.


1) Trivia Lowlights

Trivia stuff only matters to people who live in Ellensburg and attend our trivia nights. Most of you were probably annoyed this blog showed up on your feed. Click here if you’re bored.



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