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11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker

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11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker


Man’s best friend shows us what it means to be a craft beer lover.

pub10Rhonda R, Facebook

1)When you promised yourself you’d just have one but then someone asks you if you want to try theirs.


2)When one of your friends insists on instagramming everything but you just want to drink.

barley the brewpup@barleythebrewpup

3)When you dress to match whatever beer you’re drinking.

paws and pints@pawsandpints

4)When you’re already turnt and then someone breaks out the craft beer.


5)When you order and then realize your friends picked something better.


6)When you have to wait for a human to open your Irish Death cause you’re a dog.


7)When you finally visit your favorite craft brewer’s production facility.

the beerdog@thebeerdog

8)When you really want to drink but you’re DD so you just watch your friends have fun.


9)When bae wants to snuggle but you had one too many at the pub.

asap the bulldog@asap_the_bulldog

10)When you order the sampler and start drooling at the site of all the flavors you’re about to try.

10298698_10201163560006656_3491004033203309314_nZac L, Facebook

11)When you want to drink but you’re still hungover from the night before.

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