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11 FAQs at IHB Because 10 Just Doesn’t Cut It

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11 FAQs at IHB Because 10 Just Doesn’t Cut It


*Originally written by McKenzie Knowlden who quit

As I am approaching my one year anniversary with IHB, I thought it would only be appropriate to use my  year-long expertise to answer some of the most asked questions around [ the pub ]. #yourewelcome

  1. Q: Do you fill other breweries growlers?
    A: Absolutely! $10 for a 64oz, $8 on Thursdays because we like you and that’s the thirstiest day.
  2. Q: I am in (insert PNW city here), where can I get my growler filled?
    A: We are all the way in Ellensburg, Washington and unfortunately do not know every bar in your city. However, calling your local bars/breweries/Growler Guys/Total Wine, etc. and checking who has our beer on tap is your best bet. We also have this nifty Beer Finder.
  3. Q: What states are you available in?
    A: Washington, Oregon (a lil bit), Idaho, Montana, and Alaska!
  4. Q: Can you ship beer to me?
    A: Plain and simple, no. It is not possible to mail alcohol, and we unfortunately cannot make personal deliveries. You can come visit us in The ‘Burg though and take a case or three of your favorite brews back home with you. You may also order a keg hereavailable for pick up at [the pub]
  5. Q: Where is the pub/brewery located? Are they the same place?
    A: They are two separate entities, more to love right? [ the pub ] is located at 412 N. Main St. while the Production Facility is located at 1621 Vantage Hwy. Both in Ellensburg, 98926.
  6. Q: Can we tour the brewery?
    A: While [the pub] is technically our “tasting room” you can absolutely tour where the magic happens. Here’s a link to get you there.
  7. Q: Can I bring my kids into [the pub]?
    A: As it stands now, [the pub] is 21 and over only. *Yes, that does include babies. No babies.
  8. Q: Can I bring my dog into [the pub]?
    A: As much as we love your furry companions, due to health codes we cannot allow dogs inside; this includes our beer garden. You can, however, have them tied to the outside of the garden. I will personally bring them beer-I mean water.
  9. Q: Can I take 509 to go?
    A: Unfortunately, 509 is not bottled or canned, but you can get many of our other awesome brews to go at [the pub] and most major grocery stores; including Costco!
  10. Q: What is “Quilter’s”?
    A: Jim Quilter, may he rest in peace, is the founder of our beloved brewery and the reason Irish Death exists.
  11. Q: How much are those awesome mugs?
    A: The badass mugs you see behind the bar at [the pub] are, to your dismay, not for sale. Each of the steins belongs to a beloved Mug Club Member or employee of IHB. You can sign yourself up each year in March for $100, the catch being that the mug remains on the wall at [ the pub ] for your in-house drinking throughout the year. Stay tuned for some mugs you may just be able to take away…

Other glassware and IHB Swag can be found here.

And here’s some contact info for all your IHB needs, because it’s busy in here and I can’t answer the phone.

Thanks to all of the awesome co-workers, customers, and beer for a great first year with Iron Horse Brewery!

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