Go High Five Yourself

I love our High Five Hefe for many reasons. Because its delicious. Because it was one of the first beers that Greg homebrewed, and therefore I got to watch the maiden batch ferment in our bathroom. Because it’s an original interpretation of a prolific style. But mostly because, every time I look at the label, I just feel happy. We need a world with more high-fiving.

And so you should . High Five Yourself. That’s what we think anyway. We’re a brewery, we are here to bring joy into the world. We aren’t here to tell you that you aren’t pretty enough, or smart enough, or cool enough. We are here to remind you that you are at least some version of all of those things.

This is a beer to remind you to celebrate the little moments.
You didn’t just win the Nobel Peace Prize? No matter, you DID just put the kids to bed without yelling once. High Five!
You haven’t finished your first marathon? Well, you DID just run three miles and only puked once. High Five!
You haven’t completed the first draft of your novel yet? You DID write at least five witty hashtags last month. High Five!

It’s easy in a culture that embraces ambition and pursuit to forget to stop and appreciate the journey. Sure that journey is full of mistakes and wrong turns. You probably get things backwards as much as you get them straight. The point is, we all do. What really matters is that you’re out there trying.

At IHB we like to view failure as an opportunity for growth. So, whether you just did something totally awesome or tried to do something totally awesome that turned out to be not so awesome, we have one piece of advice for you:

Go High Five Yourself, you deserve it.

These are the new coasters and glassware that will serve as a reminder to do just that.



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