Natalia’s Post About Greg and Why It All Makes Sense

This post is about why I love Greg, even after he said some really embarrassing things in the ER.

Greg loves life. One of the things I’ve always most admired about him, is that when he does something, he gives it all he’s got. He loves to take risks, to push the limits, and sees the possibility in new situations instead of the potential for failure. His passion for craft beer started as a hobby and eventually became Iron Horse Brewery. With a committed and amazing staff also on board now, IHB continues to push the envelope and strive for innovation. Greg loves almost every minute of it.

Besides the brewery, one of Greg’s most beloved ways of seeking adventure, is on his mountain bike. His bike, Mean Girl, received her name because he hates to even look at her if he can’t be out in the mountains riding. When you add Greg’s love of mountain biking with his full-of-life personality; well once in awhile, on a Tuesday night you find yourself in the E.R. holding his hand while he repeats over and over, “I really rang my bell. How’d I do it?” He also repeated some other things which I won’t make myself live through again by posting here.

I thought and felt a lot of things Tuesday night waiting for the CT scan results to come back. The most recurrent thought was probably, “please stop talking now Greg”. It’s funny though, the one thought that never crossed my mind that night is the first thing that most people said to me after it happened. “Maybe this will slow him down.”

I’ve been thinking about that for a couple of days now as he heals from his concussion. All I can say is, while his concussion-induced mellowness is quite lovely, I hope nothing ever slows Greg down. Sure he’s a handful with his boundless energy, his 160,000 ideas and plans, and his zest for adventure. But, that’s what makes him Greg.

And I think we need people like Greg in the world. We need people who look at challenges and see potential instead of obstacles. We need people who love excitement and who can tolerate a high degree of uncertainty. We need people who find their passion and then pour their hearts and souls into it; even if once in a while they end up face planted in the mud.

But if we are married or involved with people like Greg, well, we need good beer. Luckily, I’ve got that covered.

P.S. Greg didn’t like this post, but he really can’t put up much of a fight right now, so . . .

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