The Interns Insight of Iron Horse Brewery

Hello. My name is *******, and I’m the marketing intern for Iron Horse Brewery.
editors note: the intern’s name has been redacted because intern’s don’t have names.

I am one of the lucky few that have ever been able to get the chance to be Iron Horse Brewery’s marketing intern and let me tell you, it is awful. They make me lift and carry heavy things for long distances, make all the staff’s coffee every day, and run their personal errands for them. Just kidding, I don’t actually do any of that and this internship is not awful, it’s amazing. Not only are the products fantastic, but the staff behind it all is just as great (and I’m not just saying that to suck up to everyone).

I am a PR major that was looking for a summer internship for credit in order to graduate from CWU. I was having a lot of trouble finding one that worked for me until one day I decided to e-mail Jared, the marketing director of Iron Horse Brewery. In a nutshell I basically said “hey you should let me do some free PR/marketing work for you this summer so I can graduate” and a few days later we set up an interview. I know right, HE ACTUALLY WENT FOR IT. I was so excited but nervous because I really wanted to intern here and I was hoping they would give me the opportunity to do so. I was pretty nervous on my first day because I had no idea how this whole internship thing was going to work, but after getting a tour of the production site (where I do most of my work) and meeting a majority of the staff I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Everyone here is extremely nice and laid back, making my work environment super awesome. Instead of being stuck in an office cubicle like most of you other interns, I get to watch beer be made or go to bars to help with trivia nights. I think we know who the real winner of internships is. I mean as I am typing this I can hear The Beastie Boys blasting from the brewing area and the sweet sound of my favorite beer being produced. How cool is that? Anyways, I’m sure you’re just dying to know what I do as an IHB intern so now I’ll get to that.

After getting settled in the production site with the staff I started basically following Jared around like his little stalker, but hey, I have to learn somehow right? I watched him make posters and he even trusted me in making a very difficult and intricate beer sheet. It’s actually a template that I just changed around a little bit but still. I got to experience a lunch meeting with the entire marketing team which was exciting for me because I got to see the process of a real meeting while eating delicious food from The Tav for free. I have been surveying college students, figuring out what kind of beer they like and how we can get them to buy more Iron Horse considering they are a huge market we can start targeting.

I also observed my first Iron Horse trivia night, which was extremely fun and now I’m mad I never went and played with my friends during the four years I was in Ellensburg. Before trivia started I went to the Micropub and saw how the clues worked. Buying a pint to get a clue for trivia night is a pretty cool idea if you ask me. When I was watching clues be given out I also got a beer lesson from Tess while she was there serving. That’s not really relevant to what I do as an intern but I love beer and wanted to know more about it. Another thing I do here is brainstorming, lots and lots of brainstorming, but that’s ok because I love it. I helped the film club brainstorm ideas for their upcoming video and tag line ideas for a new beer. I must say, we got pretty creative so get ready for some fun stuff coming out, readers.

Another new thing I experienced was a promotional event at Super 1 Foods here in Ellensburg. Tess and I set up a table in the beer aisle and approached people that were buying beer to tell them how awesome Iron Horse is if they didn’t already know and give them some coups. At first she was doing all the talking and eventually made me approach people. It was absolutely terrifying because that is something that is difficult for me to do but by the end of it I was more comfortable and confident talking to strangers, so thanks for throwing me out of my comfort zone, Tess! We saw around 11ish bottles be purchased and gave out all of our coupons, which for being there only two hours on a Monday evening was pretty successful in my opinion. So long story short, I get to do a lot of different and fun things here, I even get to let my inner interior designer out and help Jared redecorate his boring and incomplete office space, no offense, Jared, you were probably thinking the same thing anyways.

Being an intern, I ask a lot of questions. I am so thankful everyone here is so nice and helpful with answering them. Everyone is friendly when I pop into an office to ask them what their role is or what they’re working on. And poor Jared, I feel like I’m interrogating him when he’s working because I’m so curious as to how everything works, but he responds in depth and I think he secretly likes answering my questions to feel smart. All the Q and A has helped me learn so much about marketing, how a company works, and beer in general so at least the interrogations are being put to good use. Knowing the Iron Horse Brewery brand, you probably get the laid back, “I don’t give a shit” vibe. The staff here is laid back but they definitely do in fact give a shit. They all work hard and get their job done in order to keep this company running to produce a great product for all of us beer lovers to enjoy.

Long story short, I am learning a lot about my field while having a great time doing so. I love working with fun people for a great company, and I mean, the free beer isn’t too bad either.

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