The Side of Chauncy Jared Doesn’t Want You to Know About

As you may or may not know, our IPA horse recently went from an awkward picture on a beer label to, well, a sort-of horse person if you will. After spending many hours staring at the label and asking ourselves, “what does this horse even mean?”, we figured the only way to find out was to give him a name (Chauncy) and see who he became.

The problem is that right out of the gate, Jared and Greg decided that Chauncy was a sarcastic something-hole (hmm, I wonder where they got that idea). I tried telling them that we had to look deeper into Chauncy and find the more redeeming parts of his personality, but to no avail. So I am here to tell you that Chauncy ACTS like a sarcastic something-hole, but really he is a sensitive, even sweet, somewhat emotionally stunted introvert who uses his sarcasm as armor against all of the other IPA labels out there that are probably a little bit cooler.

When Chauncy says things in the IHB newsletter like, “I’m would willingly kick Greg in the groin everyday”; what he really means is that he is a very private horse and he is very frustrated about being plastered all over Washington in a very strange looking pose. Understandable Chaunce. Maybe not the best way to communicate it, but we get it.

When Chauncy is interviewed and asked what he would do if IHB didn’t work out and he answers, “Well, since my life long dream of having Fabio ride me didn’t work out. I’d probably volunteer to become glue” he is just trying to find a way to hide his existential dread.

When he says things in emails to the entire ihb staff like, “high-fives are lame”, what he really means is that he feels the pain of hooved animals everywhere who can’t engage in such activities safely. Pretty thoughtful horse really.

As one of the few reasonable influencers at IHB I find myself often saying things like, “but you can’t SAY THAT in public” or “you are so much NICER than you sound right now” or “we absolutely will NEVER put that name on a beer label”. And now I guess I am just going to have to do that for Chauncy too.

But for now I just wanted you to know; Chauncy really is a sweetheart.

Natalia – the nicer side of marketing.

editors note: the views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the views of Iron Horse Brewery or Chauncy himself. In fact, we’re certain Chauncy will have something to say about this.

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