An email thread about our newest beer.

An email thread that exemplifies the complicated and unfocused process of finishing the new label for our new brew “Decision Maker” . . .

Jared (12:14 pm, July 25): See attached.
We need to get this into label approval by tomorrow.
Natalia and I are happy with it, so really you should be too. colon right parenthesis .

Tyson, once you have the abv, let me know and I’ll replace it.
I need to create a new qr code for this beer.

by the way, we just created the newest style of beer.

Decision Maker: NWHFMBPA

Ross (12:16 pm, July 25): Looks good. Are we done with three words to describe the brand on the bottle label?

Natalia (12:43 pm, July 25): Ross, that’s what the long acronym turned into. just had a chat with regan and she reiterated that she thinks a simple, concise and clear description of the beer is really important – especially for bottles. what are your thoughts ross? i know the nwhfmbpa is funny – but do you feel like a simple hop-forward pale ale would be more effective. thoughts from other people?

Regan (12:43 pm, July 25): I really like it, but in all honesty, I think it’s a little busy. I like the acronym, but I really feel like when people are in a grocery store setting, they look for the style clearly labeled on the bottle.If they don’t understand it, often times they may not buy it, and the grocery store clerks aren’t educated on our brand enough to tell them anything beyond what the label reads. It wouldn’t hurt to have HOP FORWARD PALE ALE, written big and clearly write under the signage, instead of the all the acronyms and long explanation

That is just my take

Jared (12:44 pm, July 25): Three words.

Northwest. Hop-forward-malt-balanced. Pale-ale.

I’m a jerk. You knew that as soon as we create a rule we were going to break it.

Nwhfmbpa was our way of mocking the styles that get manufactured in this industry but we don’t need to adhere to it if you have another idea.

Regan (12:47 pm, July 25): the acronym is great. The busy-ness of the label is where I start to lose interest and feel others may too.

Just being honest. Now go break some rules!

Greg (12:20 pm, July 25): F style guidelines. Three words, lots o hops. Or something similar

Ross (4:01 pm, July 25): I’m with Greg about the style guidelines. We should be able to convey what it is in three words. Where I’m against Greg is the word o’. We are not illiterate, composing a poem or a leprechaun.

Natalia (4:12 pm, July 25): Tosha says the NWHFMBPA is confusing also. She’s sitting here so I asked her. And I agree with Ross about o’. But if we ever are composing a poem . . . we should definitely use it then.

Jared (4:27 pm, July 25):
An pale ale.
Please can we do that?
The anti-pale ale.
Bold, Hoplicious, Drinkability.

Regan (4:52 pm, July 25): I like hopalocious and delicious. What more do people need to know?

Tyson (5:04 pm, July 25): Isn’t delicious AND hopalicious redundant?

Regan (5:15 pm, July 25): Maybe to you, Tyson:)

Natalia (5:24 pm, July 25): hopforward. pale. ale.
nwhopforward. maltbalanced. paleale.
hopforward + pale = hopale

if we don’t say ale in the description we have to it somewhere else to comply with the lcb.

Tyson (5:37 pm, July 25): I like it maybe just Hops. Pale. Ale.
Decisive. Like the name.

Ross (6:01 pm, July 25): An pale ale

Jared (6:54 pm, July 25): Narrowed down to two options I think.

An pale ale.


Hops. Pale. Ale.

Suzanne (6:46 pm, July 25): Hops. Pal. Ale. is my vote.

Regan (7:03 pm, July 25): I prefer,hopolicious pale baby

Ross (7:05 pm, July 25): At this point in our markets. Putting hops before pale ale is also redundant.

Ross (7:06 pm, July 25): Is that a line from swingers?

Suzanne (7:10 pm, July 25): Pale** haha

Regan (7:18 pm, July 25): I’m down with anything except a 7 letter acronym with a sentence under it:)

Natalia (10:09 pm, July 25): I’m down with anything at this point; but I don’t love An pale ale because I hate bad grammar even in jest.
Gregs half drunk ideas:
Pale or something
Probably a pale
Hop backward pale ale
Sofaking pale
Okay. He’s not allowed to talk anymore . . .
Anyone else?

Regan (10:11 pm, July 25): Hoptastic. Pale. Duh

Tyson (10:32 pm, July 25) : It’s pale and its an ale. Done. Also the roads and the big circle thing look like a stick figure. Maybe we should just put a top hat on it and call him Mr. Pale ale.

Tyson (10:37 pm, July 25): Oh and Greg, are you drinking your beer spritzers again?

Ross (11:07 pm, July 25): I’m guessing it’s a berlinerweiss with two squirts of raspberries.

Jared (12:00 am, July 26): As a reminder here are our others.

Dark smooth ale.
Honey ginger wheat.
Dry hopped, tongue friendly, danktastic.
Two pots o gold in u’re mouth
Vanilla milk stout
Espresso + cocoa + Irish death

mosaic of hoplicousness
hoplicous and mouthgastic .

Suzanne (12:11 am, July 26): If we solely emphasize the hop part of it I think we will scare away those who don’t necessarily like ipas but may love this beer.

Regan (8:23 am, July 26): To me, hopalicious means it contains hops and is also delicious, doesn’t suggest crazy strong hoppiness. But I guess that’s why I like it, it leaves some stuff to the imagination but leads the buyer in the right direction

Natalia (10:04 am, July 26): I think Greg ran fresh out of spritzer materials last night so he had to revert to plain beer.

what about just
decisive. pale. ale. or something along those lines
if we are going to call it a pale – we don’t really need to describe it – people are pretty familiar with what a pale is
we make up a combo word like waison – people really liked that.
greg wishes. this contained. juice.

Regan (10:05 am, July 26): Mosaic. Pale. Yum
Okay, I’m fresh out of ideas:)

Greg (10:57 am, July 26): Very funny. Why do you guys hate vitamin c?

Greg (11:03 am, July 26): I second decisive . pale . ale

Regan (11:04 am, July 26): It sounds great to me.

Ross (11:14 am, July 26): If the goal is to signify what the drinker is getting into buying the bottle, decisive doesn’t really help and we already have it in the name. I still like an pale ale because it accomplishes the above goal while staying irreverent. That is jared and my final vote. (editors note: Ross and Jared were not golfing at this time.)


Natalia (11:31 am, July 26): ross i’ll fight you in the parking lot and whoever wins gets to choose.

Ross (11:39 pm, July 26): I don’t like my chances…

Tyson (11:47 pm, July 26): I think technically it might be called a “Shandy” not a spritzer. HA

Regan (12:10 pm, July 26):
I won’t say another word, except for an pale ale is my least favorite. Hopalicious.mosaic.ale being my top vote, then decisive.pale.ale

Regan (12:10 pm, July 26): The more I think about it, the more I like decisive pale ale. It re-emphasizes the name of the beer, and it is also a clever play on words , a dpa, a new name or acronym for an extra strong pale ale or session ipa, which is way over saturated right now.
An pale ale seems like a typo and leaves the viewer thinking we can’t spell and tells them nothing about the kind of pale it is or why they should choose it.
That being said, we always seems to choose right and it is always works out:)
Here’s to making a decision, about how to briefly describe the decision maker:)

Natalia (12:18 pm, July 26): I’ve been reading the new book by Daniel Pink that Greg ordered. In the section on design, he shares some interesting insight about important elements of design. One of the things he says is that repetition is important – so i think reiterating the theme of decisive is in line with good design practices.

I am open to other ideas, but I really think An Pale Ale will sound more like a typo to most people than an irreverent statement.

Natalia (12:20 pm, July 26): ooops, I forgot XOXO.

That’s the end of the email chain.

We left it up to Jared and here is the label that finally ensued . . .

Decision Maker Final Label, unless we change it.

Decision Maker will be widely available starting the first week of September. So if you are sitting on a couple of important decisions, Decision Maker will soon be around to help you get off the fence. It is, after all, a beer that knows what you want.


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    Except there already is a DPA – Great Divide Denver Pale Ale, which has been around since the 1990s and is widely known by that acronym. I don’t see GD sending you a C&D letter over it but anyone with broad-based beer experience will think you copied it.


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