Washington Beer Lovers Open House and IHB Make a Baby Named Rikki

Greetings Fellow Beer Lovers!

We are proud to join the Washington Beer Open House, happening this very soon to be weekend! We don’t procrastinate on advertising or anything….

Iron Horse Brewery is proud to open it’s doors and welcome you to tour the brewery this Saturday Feb 22nd. Our handsomest bravest brewers have gotten together to help plan a beer-tacular almost hour-ish of time just for you and those other people who want to come too. Bring Grandma!
We will be hosting 3 guided tours, at 12ish, 1ish, and 2ish. These will happen at our production facility, located at 1621 Vantage Hwy**
**this is very important. you can tell because there are two asterisks and not just one. your livelihood depends on this. If you are using the google or your GPS to find us you need to enter 1619 Vantage Hwy. This should take you to our facility that is behind the Iron Horse Coffee Company stand, and also behind the Phoenix Truss company. If you put in our true address it will take you to an abandoned shed in the middle of a field. If you hear faint banjos in the distance, run. your in a zone affiliated with danger. 1619 Vantage Hwy will get you to us. so just do that.**
Our 12ish tour will be geared to home brewers, the 1ish to everyone who loves beer, and 2ish will be for those who want to become more beer savy.
Each tour will include chances to win prizes, learn more about the brewery, the beginners guide to beer pairing, and free highfives for everyone. Maybe there will be beer, maybe not….cough cough… And this is all FREE!
This is open to all ages, but please bring a valid ID if you plan to have a beverage. The brewery will be in full operation, so wear closed toed shoes, and dress like its winter… since it is. Protective eye wear will be provided, and dangerous hijinx will be prohibited. Please, no pets. Space will be limited so please email me at rikki@ironhorsebrewery.com how many people are in your group and when you would like to attend, by Friday afternoon, so that we may best serve you.

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