Love Mug Club

The greatest feature of [ the pub ] is not having televisions. This is our way of forcing awkward yet satisfying social situations between strangers. As a server, I observe many dynamics of people. My favorite interactions are the ones that lead to a freshly brewed relationship (pun intended). These relationships, whether romantic, friendly, or just for the night happen at [ the pub ] everyday..

One of my favorite examples involves Mug #12 and Mug #18. These two originally met at the local Fred Meyer. As it turned out, these two are both regular beer drinkers, as anyone should be. [ the pub ] helped bring these amazing people together.  A couple times a week they would meet,  flirting and laughing about trivia questions over a couple of beers.

“I thought she was really cool because she won Rock-n-Roll Trivia,” Mug #12 mentioned.

Well it doesn’t stop there. These lovebirds are officially dating. YES, the rumors are true. Still regulars, these two visit the pub every so often and if you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of Mug #18 stealing a sip of Mug #12’s IPA… what a life.

Most of our regulars come in and simply fall in love with the beer. There’s nothing better than mingling around the pub all night with the other singles and friends. Socializing over a few 509s is something Mug #31 is always doing.

“I’ve fallen in love at the pub many many times, but when I sober up the next morning, I’m out of love,” #31 sighed.

There is magic in the air at [ the pub ] every day, and this guy is staying loyal to his one true love… and for that, we thank you. We all just want someone to look at us the way you look at your beer.

I cannot stress enough that a pub without a television is simply a pub to be at. Love cannot be made by two people staring at a screen watching Honey Boo Boo eat chicken nuggets. Serving beer as cold as your ex’s heart, servers pride ourselves on starting genuine relationships at [ the pub ]. The beer and the brand is what initially brings customers in, but the conversations and relationships are what keeps the customers coming back.

“I fall in love with all the bartenders, then they grow up and move away from me,” says Mug #61.

Well we hate to break it to you, but “heartbreaker” is actually one of the requirements on our  job description. Whether it be a trucker passing though town, ladies night, or our weekly regulars, we truly want to get to know you and enjoy your company.

So there you have it. Love; something everyone wants to feel but no one can truly define through words. To me, love and romance are not something to stress about in life. You see, life and beer are very similar in one way; chill for the best results.

** The mugs are not actually doing the talking.. or falling in love.. It’s the mug OWNERS. Don’t be weird, we’re not that magical here at the pub.


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