Put Your Phone Down

Let me first say this… I’m 21, almost 22 years old. Yes, I know what a landline is. And yes, I remember dial up internet.  LOL, and yes you are so funny for assuming I’ll never understand the struggles you went through. I hear so many stories that begin with, “Well back in my day…” or “You kids will never know the pain of…” Well, I’d like to argue that my phone is plugged-in charging so often that I basically have a landline. So there.

That being said, can we all agree technology and times have changed? Technology upgrades are incredible and doing amazing things, but we are losing our sense of human interaction.

A majority of today’s children are being raised to rely on machines, not people like it once was. Every generation is essentially required to adapt to technology. You are expected to be “up-to-date.”

These social interactions that we are choosing to give up mold brain wiring; the less time we spend face to face with people – and the more time playing on smartphones –  the more common we should expect human inefficiencies to become.

The need for meaningful rapport is dire. According to a study by Microsoft Corporation, in 2002 (around the time cell phones became a hit), the average human’s attention span was 12 seconds. In 2013, it was announced that the average human attention span dropped to 8 seconds, just one second UNDER a goldfish. Congrats y’all. I bet half the people that opened this blog, didn’t even make it this far.

We get it. People fear awkward social encounters…it’s a real thing. Pulling out your smartphone is the easiest excuse to avoid confrontations. But Iron Horse Brewery isn’t one to conform. Why avoid these connections when they are so essential to success? We don’t have televisions at [ the pub ] for a reason. We care about you and your brain wiring. We encourage creative and meaningful social interactions.

[ the pub ] has a new addition that will be making an appearance next week; a phone check. It’s just like a coat check, but for your dearest phones. Our high tech phone storage unit features individual pockets for safer phone keeping.Think of the phone check as a social interaction machine. Upon checking your phone you will receive a card that rewards you with a prize or a task. The prize might be a discounted pint or a free piece of merch. The task could be “high five your neighbor” or “recite a tongue twister.”  Your phone will be safe and sound, so sit back and enjoy. Take in a nice cold beer, QID bratwurst, and appreciate the company around you as your brain rewires. Who knows, maybe you’ll save some bucks as a reward for your phone check. Not that you deserve a reward, so we also might task you with cleaning the toilets.  

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein.|

We agree Albert, we agree.

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  1. Conrad on

    One time, riding home on my bike with a six pack of Irish death , one of the cans ruptured and immersed my phone with beer for a while. The phone made an incomplete recovery: I can not wake it up unless I plug it in or somebody calls me. Initially I was going to replace the phone, but the “new feature” has made life better, and absolutely made me a better parent and spouse. So thanks!


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