Sibling Rivalry

Growing up with two older brothers meant that I was constantly fighting an uphill battle to out do them in anything I could.  It’s not like we were ultra-competitive;  we just never wanted to lose at anything.  To this day, everything that we do is a competition.  

Left to right (and oldest to youngest): Jesse, Ryan, Adam

Left to right (and oldest to youngest): Jesse, Ryan, Adam

About 2 years ago, my middle brother Ryan and I took our motorcycle license riding test together.  He went first and scored a 99.  I went right after him and scored 100.  I told him I was going to frame the results and hang them up in his house.  Likewise, my oldest brother Jesse and I have even been going back and forth in mountain bike races this year.  In one series, our total time is separated by only 1.96 seconds.×10355&series=657

Jesse is also the Head Brewer at Two Beers Brewing, so naturally we’re battling over work as well.  He calls me all the time just to gloat; “this beer won this award” or “that beer is doing well at the tasting room.”  I’ll try to fire back with how well IHB is doing, but it continues to be a fight without a winner.  

Of course all bickering is just between us, we would never let something as childish as a sibling rivalry start a fight between the two respective companies we work for…


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brewFortunately, we keep it pretty tame nowadays and avoid getting into scuffles like we used to (those pretty much ended in high school).  In fact, just this past weekend we all got together to ride motorcycles around Vashon Island and do a small homebrew batch…although, there may have been a just little bit of shit talking.  

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