Help Wanted Shoveling Snow this Winter (thanks for the free advertising space, Iron Horse)

Description: Winter is coming. I hate shoveling snow. Beer is delicious. I work for a brewery. I have an endless supply of beer in my fridge. You want beer. You can shovel my snow in exchange for beer this winter. Let’s trade.

Requirements: Must be 21+ because I don’t want to be locked away and never get to drink beer again. Must love Iron Horse beer. Must be willing to actually shovel/plow snow, no take-backsies.

Other things I might be willing to trade beer for:

  • someone to be my official sock matcher person on laundry day
  • grass fed meat and/or pastured eggs
  • tattoo work
  • exactly 1,001 roasted almonds, not one more or less
  • humorous photoshops of Jared to decorate our office
  • an infinite supply of doggy doo bags
  • a butter churner
  • photography services (family friendly, not XXX style)
  • Harry Potter memorabilia that is junking up your house
  • a plinko board
  • something weirder or more practical than what’s on this list.
Contact: to pitch a trade, you should probably email
Also, you may think you know stuff about me now based on this post, but you don’t know me.

4 comments on “Help Wanted Shoveling Snow this Winter (thanks for the free advertising space, Iron Horse)Add Your Comment

  1. Annalisa Bartlow on

    I’m down to shovel snow! Or even just make a new iron horse friend!

  2. Sinforcer on

    How about I retire from reffing women’s rollerderby and stop calling penalties on you. I think that’s worth at least a few 6ers.

    Yours truly, Sinforcer

  3. Nicole Klauss nicole klauss on

    Hey Sinforcer,
    How about you keep reffing women’s roller derby and still get beer? As for the penalties, don’t worry, Dr. Shenanigans seems to be the one calling me on all of them lately.
    Master Bouter


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