Growler Tote How-To

I will be trying different crafts I find on Pinterest and seeing if there are as easy as they say. All crafts will relate to beer in some way and hopefully you can learn from my success and failures.

This one in particular is inspired by this.

Cost: $30.00
Time: 5 hours, this includes glue drying times.
Difficulty: Somewhat easy.
Tools Needed: Tape measure, square, hammer, screwdriver, screws, miter saw if not able to have wood cut for you
Materials: (1) 1 x 6 x 4′, (3) ½ x 2 x 4′, (1) ¾ inch Pipe with threaded ends, (2) ¾ inch Pipe Floor Flange, 1 ¼ inch finish nails, Wood Glue. Optional: wood filler, paint, stain, brushes, sand paper, paper towel, bottle of Irish Death


Step 1

Step 1: Head to the lumber store and bring with you the picture above. Since my local lumber store is the best, this process was simple for me. I showed them a picture of what I needed, the cuts I needed, and they made it happen! I picked the least expensive wood (pine) because who really knew how this was going to go. I also picked up the nails, stain (I went with dark walnut), brush for the stain, flange and pipe.

Step 2: Lay out all your pieces, like so…


Step 2

Step 3: Take the base (the long one). Measure out where you are going to put the divides (2 small square ones). Mark 5 1/8 inches from each end, then mark additional lines 5 7/8 inches from each end. Then apply wood glue to the bottom of each divider and stick to the base where appropriate.

brooke-threebrooke-fourI turned it over and let it still for 45 mins. I didn’t have a nail gun so I went old school and used a hammer to reinforce. I did three nails on each divide.

brooke-fiveStep 4: I found silver flanges but I wanted them black so I spray painted them before screwing them in. Place the flanges (that is a silly word) down. Let’s be honest, I didn’t measure where they were supposed to go, I just eyeballed it. (I’m not a perfectionist!) I used a drill bit to start the process, don’t drill all the way down, go just enough to help the screw get started. Then use your screwdriver and starting screwing the three screws in each one of the flanges. 

brooke-sixbrooke-sevenStep 5: Place the big wood pieces on both ends of the base. Make sure they are flushed then glue. (Let sit for at least an hour, first time I let it sit for 30 min then went to pick it up and it fell off, that didn’t make me happy, so let sit.)

brooke-eightI placed a paper towel down to make sure I didn’t get glue on the table… if you do the same the picture below might happen to you…

brooke-nineNo need to worry…Sandpaper will take the paper towel right off!

Your tote should now look like the picture below.

brooke-tenStep 6: Apply the six long skinny strips of wood. I started with the bottom one first, making sure it was flush with the base board. I put four nails in each strip. I then moved to the top one and made sure it was flush with the tip of the dividers. Then eyeballed the middle one 🙂

brooke-elevenStep 7: Apply stain. You can leave the wood as is or spray paint it. I applied a thin layer of stain then used paper towels to wipe the excess off.

brooke-twelveStep 8: FINAL STEP. Take off the flanges. Install the pipe into both of the flanges, I kept putting  it in to make sure that it was going to fit. Tighten to where it feels snug.

brooke-thirteenThen insert the screws back in and BAM you just made a growler holder. GREAT WORK! As much as I love this, the one I made doesn’t fit the 64 oz growler I was hoping for (I really need to start reading the details) but it does fit 32 oz ones. You can adjust the measurements to fit whatever beer holding device you choose. Thanks for joining arts and craft time.

brooke-fourteenAfter looking at the picture, clearly I need to go back and re-stain some spots. The eyes are kind of creepy too. I still feel good about this project! You should probably try to make one, Christmas is just around the corner.

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