Good People at [ the pub ]

There are good people. Everywhere. I have found that [ the pub ] tends to draw in some of the kindest, most generous, most understanding people I have ever met. I have seen our regulars and staff pull together to support each other when hardship strikes more than a couple times in the six months I’ve been with IHB. In the spirit of happy holidays and gratitude and all that, I wanted to write a blog highlighting some of the amazing acts of kindness I have witnessed lately.

Let me tell you a story about the last time I opened. It was a normal morning. I came in the back door and blew through my opening checklist and was turning on the open sign and hauling the sandwich boards outside by 10:51. When I opened the door and stepped outside with the first sandwich board, my foot slipped on what I assumed was ice (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s definitely winter now). I set up the board and turned to come back inside only to be confronted with a rather large, rather chunky, super frozen heap of regurgitated pizza on the sidewalk directly in front of the door. Cue the world’s tiniest violin and all of the voices in my head complaining sarcastically all at once about this being exactly how I wanted my Sunday to begin.

I hadn’t even finished pouting when I heard, “hey are you open now?!” Cue service industry grin-and-bare it face; “Yeah, but be careful right here, I’ve got to go grab the shovel and move this so no one slips.” I sat the group of three who followed me in laughing about college town shenanigans. I brought them waters and a beer sampler and took their food order. Then I grabbed the snow shovel and headed for Mt. Pizza Puke.

Before I got to the door, the older gentleman in the group stopped me and insisted he relocate the offensive heap. No matter how much I protested, he insisted and (in great humor) threw the frozen pile into the street. I thanked him a dozen or so times, and put his sampler on my beer card. When he discovered I had done this, he protested until he was certain that it hadn’t come from my own pocket.

I so appreciated this simple act of kindness. It brought light to the rest of my day and reminded me that good people are everywhere.

This past Veterans Day I saw many people offering to pay for veterans’ beers. I saw Mug Club members, employees, and people passing through picking up tabs to thank veterans for their time serving our country. I thought this was a sweet gesture then, and it seems particularly sugary in light of the holiday season.

I know that the people reading this are likely the people who already practice going the extra little bit to help out your neighbor, your server, or a perfect stranger whenever the opportunity arises. I think you are all pretty stellar and I know that your generosity will find its way back to you. Happy Holidays!

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