Wall Mount Bottle Opener How-To

Cost: $4.25 (each)
Time: 30 mins or an hour if you paint on the wood. You may want to add additional dry time.
Difficulty: SUPER easy.
Tools Needed: Drill, screwdriver
Materials: 1 foot pine wood pieces (one for each wall mount you want to make), stain, brushes, sand paper, paper towel, bottle openers (best deal here), can of Cozy Sweater (for drinking), stickers or paint if you want to freehand some sweet art.

Step 1: Head to the LUMBER STORE. I asked for 10 feet of pine wood. I then asked if they could cut it into 10-1 foot pieces and OF course the answer was YES! For no additional charge…They are the best.


Step 2: Sand away… I only sanded the edges and rounded the corners but it’s totally preference, so you do you.


Step 3: Decide what you want your base color to be. I decided I wanted two mounts spray painted black for an Iron Horse theme. The other wall mounts of various themes were stained. I used a spray paint that has both primer and paint (who wants to spray two different times? Come on, primer paint is way easier.) I used the same stain as my last project, dark walnut.



Make sure to have a paper towel close by to wipe off excessive stain.


Spray away…We spray painted the bottle openers of the IHB themed wall mounts a matte silver.

Step 4: Wait for it to dry. Since its super cold right now and the smell is awful. These stayed in my garage for a couple of days.

Step 5: Drill holes and get to screwing in the bottle caps. You are going to want to take a drill bit to get the hole started….


WARNING… Make sure the drill bit is thick enough. Don’t force it, or this happens…


WHOOPSIE! RIP skinny drill bit.


And done with the openers!

Step 6: Design or sticker. Since a couple of servers and I wanted to make some for Christmas gifts we painted most of them but we figure since we have awesome stickers at [ the pub ] for sale we would use them for the IHB wall mounts.


Once we applied the sticker we Mod Podged the whole board…


We also painted…


We ended up with all these awesome ones by the end of the night…

Finishing touches…


I used a sharpie paint pen. Worked nicely.
Until the next craft time…

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