Shout out to the Homies

Here at the pub we get plenty of customers that come in for various reasons, number one being our fairly decent beer. As a server, I hate giving bad news to customers. I never want to be the bad guy. However, if you walk in here with your baby and try to sit down for a meal, I might just drop kick you out of here. I would politely place your baby outside the door though because I’m not a monster. I especially hate when a mom comes in with her super cute 20-year-old son and wants to hang out here in the pub. I REALLY hate kicking out a cute guy and his super sweet mother.

Sittin' at The Porch

Sittin’ at The Porch

Here’s the deal. Iron Horse Pub has a lot of kick ass things to offer you. Great beer, food worth almost dying for, and a fun and laid back atmosphere. We can provide some pretty good service too. If our place just isn’t doing it for you, I have some great recommendations that might be a better fit f or what you’re looking for.

If you just can’t get rid of your child for the evening, we understand. Babysitters can really break the bank these days. A great family friendly place that serves our beer is none other than The Porch on Main Street. The bartender is super friendly and knows how to pour a mean beer. We almost always have Irish Death and H5H on tap there and the menu offers a great variety of things. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (beer available at all times for those of you who need a hangover beer). This is a place that your kids can scream and whine while you calmly enjoy your 3-4 pints of Irish Death.

The Tav is nice.

The Tav is nice.

If you’re coming in for something greasy and fried (which I LOVE by the way), then come on in, come find me, and ask me on a date to the TAV. They have those guilty pleasure food items that are perfect for ruining your New Year Resolutions. When asked why they serve our beer, they said they want to keep it local (yay)! This place has a pretty chill vibe with pool tables and lots of TV’s (something else [ the pub ] can’t offer you).

Bruce has a cool place.

Bruce has a cool place.

Looking for a quiet candlelight dinner with your lover? Well first of all, that’s pretty basic but whatever, it’s not my place to judge. I can recommend, however, the Ellensburg Pasta Company and/or Bruce’s Place. This location offers a fabulous Italian menu and Bruce’s Place has a separate menu offering gourmet sandwiches and specialty dishes. Best of all, they always have cold beer on tap, all microbrews except Coors light (for the weirdo’s that like to drink watered down light beer). They typically offer two IHB beers on tap which go great with their food. It’s the best of both worlds. You get amazing beer (I recommend Irish Death) with a side of good pasta.

Long story short, IHB the Pub aims to offer something unique to Ellensburg. We have brought on a pretty bomb menu and always have a great variety of IHB brews on tap. We have recently started serving wine and hard cider regularly for those anti-gluten people and the freaks that don’t like beer. We are very aware that sometimes you’re looking for something different and that’s OKAY! We have our beer available at so many great places that offer more of what you are looking for. We are always happy to support Ellensburg as a whole. IHB Pub is just another piece of the beautiful puzzle that Ellensburg offers.


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