A Rant About Thievery

We have been running out of glassware non-stop for the last couple of weeks and I clearly wasn’t thinking it could be anyone stealing it, until a customer asked me “ is it ok if I take this glass with me?” My response was sure it’s $4.00 or 4 for $12! I informed the guy it was a great deal, only for him to come back with, “ well I just wanted to take it?”

I first thought he was joking and I started to laugh but he didn’t. What in the world?… Yes, go ahead, we certainly don’t pay for the glasses, please take one, in fact, go ahead and take four… I mean they’re free, right?! WRONG! We pay for the glassware in [ the pub ] just like you pay for the glasses that are in your kitchen cupboard. Is it ok for your dinner guests to walk out of your house with a glass or two? Of course not.

If you REALLY want some free glassware, I have a solution for you. The minute that one of us drops a glass on the floor, feel free to grab a broom and pick up the pieces to glue together. Resourceful AND crafty!

I know our glassware is really awesome but as tempting as it might be to slide that lovely pint glass into your bag, we ask that you don’t. We will gladly wrap it up for you, put it in a to-go bag and add it to your tab.

[ the pub ] staff

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  1. Matt on

    I am so sorry to hear that this is still the thinking/actions of that town. I spent many years there as GM of a store/bar that had branded glassware and consistently ran into the same issue (even worse, when asking for it back I was often looked at as if I were in the wrong). $5 for a beverage, a glass and my time-where on earth! Oh right but you are a local so it’s not stealing it’s supporting local (go back to COSTCO for your free goods, they can afford it)….Free advertising you say? Wake-up! Thank you Greg for keeping up the fight you are well represented all over the state and beyond but unless the land is next to free rebuild the brewery where you are appreciated. Rant Over…
    You’re Welcome

  2. Rich on

    Help. I’ve had some of your beer in the past but I live in BC. Is there some way to get it up here without heading that way to get it? Order? Ship? Etc

  3. Conrad on

    Those stealing or requesting free glassware should be served with plastic keg cups.


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