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It is just about that time where love is imminent: wedding season. For most, this stimulating time of the year is welcomed with champagne bottle pops and floral wines. For others, the thought of being committed to one person forever is grieved with copious amounts of the most liver-poisoning hard alcohol.

Point being, the type of beverage dictates human behavior.

Not many alcoholic beverages are socially neutral. Every drink transmits a symbol which classifies our cultural principles, dyadic relationships, and physiological notions. The choice of refreshment, however, is simply an element of individual preference.

Why is it engraved in human nature for alcohol to be consumed at social events? Maybe it’s the fact that some “let loose” and enjoy themselves more after a couple drinks? Or maybe it is the relief from stress, boredom, and frustrations in everyday life? Studies have shown that the chemical and emblematic attributes of alcohol allow us to establish an alternative reality in which the potential intimidation of a life transformation is diminished, and the triumphant aspects are enhanced. Either way, it is not over-analyzed in the moment; you just have a drink… or five.

Historically, all parts of the world have perceived wine to be the most prevalent drink for consumption during most social events. However, younger generations are now turning to high quality beers. Why? Because today, beer caters to such a wide variety of people due to the evolution of science, technology, and mere diversification of the beverage. At least that’s what I believe.

Iron Horse has taken notice of this highly analytical trend. We’ve understood that indie beer is the social fuel for the ultimate social event, and we want you to capitalize on our research.

Without thinking about it too much, basically I’m saying if you need beer for your upcoming wedding, we got you. Because what truly goes better with Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration” and rice showers better than beer straight from Iron Horse Brewery? We’ve even taken it a step further than beer and now offer customizable wedding themed glassware. The glasses are not just social fuel holders, they double as party favors for your guests. You know your crazy Aunt Linda would go nuts over the personalized glass she’ll get to take home with her.

The best part is, if you purchase the customized wedding glassware, we might just offer you 15% off your keg you will desperately desire after your cousin Carl gives the most embarrassing speech about that horrific childhood memory you two shared.

Wedding planning is stressful. At least that’s what I hear. Let us make one step simple for you.

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples. Cheers!

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