Beer Coaster How-To

Cost per each one: $ 3.50 + pair it with a 22oz bottle = $8.50. Pretty sweet gift, it you ask me!

Time: 5-10 mins.

Difficulty: SUPER duper easy.

Tools Needed: Your hand.

Materials: This awesome kit from Amazon that has everything you need in it. I started buying things separately and came across this kit, it’s brainless- it’s all right there for ya.

Step one: Go to Amazon and order the kit.

Step two: Open the box and unwrap everything in it. Let me tell you, they do a doozy wrapping those coasters so get ready.

Step tres: Take the stoppers and put 4 on the bottoms of each of the coasters.

Step 4: Get your favorite tap sticker (or any other sticker but why not a tap sticker) and stick it on, I choose to angle mine slightly. Why? I don’t know.

Step 5: Open the Mod Podge. Brush a super thin layer along the top of the stickers, cover the whole surface.


Step 6: Let Dry. I only did one coat and liked it but you can do more if you would like. If they had a clear mod podge, I might go with that next time to avoid seeing a super thin coating over the sticker.

Step SEVEN: Pony up to the bar, high five yourself and ENJOY!

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