New Role, Who Dis?

Change is not something I’m used to. Although I’m not against change, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to experience it. I’ve only made one big move, had two jobs, and two serious relationships in my lifetime. I guess you can say I heavily consider my decisions before I commit.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been asked quite a few times what I like most about working for Iron Horse. Well, the best part is the people. Most people in the company are willing to help you learn and truly care to assist you in achieving your goals. There is a genuine respect and passion for the brand. Also, the company is slightly unstructured, but in a positive way where flexibility and freedom of roles is understood.

This is why I’m staying with Iron Horse Brewery, and changing positions. From barista to beerista, and now to marketista? A local marketing and event coordinator position opened up this summer, and the company thankfully, opened the position internally, first. After graduating from CWU this past June with a marketing degree, I took all summer to interview around, job shadow potential jobs, and learn more about my career path (essentially, digital marketing). Potentially looking into some big changes, I tapped into the radio industry as well as other promotional media groups which would take me to the city. Although this was exciting, at this time, I couldn’t think of a more exciting industry to work for than CRAFT BEER.

Aimee’s new office space in the marketing trailer.

I mean, who can say they are required to drink beer at work every week for ‘quality control’ purposes. Or throw around water filled diapers and call it a ‘party.’ Or work in an environment where sarcasm is encouraged and casual Fridays are everyday. Each day at work is an adventure. I never know what will be thrown my way, which is something that keeps the position exciting.

The Ellensburg community has also played a substantial role in the decision for me to stay with Iron Horse. Between the cost of living and traffic detouring me from returning to the west side of the state, I adore the slow-paced, small town community that is present in Ellensburg. Also, after serving at [ the pub ] for a year and some change, my regulars have influenced my life more than I would have ever expected. Although I won’t be serving them up beer everyday, I will still be around, and they should know they’ve made this decision for me to stay that much easier for me.

K, I’m done talking about myself.

Living it up with Lando and the jockey boxes.


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