The Hardships of a Brewery Worker

This picture speaks a thousand words about what a day in the life of a brewery worker is like. Chaos. Chaos is what we deal with day to day in a brewery. Cans flying overhead, emotions running high.

To explain the picture above to the layman is a hard task in itself. The contraption you are looking at is called a Depallitizer.

A Depallitizer, or Depal, is part of our canning line and its function is to take a pallet of 8,169 cans and slowly move the cans layer by layer onto a conveyor. This is where the cans take a roller coaster ride to get filled with delicious liquid that Iron Horse Brewers have made. The Depal has A LOT of moving parts and sensors. The sad thing is that these parts do not always do what they are supposed to do. Case and point the picture above (from July 2).

What happened was a wire that helps hoist up the pallet of the cans somehow wrapped around its motor. This caused the pallet of 8,169 cans to tip over and start to spill out of the side. To gain some perspective a pallet of empty cans is $653.52. Losing all of those cans would be not so good. Alas, us mighty packagers were able to persevere and save about 85% of the cans. This was due to some sheer luck as well as a dash of ingenuity.

Next time that you drink a can of Irish Death just know that you had some strong and smart workers busting their ass and losing their hair to get you that quality beer.


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