Get to Know A Market Manager

Get to Know Our Spokane Market Manager

Name: Justine Malland
Job: Market Manager, Eastern WA & Northern ID (aka Brew Magic Merchant aka Brewnicorn)
IHB Start Date: 09/26/2017
Family: Sales
Describe your job in one sentence: Just one step closer to helping the public engage with their inner ale desires through Iron Horse brew magic.
Favorite Style of Beer: Sours, IPA’s, Saisons
Bottles, cans, draught: All of the above
Least favorite super hero:  Dayman (The Nightman is far superior.)
Favorite Jack Black Movie: High Fidelity
Worst Job you ever had: Graveyard shift at a 24 hr. coffee stand in college.
People are always surprised that I…. am a huge sports fan. Go Hawks!

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