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Opinions. Like elbows and assholes, everyone’s got them. In a landscape where they are thrown in your face every waking moment, why bring more? Well, we make beer people seem to enjoy; at least enough for us to bring it to 5 states and keep our cousins afloat. So, Packaging Tech Jay Skeen had an idea: why not get to know the people behind our beer in an easily digestible format.

Introducing the Iron Horse Brewery Podcast, a good way to pass the time driving, or at work, or any situation where you want to listen to 30 minutes to an hour of us babbling on stuff. It’s a short bit where you get to be a part of the cousinhood for that time and figure out what we really do during our hours at the production facility. Because we really can’t be working ALL THE TIME, (Or maybe we do, Hi Greg.) No, we like to have fun and shoot the shit. So why not let our fans listen in for a bit.

We’re going to feature 3,4, maybe 5 cousins every two weeks on a variety of topics. We’ll start each episode by trying a beer from another independent brewer around the country. We’ll get the nitty gritty on an issue facing the craft beer industry. Get a little intense with a general topic. See if people Change Their View and close it out with a Quick Hit.

On our first episode, we feature House Golden by Harpoon out of Boston, MA/Windsor, VT. We tackle the Hazy IPA craze from our viewpoint that we don’t make one (7 minutes, 26 seconds in). Avoiding the larger issue in current events, we talk Pro vs. College Football (20:45). We see if anyone changes the point of view that tipping is earned and not entitled (40:07) and close it out with our panelists’ favorite thing about fall.

Speaking of panelists, our first group of cousins includes Jay, Packaging Supervisor Morgan Moran, [the pub] server Catie Hoffmann, and Renaissance Man Dane Williams. It created an interested cross-section that bantered off each other so well. Bringing in veteran radio host (This Week in Phish on and Marketing Utility Man Alex Grosby to keep it all together, we hope that your earholes will enjoy our newest brainwashing; I mean branding technique.

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