10 Things I’ve Learned Since I Got Hired At [The Pub]

What I’ve Learned Since I Got Hired – A Non-beer Drinker’s Journey into Craft Beer

Hi Friends!

My name is Catie, and I am one of the newest Cousins! I got hired in June to work as a server in [the pub], and you’ll find me there most evenings and weekends, pouring beer and chatting (I especially love to talk about fan theories for “Game of Thrones” or “Star Wars”!).

Funny story, though. Before I started working at Iron Horse, I wasn’t into craft beer, and I literally had no idea what the hell “indie craft beer” was. As a 21+ person in Ellensburg, whose father and brother are devout fans of Irish Death, I had been in [the pub] a few times, but I was totally that person who would get the lightest possible beer because: A) IPAs are gross, and B) so was dark beer. Another blog for another day can tell you how I learned to love dark beer and why IPAs are the worst.

Anyways. I digress. So I get a job working for Iron Horse, and immediately, customers started to ask me questions. Most of the time, when people come into The Pub, they either want Irish Death because that’s what they associate Iron Horse with, or they ask questions like: “what IPAs do you have on tap?”, “what do you have that’s closest to [insert evil corporate beer company name here]”, or the one I dreaded most, “what beer do you recommend?”. And my awesome Pub cousins could just list off so much information; I was floored! They knew everything (it seemed!) to know about the beers Iron Horse had to offer. And I knew…. Nothing.

In order to try to remedy that, I tried to learn as much as I could about our beers. And while I, by absolutely no stretch of the imagination, am anything close to “knowledgeable” about beer, I have learned a few things:

  1. If you want a beer similar to [insert evil corporate beer company name here], get Light Rail. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Life Behind Bars or the High Five Hefe.
  2. They use a special kind of hops when making 509.
  3. Even if you hate dark beer, I highly suggest that you give our Irish Death a try. It is a dark beer that doesn’t taste like a dark beer. Coming from someone who very much dislikes stouts or porters…. I love Irish Death. Give it a shot!
  4. Finger Gun IPA is a mild, session IPA, which means you get the IPA flavor without the IPA buzz. Made for maximum (but responsibly maximum) IPA consumption.
  5. Some of the ingredients on our Cheese and Grains board are from local businesses.
  6. Irish Death makes up the largest amount of our sales.
  7. “Indie craft beer” stands for independent craft beer, which essentially just means that we refuse to cave in to the man and will keep producing quality beer with quality ingredients for your consumption, without selling out to make more bucks.
  8. Iron Horse is a frikin’ rad group of people, and I love working with them. We all truly believe in our company, and everyone takes pride in the products we produce.
  9. The foam on the top of the beer is called “the head”, and after we all take a minute to giggle like children about that, there is actually a certain amount of head you want, and an amount of head that you do not want, on top of beer.
  10. Using scented lotion on your hands will leave a residual scent behind on the glass, which will change how the flavor is for the person drinking it. Seems like a “well duh” thing, but I learned that one AFTER using scented lotion for a while. Sorry, friends. If your beer had a slight “Caribbean Paradise” taste…. That was totally my fault.

So now that you see these ten things that I have learned, feel free to ask me more about beer when you see me at [the pub]! Oh! And my favorite beer is 509… which is a mild ale with just enough hops to be like “hey! I’m a beer!”, but not enough to make it taste like an IPA, because IPAs are gross.

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  1. Nathan on

    Hey that’s my sister! IPA’s are great, and YOU’RE gross. But Irish Death is the greatest. Please send me free Irish Death out to Bloomington to help me make it through grad school 😉

  2. Mindy Walker on

    Oh my gosh! I love this!! I totally love Irish Death and Mocha Death and never know how to describe it other than yummy goodness! 🙂
    I no longer live in the PNW so no longer I am able to get some of this yummy goodness unless I am up there,which will be in a few weeks and I can’t wait!!! Keep doing what you are doing and keep learning 🙂

  3. Catie Hoffmann Catie on

    I’m telling Mom you said I was gross 😉 If you’d come home for Thanksgiving, you’d get to try Mocha Death, too. But you’re too cool for that so I guess no Mocha Death for you 😉 I’ll give you some for Christmas.

  4. Kuldeep Rj on

    Peaky Blinders … love love love.. Irish #beer


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