“Don’t Get Stuck In Ellensburg” They Say

“Don’t Get Stuck in Ellensburg” They Say.

Trust me, I’ve heard this way too often. Many of times, it is said by people who have never lived here. Other times, it’s by people who went to Central, but couldn’t wait to graduate and get out of here. The funny thing is, those are the people who are now struggling to find work on the west side. A classic “small towns suck and have no opportunities” mentality.

Well I fully disagree with those people.

I have interacted with many (for a lack of a better word) out-of-towners while working at [the pub] and they’re always asking, “is there even anything to do in this small town?” I always have one answer, heck yes there is, SILLY!

Living in Ellensburg has given me a new perspective on small towns. The community is small, but incredibly supportive and there are restaurants and local shops that have amazing food and a welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to be there every day, if getting fat wasn’t an option. I quickly realized that I was becoming an advocate and spokesperson for Ellensburg, in a sense. It seemed as if people were only coming to Iron Horse for the beer, not the town. SHOCKER.

Well, now more than ever, I have an opportunity to continue my advocacy for Ellensburg, and small towns for that matter. Sadly, it means moving on from Iron Horse Brewery. I’ve never felt a more bittersweet feeling then when I accepted a job as the new Public Relations Coordinator for the Ellensburg Downtown Association. Not only did I earn a degree in public relations, but it’s been a goal of mine to find something in Ellensburg (or nearby) so I didn’t have to move back to the dreaded west side.

However, if you were ever blessed with the opportunity of me pouring a beer for you at Iron Horse, 99.9% of the time I was completely and genuinely happy to be there. I loved my job, even if I was just a server (Greg hates when I say that). Having friendly and happy customers, talking to my regulars, or being able to see my fellow cousins, who now actually feel like real family to me (I’m talking to you, Dads), always made my job that much better. Having a chaotic schedule never seemed that bad, because I knew I was working for such an amazing company with people I truly care about. Which is why leaving Iron Horse was one of the things I was dreading after I graduated. I knew I couldn’t be there forever, even if I wanted to be, but I never expected to get an opportunity such as this one so early on.

So to all my favorite Mug Clubbers and regulars, and to my IHB cousins that I’m sure I will continue to see on a regular basis (because beer, obviously), THANK YOU. You are the reason I love this town so much and why I happy/sad cried when I found out I got a job in my field, which would usually bring nothing but pure joy. I will miss you greatly, even though I’m only 1/2 a block away.

Once a cousin, always a cousin…right?


P.S. I can still go to Cousin Fest, right?!

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  1. Concerned on

    That’s because you are pouring beer. It gets people drunk and happy. So why would you not love working there. NEVER GET STUCK IN ELLENSBURG or the DW’s will get you for sure. They need to make money somehow to keep their town from being a ghost town. SILLY!!!!


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