Cozy Community Fund Recap Because Helping Others Is Rad

During this holiday season, Iron Horse gets the opportunity to reflect on growth, failures, relationships, and new opportunities. We have a lot to be thankful for as a company such as, living in such a compassionate and engaging community. With that being said, Iron Horse Brewery, with help from Kittitas County residents, committed to donate the 2017 Cozy Community Fund to APOYO Food Bank this holiday season. The fund is made up of (1) $5 from every Cozy Sweater can case sold, (2) $2 from every Cozy Sweater Party entry fee, (3) direct donations for the entire month of November.

Here are the numbers in total that the community contributed to the Cozy Community Fund:

63 Cozy Sweater cases in the Kittitas County for the month of November
3 Cozy Sweater cases were sold at [ the pub ] during the month of November
87 people attended the Cozy Sweater Party at [ the pub ] on December 1st (excluding mug clubbers and employees)

Thus, in total we’ve raised $504 in total for APOYO Food Bank. Whoop Whoop!

Philip Garrison, the original founder and president of APOYO since 1999 shared with us some pretty amazing stats about the organization that your donations are benefiting.

  • The number of people they serve is anywhere between 200-400 families a month
  • Families average roughly 4.5 people
  • The age range of people they serve is between 20-40 years old
  • Most common people they help are couples with kids
  • 15% of the families they serve have babies
  • Most of the people they serve have just come from Mexico and are experiencing Ellensburg winter for the first time
  • Serves people in the Kittitas, Vantage, & Mattawa area
  • They receive $10,000 a year from the feds, which is only 10% of their annual budget
  • They also receive support from Northwest Harvest, St. Vincent, and random accounts
  • A majority of their budget goes to masa (tortilla) and insurance
  • Besides money donations, they are always needing nonperishable foods and clothing

The holidays are a great time to reflect, appreciate and give. In reality, anytime is great to do that. Happy holidays and Iron Horse thanks you for your contribution to our local community!

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