Liquor Before Beer… You’re In The Clear

Liquor Before Beer… You’re in the Clear!

We’ve all heard the saying a time or two… and we all probably have a good and bad experience we can share. Personally, I have plenty, but that will take up too much of your time and I’ll save myself the embarrassment. Recently I took a more “adult” approach to the old saying and left the world of spirits sales to become your local Fairy Beer Mother, You’re Welcome.

Many don’t get to see inside the world of booze business. My friends think I have the most kickass job (which I do) and that I get to drink beer all day (which I don’t… usually..) and travel all around to the coolest and even scariest bars they can think of. My family considers me a professional “boozer” or “bootlegger” and loves when I come home to visit and beg me to bring “work” home with me.

I started my journey into this crazy and fun world as what we on the sales side consider a buyer. From managing the food & beverage at the Gorge Amphitheatre, and no I did NOT set the prices, to slinging beer and Super Mothers at The Tav, I had a first-hand look at how the beverage industry works from a customer service and entertainment standpoint. I was lucky enough in my early endeavors to try some ridiculously cool shit, see amazing shows, and of course meet other awesome people within the industry. Through my connections, I embarked on my journey to the other side of the bizz and started my professional boot-legging career in liquor sales.

Don’t get me wrong, selling spirits that people enjoy is fun, but I eventually got tired of the drama and backstabbing. I had made a few friends that worked in the beer world (I was in Oregon) and was blown away at how well they all got along and supported each other. Spirits was one thing to your face, the complete opposite behind your back. It became less fun and more of a worry always trying to watch my back. It felt like I was back in high school! When the opportunity came up as a sales manager for Iron Horse Brewery in Central Washington came up, I knew it was my time.

Although I am new to the craft-beer industry, I feel at home. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is rad. I meet people everyday who have been involved in the craft world much longer than I have but enjoy to share information and insight because they are truly passionate about what they do or the industry itself. I see breweries showing support to other breweries on a daily basis, through having guest taps and featuring beers other than their own, to going to a “competitor” brew pub and just enjoying the company of good beer and the people involved behind it. I’ve never felt so welcome in a world previously unknown. Beer is so approachable and fun, it makes my job that much cooler. I not only get to drink and talk about great beer, I get to meet awesome people from all over who share similar interests and passions.

The great thing about the craft beer world is that we all continue to grow and learn together. New styles are created, breweries come and go, but those involved in the industry grow and learn from each other. I am beyond thankful for my opportunity with Iron Horse Brewery and excited to grow along with the rest of my cousins! So there you have it, you might indulge on a few good cocktails or shots, but you know can always count on a beloved BEER to get you to a place that feels like home.

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