New Food On The Menu At [ The Pub ]

New year, newish menu….

If you have visited the pub over the last couple of months, you might have noticed the specials. Welp, the top sellers made it to the menu. Check out below to see which of your favs made the cut.

Weekly specials coming in hot… each week there will be a special, 1 appetizer and 1 entree type style. Did you take the survey that we posted about? You might just see your submission on the specials, so thank you. There will be a 3-week rotation where we feature (1) a kitchen employee creation, (2) IHB cousin submission, and (3) a customer suggestion.

The kitchen appetizer special starting today and running through Jan. 15th is California chicken sliders and the entree is Double Rainbow infused pasta. Next week we’ll debut a cousin creation. The pizza of the month is buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese drizzle and green onions… are you drooling yet? And the soup of the month will feature double rainbow, which will surely taste like having two pots of gold in your mouth at the same time.

Oh, and baked fries go live Friday. [ you’re welcome ]



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